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Werewolf 7: Batman - Harley Quinn's Revenge SIGN-UP THREAD!


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Nearly two years ago now… everything changed…






“Everything reading alright?”

“So far. Honestly, Alfred, you never cease to amaze me. Helicopter piloting?”

“You’ll come to learn, Miss Gordon, that the longer a man lives, the greater number of experiences he collects.”

“Remind me to embroider that on a pillow when we’re done here.”

“Are you comfortable, Master Damian?”

“As much as I can be, I suppose.”

“Don’t worry champ – it’s only about sixteen hours or so.”






Two years ago… I saw horrors before me...







“Hello, Aaron.”

“But… you’re dead… I watched you die in the Asylum with my own two eyes…”



“We have a lot we need to talk about…”



Seeing as @Jeevan just wrapped the previous game of Werewolf, I wanted to start and get the ball rolling with the sign-up thread for the next round. I'm sure everyone needs a rest after just finishing a game, and I need to finalize some aspects of the design - therefore, the game is still 2-3 weeks out from starting. However, I am really hoping to get as close to 25 players as possible for this game - a really large cast. So, I wanted to start the sign-ups ASAP. 

Werewolf: Batman - Harley Quinn's Revenge will be a continuation of the story as so far told by the previous Batman-themed game of VGS Werewolf, Escape from Arkham Asylum

Since that game's end, Gotham City has fallen into chaos, as Two-Face and his cronies have seized control of all crime in the city, with no Batman or Robin to stop them. Additionally, Harley Quinn, heartbroken over the loss of her beloved Mr. J, blames both the GCPD and Two-Face for his death. Werewolf: Batman - Harley Quinn's Revenge will be a Fire and Ice Round of Werewolf, with Harley Quinn and Two-Face's evil factions vying for control of the city, as the few heroes who are left alive try to pick up the pieces. 

There's sure to be plenty of twists, turns, and, in my classic style of Werewolf GMing, plenty of power roles and an overdose of flavor. 

So come one, come all, and sign up for what I hope will be another great game of Werewolf on the site. I also wish to make clear that you do not have to have played in, or even read, the previous Batman-themed game to play in this one!



1. Jeevan

2. ZeldaFan042

3. ZeldaFreak

4. OptOut

5. BattySalem

6. Gloves

7. G-Type

8. behemos

9. Drxandy

10. Makar

11. Hammerfestus

12. SailorScoutMandy

13. 0xDEAFC0DE

14. Wasg13

15. JamesRobot

16. Murray

17. MagusSmurf

18. fcgamer

19. Reed Rothchild

20. Rhapsody98

21. Aristophanes

22. FireHazard51






1. fox







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Events Team · Posted


You know...

I was thinking I would just skip out on this one. I really need time to get my own game of VGS Werewolf together, along with some other things...

but you know what?

Fuck it, I'm in. The last game you hosted was absolutely incredible, and I know I'd regret not participating in this one if I skipped out on it, especially given that it's a direct continuation of the Arkham game. Plus I still have a few weeks of quiet to start getting things sorted out with my setup. I'll just have to do a better job of managing my time well once the game gets going.

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You know I really do want a chance to redeem myself after my last game but there is a chance the game will be starting right around when I might be starting a new position. I'm not going to have time to consume paged and pages of text from 20+ players if that's the case. I know you want to reach 25 players, but put me down as an alternate. If the position I am being considered for doesn't reach the favorable terms I'm hoping for, I should stay in my current situation and have enough free time to manage. But for now, just count me as an alt in case someone has to bail.

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Events Helper · Posted
3 minutes ago, behemos said:

I know 25 people is a big ask. So I have a friend (lame ass non VGSer) who'd probably play. He's played a bunch of irl WW. Only if we're scrounging for people. 

well with Mandy we have 12.  maybe other game nighters will wanna play...... @Rhapsody98 @darkchylde28.....either of u two interested??

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