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  1. I apologize about anything that my mic picked up. I sincerely hope no one heard the part about the Nazi penises. Should also have better service next time so I'm not kicked from every game. Thanks for this Jeeves, Iooking forward to the next one of these!
  2. I'm such a sucker for this kind of stuff. Porg is my pick.
  3. Completely misunderstood OP's question, sorry
  4. A bunch of id's games are free online if anyone wants to play team-based or competitive shooters. I believe Unreal Tournament is also free. edit: QuakeJS is an open-source Quake 3 port to JavaScript if anyone's interested. It's compatible with the desktop version too. http://www.quakejs.com/
  5. I found this a little while ago and haven't seen anything else on it since. Apparently a company known as nReach, who supposedly specialized in wireless products, was planning to release a bluetooth adapter for the GBA sometime in late 2002. A couple of articles around the 2001-2002 time frame detail the device, but as far as I can tell it never released to market. There isn’t a single post about it online after January of 2002. So I figured that maybe this small startup wasn't able to release the product for whatever reason. Maybe the product was too expensive to put to market or maybe someth
  6. It may have already been mentioned but definitely mayo. The texture is disgusting and it's made of egg yolk and oil
  7. 1.) Outside of powerups (yes they are OP lol) coins impact your coin ranking standings which you can see by pressing "+" on the menu. You are graded from S to E based on how many coins you've collected, coins per game, etc. Coins are also necessary for certain daily challenges. 2.) When you knock someone out, you get their coins. When someone dies on their own, the coins go into the chest. Winner takes all. 3.) I'm not really sure on this one but I highly doubt it. Maybe it'll get added in a later update? The fireflower is absolutely broken and some games can become a slog towards th
  8. Update: The Zelda cartridge ornament is now available on their website. I'd suggest acting fast because the NES one was already out of stock within a few days. https://www.hallmark.com/ornaments/keepsake-ornaments/nintendo-the-legend-of-zelda-game-cartridge-metal-ornament-1999QXI2521.html A Yoshi ornament, Pikachu ornament, and 8-bit Mario and Luigi ornaments are available too.
  9. My Joy Cons have had drift for a few weeks now and it's driving me nuts. When docked, I'll just use the Pro Controller, but that's not really an option when I want to take it in the car or whatever. I've already tried recalibrating them and also tried cleaning the sensor and neither worked. So it looks like my options are: 1. Buy a replacement stick 2. Send them in to Nintendo to get repaired 3. Buy a new set Any suggestions on how I should solve this? I absolutely love my Switch but I'd be willing to wait a month or so to get them repaired.
  10. Woah, would it actually be possible for a semi-popular Youtuber to absolutely skyrocket a game's value? Like say I'm Mr. Game Collector and I have 200k subs on YT. If I were to buy up a bunch of copies of a game and then hype it up and rave about it, could I then turn my copies around and sell them for 2-3x the price I paid for them? Yikes that's actually super f*cked up
  11. I believe Alex, Zombie, and Creeper are skins for Steve (which would explain why the Enderman is only 2 blocks tall), but don't quote me on that one. Rayman would make for an interesting character and would definitely be a good pick. What would blow my mind is if a Sony character made it in. Like Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and Microsoft characters all in one fighting game?! That would be bonkers.
  12. A little cliche but I'd have to say either Donkey Kong or Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition. I still remember when I got to that cement factory level for the first time. God i love barcades
  13. Make sure to use that 20 coins power up often. I ended up KOing 2nd, 4th, and 5th in one of my games because I got some Starmen towards the end. The fire flower is also amazing if you can hold on to that.
  14. Any mobile device with access to the Play Store or App Store will work. On pc you have a couple of options, but all of them do cost $5. Itch.io is a popular option for non-Steam users. https://innersloth.itch.io/among-us
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