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  1. I’m looking for someone who has played both games. Are they good games? Which one is better? Do I need to play the first one? Can I skip right to the 2nd one? There’s a sale right now on the switch’s eshop for one more day for 50% off the first game but I’ve read the 2nd one is so much better so I’m wondering if I should even bother with the first. Looking to hear from someone who has played both to see what their thoughts are.
  2. What if I pay a premium to freeze it in crystal pepsi? Think about all the extra dough you could make!
  3. Switch. Wii U is the only Nintendo console I don’t have (we virtual boy too technically). I’ll update my list eventually with what system each game is on.
  4. Never bring a charizard to an articuno, moltres, zapdos fight
  5. Meet me outside at noon o’clock in the parking lot. We’re going to have to have a Pokémon battle to settle this.
  6. Yes the original ds and ds lite can play gba games but not gameboy games. If he has a dsi or dsi xl, those can’t play gba games. I think that’s a good idea. See if he’s into gba games first then work your way back. I would say Pokémon firered or leafgreen. They’re remakes of red and blue and excellent. If he already has red or blue, then get emerald.
  7. I would recommend getting an AGS-101 gba sp because it’s backlit and much brighter than a normal AGS-001 gba sp. the other option would be to get a DS or DS lite since they can play gba games. Of those I’d recommend a DS phat (the original ds) as it’s much more durable than a DS lite even though the DS lite does have a brighter screen and is more sleek. I do not recommend a gameboy or regular gameboy advance. Too bulky and no light. A DS cannot play regular gameboy games. Only a gba or gba sp can.
  8. Beat my first game of the new year - pikmin 3! Solid game. Kinda wish it was longer though and really wish you could do the bingo battles online.
  9. Probably could’ve done without the double bird but otherwise justified. Absolutely nothing wrong with protecting your family.
  10. @0xDEAFC0DE man you have quite the long list! I thought mine was long lol. I saw you have tingles rosy rupeeland on your list. That’s a solid DS game and far bigger than I thought it would be going into it. A fair warning, there is one part where you need to dig for stuff iirc and it’s virtually impossible to do it without an online guide. Other than that part, it was a fun game with a very neat payment mechanic that the game is centered around.
  11. Oh yes good call! Then we can see through to our frozen games.
  12. Hahaha I love it. That was great! Can you freeze my games in coke? Maybe Mountain Dew?
  13. I remember this from the old days! Pretty cool to see it again. @NintendoTwizer what are your favorite more under the radar Wii games? One of mine is definitely ivy the kiwi. Curious to hear from someone who absolutely loves the wii though.
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