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  1. Just gonna leave this one here to add to the discussion...they were in good shape but wow !
  2. Yes but it was gold grade condition no doubt
  3. You want to open it ? Lol i sold one for 1k this month so if you are ok paying around that ill think about it
  4. I would say it crashed 8-10 times in 50-60 hours of play but i never lost a save or got one corrupt. I still save a lot and keep 2 saves close in time just in case it happens.
  5. Baldur’s Gate Enhanced edition/ now on the Dragonspear expansion on switch, finished the main game last week, never played it before, so much fun !!!
  6. Good points and i knew about that a little but still crazy, i guess i have a new 500$ game(cad) in my collection!! I got the mintiest spider man out there !
  7. And they arent even over yet ! Good condition but 2k for wrestlemania ?? And 355 for a complete gun smoke ? Am i missing something?
  8. New addition to my Syndicate collection
  9. I rarely chime in on matters like these where people argue and no offense Magus but i am siding with the seller on this one, i agree with the fact that when you buy a graded game one picture is enough. Front and back is a must if I would sell a graded game but thats it. If you want more details you ask before buying. Of course for a raw sealed game you need to show pics of flaws since it can be expected that it will be graded. Put it this way, what if someone sells a game that is graded 60 or even 70, there are approx. 10-15 flaws on it you expect the guy to show a picture of each through the case ? Unrealistic expectations I’m sure you will agree. So if it applies to 1 graded game then it applies to all of them. 85+ is not perfect as said before, gold grade doesn’t mean perfect since perfect is 100 I found 2 graded Chrono Cross for sale on ebay, both 85 and none of the 2 sellers shows anything more then front and back pics. Thats it for me
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