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  1. Added a few NES sealed games i didn’t have yet and FF anthology on PS1
  2. Switches, only received one today but showing both !!
  3. this one is an international physical release i believe, so ? Finding Teddy II
  4. Ubisoft Indy is pretty hard to find imo
  5. Received my sealed King Quest V and i love it !!
  6. I’m also a bit bummed with those prices since if it keeps up i can definitely say goodbye to a few games i wanted sealed but at the same time i dont really mind since i only buy a few games here and there now because i have almost everything i want. What i really don’t understand is some people paying those insane prices for graded ps2 GT Auto’s that come from the ultra common trilogy boxset, you can still buy these boxsets brand new...
  7. Just received some bigger box protectors for these beauties !
  8. Bounty always helps if you really want it
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