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  1. Hey, Dan! Hope all is well with you. Are you still hanging out at the CGC boards?
  2. I’m from New Mexico and we have some of the best burritos on the planet. One of my favorite burritos is a chicharron burrito with red chile at this place called El Parasol. If you want, you can also smother your burrito with REAL green chile, non of that “green sauce” crap.
  3. Either way, I would have paid lol. I was on NA since 2012 and never had one botched transaction on there. I would’ve given my feedback on all sites I sell on buy on and we could’ve used PayPal Goods and Services. There could have been a way to work around it. Even a link saying, “hey, I know a couple of you guys are interested in this game. Here’s the link in case you want to buy it from my eBay store”. Oh well I guess....on to the next one! If any of you guys don’t want to sell on VGS, at least provide us with your eBay link since there are a few people that want to add th
  4. I had reached out to him back in December to let him know that if he was ever interested in selling it, that I’d be more than willing to work out a deal with him. He said he was keeping his copy for good. All of a sudden, it’s sold on eBay a few months later lol.
  5. Dude! Why didn’t you sell it to me???? You could’ve saved yourself a bunch of money by taking out the eBay fees.
  6. Here’s my copy, #8. The custom text reads, “tears in rain”.
  7. When I saw the title, my first thought was, “World War 5? This should be interesting....” lol
  8. Hello fellow VGSers! This will be my WTB thread that will be updated whenever I’m looking for a particular game. My current WTB list is as follows: Homebrew - Garage Cart (Memblers) I don’t have a current bounty for this game, however, I’m willing to chat back and forth to work up a deal. Thank you for looking!
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