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  1. In a warehouse for crying out loud!!! we starting this tomorrow @KokiriChild?
  2. Lol that’s why I didn’t read them. I’m just giving you a hard time. If I wasn’t on your team I would’ve read them. Just would’ve taken me a bit.
  3. Ngl I didn’t read 95% of his posts last game. I simply do not have the time for that. There’s a way to portray info in a concise manner.
  4. Nice. I love the 48-24hr setup. 72-48 after a while drags on and after a certain point you’re not really getting any new info. I know some people prefer longer though with real life stuff going on
  5. Lol sometimes alliances do happen. It’s rare but sometimes necessary for an indie to team up with wolves or town to advance themselves or vice versa. But yea werewolf is pretty laid back. Hopefully we’re not taking 5 whole days per phase
  6. Perfect!!! I would like to meet up irl sometime. Looks like the @Makar @behemos @Hammerfestus alliance is a go. @ZeldaFreak you in?? Heck, all survivor peeps vs non survivor peeps let’s gooooooo lol. edit: I just realized almost everyone playing has played survivor lol. Welp uhhh new strategy, let’s just kill everyone??
  7. A nice every man for themselves kind of approach. Something tells me you’ll do well at this game lol
  8. Does anyone know exactly how the scoring works to get bronze silver and gold medals? I’ve tried searching the internet but really can’t find much. It seems opposite of advance wars. No bonus points for finishing a map quickly. It seems like exploration and healing your units and capturing buildings give you points. You lose points per unit on the field each turn and also lose points if your opponent captures one of your buildings. What I’m most confused about is it seems like the scores you need to get increase if you retry a level to get a better score? I’ve just started playing but I swear that just happened. If anyone can clear anything up that'd be amazing. I will make a proper guide if I fully learn the scoring system.
  9. Does @0xDEAFC0DE want to be a backup? You’ve been a very solid wolf the past few games.
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