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  1. I'm so sorry your time with her was cut short. My condolences to you and your family. Rest in peace, Denise.
  2. Just watched it with my parents I can't imagine trying to make out the picture on a tiny B&W tube haha. Don't know how you managed that, even for a short time
  3. I've been into the emulation scene for years and semi-recently doubled down on collecting. In the past couple months I've been kind of bodied out of the market, but I still hold an interest in the stuff and am actively compiling spreadsheets, dumping games, scanning manuals, etc. Hopefully these price spikes will subside and I'll get to add to my hoard. Tbf, I am glad that more people are being made aware of older titles, but it's just a little frustrating when a niche game with plenty of copies in circulation is more than a brand-new release. Talk about first-world problems lol
  4. Never played Cards Against Humanity, but I'd love to give it a try.
  5. Did you seriously forget about the masterpiece? Any console with The Tick on it deserves at least a 10 smh
  6. I was slaying the beast and until about halfway through this month. Too many things to take care of I think I'll update with all my screenshots, photos, and thoughts sometime next week.
  7. 9/10 Up there as one of my favorite beat em ups of all time. With this one, SOR went from a Final Fight knock-off to a major franchise in the genre. I dig the deep combo system and grappling is great. The music is also a highlight. I love the detailed sprites/environments too, they lend themselves well to the game's general atmosphere. My only complaint is that the enemy variety can get pretty repetitive after repeated playthroughs. There's only like a dozen enemies in the entire game.
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