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  1. Heat is never an excuse for poor flavor. A lot of American companies don't seem to get that. Flaming hot Cheetos taste like cardboard, why would anyone eat them just for (not even that much) spice?
  2. I was going to say Ticket to Ride but it looks like it's been mentioned a couple times already. Pandemic tho, that game is really great fun. You work together to stop diseases from wiping out civilization. Get some friends together, get some food, and it's up there with Catan and TtR imo Another great game that's more of a hidden gem is Flashpoint. The goal is to rescue people and pets from burning buildings before they collapse. It's extremely stressful and difficult, but definitely rewarding. It also suits individual and team play with up to 6 players. Edit: Has chess seriously not been mentioned? The Space Invaders of board games, simplistic yet so addicting
  3. At the end of the day, they're just games. There's a million things more important in life. Why don't some understand this?
  4. Of course! The Spectrum and C64 are awesome! I'd say the collectors that dismiss collecting for computers are missing out. Manic Miner, Chuckie Egg, Maniac Mansion, Zac McKracken, Skool Daze, heck even Deus Ex Machina is a lot of fun. Two underrated little machines
  5. I agree with DefaultGen. The best way to make sure you get FMV the majority of the time is through an auction with no reserve. Almost every BIN is going to be way higher (and never sells) or way lower (and sells in minutes). I highly recommend grading the heavier hitters, as people will pay a premium simply because it's graded. The only reasons I'd advise against grading are if the game isn't all that valuable to begin with, if the contents or box are in terrible shape, or if you want to sell them in a reasonable amount of time from now, as grading can take FOREVER. Good luck on the sales m8, glad you found VGS
  6. Sell all the way. There's probably more convenient ways to play it anyway
  7. Shit, it's almost July and we're not even halfway through the library. I'm working on 1080 Snowboarding and all 3 All Star Baseball games now.
  8. If it does go out of business I think it means nothing for the arcade business. Majority of "real" arcade/pinball machines are either in bars or in homes. Most of the games at places like this, like Dave and Buster's, are just "press a button and pray that you win tickets" games.
  9. I could see that. I went into it thinking it was just another "old" game, meaning it would likely be tiny. I was just blown away by how they presented the big open world. I was actually a bit disappointed by ALttP. It's just a very short game with super simple puzzles, even compared to Zelda 1.
  10. My biggest gaming surprise is in Ocarina of Time. I went into it thinking the whole game would be in small tight spaces like Kokiri Forest. Then I got out of the woods, the camera panned over the massive Hyrule Field, and I knew I was in for a treat. Just really took me by surprise and I thought the game would be much smaller than it really was. Even running around Hyrule Field felt like an adventure.
  11. I recommend Imgburn or similar software. Boot your software, load your .cue file, mount, and then burn to a disk. If you need in-depth stuff there's numerous Youtube tutorials and online guides like this one:
  12. So from what I understand it's better to go for a higher paying job than something you enjoy? Or is it 50/50?
  13. Has it seriously gone up $100 in like 4 months? That's insanity
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