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What is your end game? Room, store, museum or world domination?


End target  

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  1. 1. When will you stop?

    • Shelf-full
    • Several shelves filled
    • Room-full
    • House-full
    • Warehouse proportions
    • Museum (similar to Warehouse but more rarer stuff)
    • World domination (Guinness levels)
    • Undecided
    • I’ll stop when the partner cracks a hissyfit

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Mostly that little hit of my brain’s reward chemical whenever I get something super cool in my collection, only to then focus on something else so I can feel that brief high again.

Oh... you mean overall? Idk, I think a game room would be cool to have. I just have an appreciation for old video games and hardware. Not sure where my finish line is.

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I have to go with the warehouse side in game boy (Official DMG Gray). there are just over 24 regions codes and that is what i have my sight on, to have at lease one.  As of now I have documented just under 7000 and have about a pi of that.  so a lot to go and learn.

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Editorials Team · Posted

Already in my end game room.  Current gen is basically the final one I will pursue physical collections.  At this point I will fill the shelves, ponder a few more shelves, and then refine what I have.  Buy low, sell high, end with best set of games I can for the lowest amount of spending possible.

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(Current) Ultimate goal for me is to have at least one CIB of every NES game of every region, scan them, and then sell what I don’t need.

Some items I’ll likely never see end up here: I don’t expect to own a Phantom Air Mission, Snowboard Challenge, SMB/Tetris/World Cup from European regions...I don’t expect to own a HES Vindicators, or 2 Pack Special from Australia...I can’t even dream of ever owning a CIB Mah Jong (though I have a friend who owns Dains old CIB)

Once I achieve this goal, SNES and Game Boy are next.

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I'd like to one day open a coffee shop or bar somewhere around these parts, and make it have a retro gaming theme.

Then I'd have a small museum and swap things out for the visitors. 

I think ultimately I'd like to get this crap out of my hands while still maintaining control of it, but letting it be accessible to the public. I honestly believe that some of the stuff in my collection none of the locals even have, anymore .

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15 hours ago, OptOut said:

"I’ll stop when the partner cracks a hissyfit"

Hoo boy, has THAT ship sailed, lol! 😅 

The key is to just power through until the constant bitching turns into white noise! 😉


Maybe I should put up another option:

”stop when the partner chucks an intolerable amount of hissyfits”..

8 hours ago, a3quit4s said:

I feel like I’m just going to keep buying games and if in retirement classic games are still selling at decent prices, I’ll open a game store to give myself something to do. 

If games aren’t as popular anymore, they’ll become my sons problem lol

Not a bad plan, I might copy this.

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I'll stop at full NES/Famicom set and full TG/PC Engine set, plus the random odd games I like for various other consoles.  I don't just pick up any old "bargain" I see; I know what I want, and I pass on the rest...

My end game is a large playable library of games at my fingertips.

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Depending on the concept of 'shelf full' I would match the several.

I've kept the core NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube games for consoles I've had since their time if they aged well and I still care enough about them, plus a few later found gems I just want to leave right there.  Those probably account for around 175 games on their own.  Handheld, same sentiment about the Gameboy, Color and Advance I'm right around I think a 100 across those.  Clearly they do take up some space.

When you add in the selection of Neo Geo MVS carts which are VHS sized, a few Wii, Switch, DS, 3DS and some HuCards the room gets eaten up a bit more and I'm not including what I have for physical PC stuff either elsewhere. 🙂  This also doesn't account for some long shelves in a back closet too with all my guides, nintendo powers, old PC big boxes either.  What I have is aligned well so it doesn't look like overkill, but maybe it is?  I know I'm under 500 not including PC.


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There is no end game.  I’m just collecting.  I collect whatever the mood strikes me for at any given moment and I have no ultimate goal or scope or scale.  I just try to enjoy collecting video games.  I’ve been almost exclusively into CIB NES for a while now but show me some sweet steals on 3DO and I’m your huckleberry.  I do not own nor have I ever owned a 3DO.

Before Covid I was getting into collecting Wii.  I really don’t have some sort of special affinity for the Wii.  Whenever I played the damn thing it’s almost always Wii Sports.  I was collecting it because I enjoyed being able to walk into a thrift store or wherever and being able to find games to look through. Bunch of shovel ware you say?  For a dollar a piece?  I’ve spent dollars on shittier things.  

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Two years ago I would've said room full. Now just the shelves I have. I have room for another 100 or so games. Since I have more important financial obligations kind of have to stop at a point. That and I'm a uni student so having money is virtually nonexistent. 

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