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  1. Those are all fantastic films! I'd make retrospectives on them, but the most fun is in featuring films that are forgotten to time. Possibly in the future! I was originally wanting to do a piece on Nosferatu so maybe!
  2. Hey everyone, I've started a YouTube channel focusing on old and obscure media, with my current focus being silent films. The channel, [Citation Needed], is named the way it is to show what impressive feats were made when technology was much more limited and the innovations directors had to make to overcome these limitations. Information about early cinema is often sparse and hard to find, so by discussing it all in one place gaps of information are being filled. If you want to hear an early-20s Kiwi/New Zealander talk about old films with an NZ accent then have a look at my videos! More
  3. Of all time? Hey Ya! by OutKast. I don't know what it is about the song, but every time I listen to it I'm instantly uplifted and lulled into a really happy mood, which is strange considering the lyrics are anything but happy. Definitely helps that I grew up with the song (it came out a couple weeks before I was three years old (I'm 21 soon, 2003 was indeed 19 years ago)).
  4. Laughs in New Zealand prices. It's always been like this to an extent here! Gotta loooooooooooooove people that are selling Rose Coloured Gaming NES cart display stands for 20 bucks.
  5. This'll show my age but oh well. Entire album got released today and it's fantastic. Couldn't be any further from what everyone else is posting.
  6. Right now in my final year of a Bachelor of Communications degree, and keep the lights on with student tutoring. Working towards getting a teaching diploma next year. Hopefully in 18 months time full time teaching Media, which would be very rewarding.
  7. That's a shame. I'm not sure why we got it here and you didn't, especially considering how small of a country New Zealand is. It seems to be a PAL bonus going by a UK retailer site, so maybe most of Europe got it too.
  8. That added content would add so much to 3D Land. It's not overly short when trying to 100% it, but it's not that long either. Always felt like it was missing something, especially after going through 3D World originally in 2013.
  9. Yeah, it was just a different type of case I was given for free by the EB Games worker. I've attached some photos of what it looks like on the inside and on both sides of the outside to show you what it's like. Not sure if the steelbook was released in America- hopefully it was, it's pretty cool in person. 100% licensed.
  10. I believe so yes. We never got anything under the Hot Shots Golf title here, it's always been the much more generic sounding Everybody's Golf. The naming starts to get confusing when there's an Everybody's Golf 1 and 2 on PS1 and PSP, when they're different games.
  11. It's definitely up there for me too. It'd be amazing if Nintendo put 3D Land onto the Switch too, but that's unlikely. Having finished the first world I can say it's better than the WiiU version. The visuals look crisper, and the controls feel more refined.
  12. It is February 12th here in New Zealand, so that means Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury has released! Today's my day off so could not have been released on a better day. I didn't preorder it, but when I went to EB Games to get it I was also given the steelbook. The photo doesn't really do it justice, it looks amazing in person. The dotted background behind the characters is shiny. I also got Everybody's Golf: World Tour for the PS3. Golf games are a weird guilty pleasure and this is the last one I needed for the PS3. It's eluded me for a few years and one finally popped up for a pric
  13. Finally, someone else with that opinion! I don't get why it's consistently regarded as one of the worst games in the franchise. It's nothing special but there's far worse. I quite enjoyed my playthrough of it a few years back too. As for what I'm playing now, I just finished Night in the Woods on the Switch. If none of you have played it, it's fantastic. I'd highly, highly recommend it. It's a heavily story-driven adventure game with focus on the characters. I've not been so invested in a game and its world in a long time, if ever to this extent. Got it digitally during a Christmas eSh
  14. I've been waiting two weeks for something and that's frustrating enough. I couldn't imagine waiting for some of the times you all have mentioned! I don't have the patience for that.
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