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  1. My sweet (user)namesake -- Salem
  2. Oreo balls are probably my weakness. I can and will eat an insane amount of these that should make me feel more ashamed if I wasn't in heaven. You can fight me on this, but the best way to eat Oreos otherwise is dipped in hot coffee. It is INCREDIBLE. My grandma got me hooked on it. Don't knock it until you try it (and then you probably won't knock it since it's delicious!)
  3. One of the BEST recipes requiring oreo's. The Five Guys in my area does and I've been meaning to try it! I love a good oreo milkshake. Coldstone has a really good one if I remember correctly.
  4. I might not be able to get on. I work until around 9pm CST at the nursing home. Hopefully if you all are still playing any games after then, I can hop on for a bit.
  5. Not necessarily for the concept of the giant willy; but the combination of figurines and animation, the main character's development and his physical movements, and just the choices for what he uses his extend-o-snake for.
  6. Okay, but did anyone actually go and watch it? Because I need to know that @ZeldaFan042 and I weren't the only ones moderately scarred for life. You can watch it here
  7. Little bat-faced, trash goblin Salem and me. She is aptly named after Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch due to her constant animatronic movements and androgynous appearance. I have been blessed with the various compliments of "a mashed potato," "the homeliest girl with a pig-nose," and "a handsome young boy" by my dearest nursing home residents (seriously, I love these compliments from them).
  8. Yeah, I joined in for a little bit last night I'm hopefully planning to join game night pretty regularly
  9. Hi, game forumers I'm BattySalem (if you couldn't read my username before that introduction), aptly named after my trash bat *ahem* I mean, cat. I'm really EXTREMELY new to gaming, forums, and this whole friendship concept I've been hearing about lately. Some of you may or may not know or at least maybe heard of ZeldaFan. If you haven't, I don't blame you. I wish I could say the same....but instead I have the pleasure of being his ball and chain. Anywhooooo...nice to meet you all! XOXO
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