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  1. The crash most probably was talking about a period in time rather than any precise date. I can’t imagine gamers all decided in the one night to just quit gaming altogether simultaneously! Also, I wonder if the rise of the arcade machines had anything to do with the decline in interest of home consoles around the 83-84 years? Kung Fu Master, Karate Champ, 1942, Pac Land were some names I’ve just Googled. Absolute classics!
  2. Ok, all this talk about hole punches...can someone explain to me what the purpose of punching the hole? (I collect Pal PS1 but not NTSC).
  3. I don't think we can apply every single rule to comic collecting to that of video game collecting. You'll get the pure comic collectors buying things simply on hype and what they recognize as being popular. Game collectors tend to buy things for hype, nostalgia and genuine rarity. Art covers are certainly not determinant of prices looking at the overall trends, but more the franchise popularity.
  4. The real cause..of the spike in mental health conditions, you mean? I would presume it'd be the same principle no matter the era - perpetuating stress triggers with relative lack of moral supports. Safe distancing is the primary objective right now, but this means there are less physical bonds such as hugs/kisses and just less human interactions all round. And if you have pre-existing mental illness, or a perpetual worry over financial/home stability, then mental illness can be predictably worsening in some proportion of the global population. The other issue that I can see from my end, is that people are less incline to see their family doctors/psychologist/psychiatrist to get their typical counseling/moral support, and this would be another probable factor in worsening the mental illness situation.
  5. I haven’t been involved in this thread for several weeks so apologies if I’ve taken you out of context. I also work in the health field, but outside the hospital setting. I can relate to the general fear of any health workers and absolutely understanding and respect for the staff who works in a hospital. From my personal perspective, I see all types of conditions from physical to mental. And I think a lot of us forget that mental impacts can be just as much damaging (if not perhaps more) than actual physical morbidities. People who are suffering from a sustained lockdown (financial, domestic violence etc) are affected in a debilitating way not too dissimilar to the physical effects of the Covid19 or any other infective agents. So whilst lockdowns are a good way to minimize spread of viral pandemics, it has its own side effect of potentially worsening the mental state of the non-affected. With this regard, it is very hard to make a call on politics in terms of what is the best approach, and how long should lockdowns be going on for? Unfortunately, the exact answer would be different for everyone.
  6. - Culture of acting pissed about games instead of playing them! Legend has it that back in the 90s, if people didn’t like a certain game, they’d quickly rent/buy another one. Back then, more gaming and less ranting. Now...the opposite? Thanks a lot AVGN! - WATA-graded Klax?
  7. Plot twist - you loved it so much you even had kinky dreams of overflowing...numbers!
  8. As a rule of thumb, from my personal experience selling online: - the quicker you want the cash in a lot sale, the less money people are willing to pay. You need genuine time and patience for the big spenders to come along. - condition is the key to how quickly you can sell. If they’re all VGA90/WATA 9.8 type of condition, then offers will come thick and fast. If on the other hand, they’re the standard used condition, it’s going to be a tough sell to expect someone willing to spend 6 figures all in the one hit. - further to the previous point, most potential buyers will assume typical used condition unless it’s already been graded; this is where grading can come in handy, because buyers more or less know what to expect when they chuck in big offers. - good luck! It’s gonna be a big headache to sell no matter what path you take!
  9. My advice is first to study and better understand what grading services are about. Once you can understand the basic premise of their services, then things will flow easier from there. Also perhaps study closely pics or (ideally) actual graded items to have a better sense of “what grades mean what condition.” As a rule of thumb, if a graded game is in a condition that can easily be bought as ungraded, then it will be a hard sell, or worth similar to an ungraded game. Condition needs to be scarce to make grading sensible/justifiable. How to sell at an appropriate price? Trial and error! But really, prices are seemingly too volatile to be absolutely precise. Expect the unexpected, that’s my current philosophy.
  10. I used to get angry when VGA rejects to grade a sealed game I’ve sent in, when I knew for sure I had purchased it from a trusted seller of old stock. With some years of experience I’ve now learnt to accept their approach better. When you said “they said it was a reseal”, they really meant was likely “we can’t be sure 100% this is a factory sealed, and unsure if contents inside are brand new.” They then would offer to send it back ungraded or to open the seal to check the contents. This selling approach in the above I tend to agree with nowadays due to so many resealers and scammers in the market. And also some games were originally shrink-wrapped which can easily be reproduced in today’s market. So in your particular case, VGA didn’t necessarily make an error, but it seems a possible misunderstanding between you and VGA (at the time). On a side note, I wonder if that fruit rollup is still edible?
  11. I think the problem lies in our “freedom of speech” mantra for online forums. If done right and with sensible Mods, it can promote growth in discussions and a more balanced reality check. Unfortunately, some people take “free speech” to mean “say whatever the hell you want to say, even if it means that you’re hurting others perpetually and throw dirt at anyone whenever you’re in the mood to throw dirt”. It must be said though, it’s absolutely ok to have a rant or be enraged in circumstances. What I was talking about moreso is the culture of perpetual hate and negativity in social media. The key feature being relentless hate.
  12. It isn’t just outrage culture with purely modern video games, but I believe it’s outrage culture relating to the combo of human beings and social media. There are individuals among us who find it thrilling to nitpick on basically anything on a regular/daily basis. Social media just gives them a platform to “enhance” this personality trait.
  13. Thought I’d chuck in an arcade comparison - Smash TV meets Heavy Barrel. Really brings back that nostalgic feel. Definitely want to give this one a try at some stage.
  14. Which is why some of us are remaining doubtful on the legitimacy of some of the sales.
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