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  1. It means they’re overpricing their games and don’t want you finding out. That or they don’t want you to score a good deal on something they’ve underpriced. Either way I’d be out that store in a second the moment I saw that sign. The customer has every right to be able to check prices while they’re in the store so they know they’re getting a fair price or good deal.
  2. Very nice start! I’m digging the AGS 101 SP! what kind of games are you into besides Pokémon lol
  3. There it is. The classic ZF post. I love it. Only thing I think you missed was exile island where you typically get a chance at an advantage. and there’s usually one or more hidden immunity idols in the game that give you immunity from a vote if you use it that night
  4. Lol yes because that’s exactly what happened. You totally didn’t manipulate the jury.
  5. Oh lol maybe that’s it then. That makes more sense. Cripes you do one blindside against an unbeatable opponent and you’re a villain
  6. Lol. Idk how you’re one of the least trustworthy. Reed playing his mind games already
  7. Pro tip to everyone, if you don’t want reed screwing up your game, eliminate him before he ends up on the jury.
  8. Good lol. And forming alliances with other superstar gamers might be a wise move for you.
  9. Survivor involves some trust, as much as that is possible in a game like survivor but you also need to know when to tell that the tides have turned.
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