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  1. I'm quite surprised nobody's mentioned Psycho here yet. May be a basic pick, but it's such a timeless film I can't help but watch every year. That and the 30s Universal monster movies, something about those has a weird charm to them.
  2. PS2, I got it when I was 6. Or first console that was bought for me specifically was the Wii, I got it for my 8th birthday. I'm 21 now. You're welcome for feeling old
  3. To me yes, but I'd say that's only because I've got into PC games since I got a computer capable of running things like DiRT Rally and Forza really well. I reckon give it two years and there'll be a lot of people excited about this new gen as more games come out that innovate the hardware.
  4. I tend to largely stick to my favourite game franchises- Mario and Sonic, however since I've got most of them for all the systems I own I've slowly begun branching out to favourite genres. One I've particularly got into the past few years are rally simulation games, and the PS1/2 era has an insane amount of unknown amazing rally games. The Colin McRae and WRC series are my favourites, but I've discovered some amazing obscure games by collecting the genre. Would highly recommend this collecting method to anyone that has a specific interest in a few genres.
  5. Well, this is an entertaining read! Thanks everyone Been gone four days and the thread has doubled in length. Very reminiscent of contentious NintendoAge threads, pulled me right out of inactivity!
  6. Karl Jobst is always super onto it, fantastic video he made.
  7. Playing things I can pick up in small bursts since I've been low on time as of late. Playing through Art of Balance on the Switch (fantastic eshop title, would highly recommend), Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on Steam, and Sonic Drift 2 (3DS virtual console- people don't like this but after learning how to play it I don't find it that bad).
  8. At least here in New Zealand if you don't have cable the only other real way to watch the olympics as far as I'm aware is on the free streaming service by state-funded network TVNZ. Been amazing watching the Kiwi events, four golds so far which is great.
  9. 31 dollars shipping!? Aside from that, fantastic find and great you got a few in working order again! (Just realised this is a pretty big bump, got any others fixed since posting?)
  10. I really enjoyed Sonic Forces. Going into it I didn't expect much because of the scathing reviews, but I found it to be good enough for what it is. I'm probably going to replay it in the next few months or so.
  11. It wouldn't have made any sense no! I was saying something like 'I can't find my way to X restaurant, do you know where it is?' Definitely wasn't swearing at the guy
  12. Somewhat strong Kiwi/New Zealand accent. When I used to go to US for holidays (want to go back so badly), there were more people than I'd like to say that didn't really understand what I was saying at times. The funniest one to me that I didn't recognize until it was pointed out to me a few years back is that I say butter like 'budda'. We just don't really emphasize t's and r's in normal dialect here. The most notable differences would be the way we say 'can't' and 'dance'. When I was in US last someone looked like they were going to get angry when I said 'can't', because they thought it was a different word that isn't really said in public often. No... I do not sound Australian. Not self-promoting my videos (at all), here's what I sound like if anyone's curious: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMn46BWo8CfYpPL2KOsMPjQ
  13. Walking largely. Mixing that with eating better (which yes, in free time I have looked into what unhealthy food can be substituted) and I'm down 15kg in six months. Also love to edit, I'm trying to learn After Effects so taking half an hour for that whenever I can. Playing games too of course but free time is a rare thing to have now. I probably think about playing games more than I actually do
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