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  1. Agreed. It’s another really great piece @CasualCart!!
  2. Ooooo another solid piece!!! in a weird way it reminds me of duck hunt as a playable character in smash. ive been busier than I want but I’m here poking around threads again.
  3. alright some ideas from little Samson. Maybe the cyclops? or kikira the dragon (the green dragon dude in this grouping of sprites) or gamm the golem (brown rock dude)?
  4. The resemblance is uncanny. Might have to update the ole profile pic
  5. these 4 were also my top favorites. You are a legend good sir!!! Awesome amazing work as always!! The rock monster almost looks like a hardened charmander lol. Really cool stuff! I’ll try to add some future ideas soon. Idk why but this is how I envision @Gloves during werewolf after he’s killed and watching town floundering around.
  6. Ummmm how did I miss this thread earlier?!?!? Holy crap I love this one!!!! This is bad ass!!! Can’t wait to go through all the pages of your other masterpieces!!
  7. If anyone wants to join a Looks like it’s 4 per account and each controller is $50. Looks like they’re being scalped on eBay for $150 per controller. im pretty surprised they’re limiting it to 4 per account. The NES joy cons were 1 per account. Also surprised people are paying triple or more per controller when they say right on there site that there will be more in stock at the end of October
  8. Don’t think I’ll get this one. I was talking to some people at work about it and we had an interesting question. would you pay for it if it included all Nintendo DLC for switch games? At that point I would consider it since I don’t have the botw dlc or the smash dlc.
  9. This is completely unrelated but if you need a good game freak game, check out pocket card jockey
  10. I have to agree with you. The last 2 gens have been quite the letdown. If you haven’t played 5th or 6th gen I do recommend those. All the megas and z moves and dynamax and different forms and whatever other nonsense they keep introducing is really just meh.
  11. Roles have all been sent out now! @Gloves @Hammerfestus @Jeevan @OptOut @Rhapsody98 @behemos @FireHazard51 @Generic @Shmup @ZeldaFan042 @MagusSmurf @KokiriChild @Bettington Bear @G-type @WalterWhiteJr.@0xDEAFC0DE @fcgamer
  12. Roles are still being sent out. Do not post here about your roles or anything giving stuff away. The game has not started yet
  13. Hello players. Signups are now closed. Roles are finished and will be randomized soon. Move on over to the werewolf club thread and await your role pms from me which will be sent out throughout the afternoon and night tonight. https://www.videogamesage.com/clubs/10-vgs-werewolf-arena/ @Gloves @Hammerfestus @Jeevan @OptOut @Rhapsody98 @behemos @FireHazard51 @Generic @Shmup @ZeldaFan042 @MagusSmurf @KokiriChild @Bettington Bear @G-type @WalterWhiteJr.@0xDEAFC0DE @fcgamer
  14. Getting close to the end of signups. Any last takers? @Reed Rothchild @SpoonMan Abrams X @Aristophanes
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