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  1. Cards against humanity sound amazing. Haven't played in ages, can only imagine the cards have gotten better.
  2. I have them in switch and think they're beautiful. You'll probably need some Kleenex fyi, that opening.
  3. It was inspired by watching The Nanny lately hahahah
  4. 10/10 Had no idea what to expect going into this, it was my first Guy Ritchie film. Immediately fell in love and watched everything else from him.
  5. Today adventure is cinnamon babka. Now to wait for second proof Baked and glazed
  6. Firefly was done dirty by fox , but it's such a good show. It's short so fast watch, I suggest you do it. We've started on Stargate, think almost season 3? The faces Teal'c makes is half the reason to watch the show.
  7. We get our second doses this weekend. I took Monday off as a precaution cause first one kicked my butt so I'm sure this one will be lil worse according to what I've heard. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  8. She is pushy and doesn't understand when she can't sit on your lap. So we use the hot water bottle to distract her when she can't sit on our laps at the time. She would set herself on fire to be warm, heatseeker she is.
  9. Tis the season for homemade cold brew
  10. I can see the dresden reference. Both think more in the moment and deal with consequences.
  11. I really liked the world and the characters but the formatting was so hard for me to get past. I sadly don't think I'll be able to read the others. But that's okay. I got lots of other Pratchett to read.
  12. This is the recipe I used . Only thing I did different was I didn't have instant oats just old fashioned and I think they still turned out great.
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