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  1. Not these days , non rev a games in great condition will get a premium in this new market trend, get used to it lol
  2. Looked very very nice though...And not listed with the correct title as well... Robotrek
  3. Not much to contribute but I have a copy, i believe its #15
  4. NA would be my graded FF, its been a while but i think i paid 225$ for it. And Ebay has to be this graded Legacy of the Wizard, i paid 12$ for it, yes 12$ !!
  5. Finally Received these poorly listed lots from Ebay, the 2 games boxes are minty and the loose games are like new with extra shiny pins and labels
  6. Here is a nice one for ya As perfect as it gets but still box only
  7. Yep hasnt stopped from what I can see, crazy as ever.
  8. I know but my copy was bought new back then and never moved so my inserts are 100% valid for the research
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