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  1. Hi, I’m going to try my hand at beating Rugrats Scavenger Hunt. ZFan let me know I can’t call games but I just wanted to let you all know I’m playing it because I wanna help out in beating all the games. thank you xoxo
  2. The roundabout really only got installed because we have a lot of farm equipment and semi truck traffic. Everyone LOST it when they found out it was going to be put in because they've "never driven in one before." But then again, they also complained when the dairy farm was established and tried to prevent that as well. There was actually a pretty big fight about the racist restaurant (the Chieftain Conference Center) maybe a year or so ago? The entire community in my hometown just dug in their heels and argued that it's not racist though...so yeah, not surprising for small town North Dakota. Oh for sure it's racist! The inside is absolutely no better either.
  3. https://www.carringtonnd.com/vertical/sites/{F8F4850C-B10E-4A30-B392-3DC7191F9A69}/uploads/3_min.mp Welcome to small town Carrington, ND, where our big attractions include our 5 bars, probably racist restaurant, American flag water tower and a "huge" roundabout. Make sure you stop and stay just long enough for all the locals to stare and talk about you to each other while giving you the North Dakota Nice™ experience.
  4. Thank you! The date is very much dependent on what ZeldaFan gets going for his 1st ~big boy graduated college~ job
  5. Oops, life got a little busy after ZeldaFan put a ring it Now that it's summer and things are settling down, for sure will be able to be back in on game night!!
  6. Ahhhh!!! Oops! I disappeared for a while, but I'm back, baby! 

    Be prepared for sass, laughs and watching me utterly fail at video games 😉

  7. Here me out: Lay's original chips dipped in vanilla ice cream = actual heaven on Earth
  8. Sounds good! ZeldaFan explained to me what happened the last game of werewolf and that's really why we're both concerned, want to be transparent, and want to hear everyone's opinions on this. No one is going to hurt our feelings if they have objections! Please air them out here so everyone can have clear expectations and good communication.
  9. My sweet (user)namesake -- Salem
  10. Oreo balls are probably my weakness. I can and will eat an insane amount of these that should make me feel more ashamed if I wasn't in heaven. You can fight me on this, but the best way to eat Oreos otherwise is dipped in hot coffee. It is INCREDIBLE. My grandma got me hooked on it. Don't knock it until you try it (and then you probably won't knock it since it's delicious!)
  11. One of the BEST recipes requiring oreo's. The Five Guys in my area does and I've been meaning to try it! I love a good oreo milkshake. Coldstone has a really good one if I remember correctly.
  12. I might not be able to get on. I work until around 9pm CST at the nursing home. Hopefully if you all are still playing any games after then, I can hop on for a bit.
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