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  1. I think I'll let this poll ride out the week and then this weekend if enough interested, I'll work on getting things set up. I'll keep this thread updated.
  2. Been throwing around the idea to potentially start up a VGS bookclub. Idea would be to run it similar to how the one at my last job worked: we suggest books we want to read and then vote on which to read. No forced books, it'd be a group decision. Also open to any topic of books. Thoughts?
  3. Insurance and retirement product servicing. Woo phones all day in sweatpants!
  4. We hit the thrits often. Why pay full price for the same thing you can get for a fraction of the price. I've found some awesome autographed books and tons of fabric for sewing over the years. He tends to have great electronic and game finds. Have an awesome cedar point collection that's all thirfted. Fun to see all the generations of cedar point merch.
  5. Finally beat age of calamity. Wanted to 100% it. But holy hell some of the battles are insane. Like one of them is one hit death. Haha not in my talents.
  6. These have been super fun and I'm happy y'all let me join in even before being a site member. I think one or two games for the night is great like we are already doing. However I think we should change up the games a bit more, I seems we keep voting the same. So maybe an idea could be one of we play a game one night it's not added back to the poll until the 3rd meeting. Like if we play game A on night one it's not eligible for voting until night three. Might help keep it lively? And jeevan youre a great host. Thanks for putting this together for us.
  7. We might miss this one. Have to go out of town for the afternoon and not sure what time we will be back.
  8. Any of you wonderful internet cooking people have a preferred full puff pastry dough recipe?
  9. @drxandyand I started it a few weeks ago. Great show , tho teal'c always looks constipated
  10. Hahha I remember when they were Kessel up here in michigan. Not sure if that was the same down there or not. Kroger has the best vegan options than other reg grocery stores.
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