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  1. Yea I kinda figured that was the case. If there's a physical option, I'll always get that. Trying to see what's out there that only has a digital release. Like pocket card jockey on 3DS. Great game but only ever released on the 3DS eShop. Thanks good sir! I kinda brushed this one off since it's a rhythm game (not the biggest fan of this genre) but I'll check it out.
  2. Changed the title and added a bit in the description. Really just looking for the best switch eShop digital only games. But also stuff I can only find on switch that isn't a port of something like an NES game because then I'd just buy the physical original game unless it's crazy expensive.
  3. I have some eShop money to spend. I'm looking for good Nintendo switch games you can only get digitally on the eShop. If they have a physical version, I'm not interested. Let me hear what your favorite switch eShop digital only games are. I am also interested in hearing what your favorite eShop digital only games that you can only get on switch and not pc, 3ds, NES, etc are. Thanks!
  4. Lol does link to the past count? There's a picture of Mario in one of the houses in that game.
  5. Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. It's one of the few perfect games imo.
  6. This is gamestop's last hurrah. Once the PS5 and new Xbox craze dies down, they're toast. They're hanging on by a thread as it is.
  7. Oh no don't worry you're not being negative and I kinda figured as much. I don't have as much free time right now as I did even a week ago, so that's why I emailed them. But I'll call tomorrow if I have some free time.
  8. Thought I'd update you guys. Mission success. I went in store. They did not have any $5 eShop cards on the wall. But the lady was able to use my $5 coupon for one of the digital $5 eShop giftcards. Why I can't do the same thing from the comfort of my home is beyond me but it worked. She said I'd have to talk to corporate to get the other coupons back though so we'll see what happens. I already emailed support but no response yet. I'll keep you guys posted if I hear anything.
  9. It's been a while since I've played but I'm up for a game every now and then. Last time I played was on chess.com like 5 years ago
  10. It was super convenient to take them online. It was just a very different experience, and there's a lot that can be improved upon with online classes.
  11. Yet the cost is the same as going to a physical college (minus room and board of course), which is ridiculous. People should be rioting in the streets that online class prices are still the same as in person. My undergrad in person vs grad school online experiences were polar opposites. Undergrad the professors actually cared for the most part, engaged the class with discussions, and answered questions. Grad school online was, here's an assignment, do it, then I'll grade it and sometimes give feedback. I'll never forget the time I asked a question to my professor online and they said "ask your classmates".
  12. Interesting that you and Tulpa had this option. None of our textbooks were in our school library. Iirc there was only 1 time where it was worth it to rent it. Most times the rent was like 10% less than buying the book, so it was worth it to actually buy it, sell it back and get like 75% back. My online master's program had all open resource stuff and no textbooks. I hope that's the way of the future. The textbook scam seems to mainly be an issue at physical colleges.
  13. Just called my local GameStop. Looks like they're letting 5 customers in at a time so I'll have to try tomorrow to get my $5 eShop credit at the store. So dumb that you can't just buy it online. Next step is seeing if they'll honor the past 4 months of missed coupons for not being able to go to the store and their help desk not helping fix my password online.
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