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I want to sit without pain



I have a doctor's appointment in 10 days for something else. But now I have something to tell him. There's a huge bumpy rash on my butt. I thought it was getting better, but it got worse again. Every time I sit down, it hurts. I've been putting all sorts of cream on it: Neosporin, petroleum jelly, nothing seems to make it go away. So I guess I'll have to tell him about it and see what he can do about it. Which I'm not exactly happy about because I hate doctors. They should only be visited when pain occurs, not every 6 months to see if my medicine hasn't made me violently ill. But it did even with it (I don't think it's the medicine's fault, I've been taking it for decades and nothing like this ever happened.)

And this time I also have to get a pointless blood test. I say pointless because they always come back fine. Yet every year my doctor insists on me getting one. Which is hard on the phlebotomists because I have no veins in my arms. So they have to poke my hand. And then nothing comes out. So then they move to the other hand. It's really painful. I am the phlebotomist's nightmare. Like I WANT to be hard on them, I don't even want a stupid blood test.

And it can't be shingles because I've never had chicken pox. And I doubt it's cancer since I have to live forever and never die. It's probably just your average stupid, painful, annoying butt rash.

So I probably won't sit here for long periods of time until this goes away since my chair that faces the computer is kind of hard. No long hours of coding for now. I did however add a new level to Ugly Uppity Umpire.




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Do you use fabric softener?  I've heard that some of those can give you a bad rash. 

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