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  1. What’s the origin of this sign ie. what was it used for?
  2. That’s a nice way of looking at it! Video game collectors share the same passion for shapes in squares, rectangles and circles!
  3. @OP, definitely an iconic piece of art with all the popular Nintendo franchises back in the 90s. Just curious to the reasoning why Link/Zelda was left out, but a Killer Instinct character was included?
  4. Xbox collecting would be a reasonable start. Games are cheap and some great titles to try out too.
  5. I collect console boxes mainly for the art and display. I don’t care too much about the revision status. Lately I’m selling a few off because like what the majority of responders above are saying, they take up too much space! As you get older and with family planning, space probably becomes more important than having actual cash!
  6. Thanks for the extra info. I wasn’t trying to pick on you, just previously wanted to clarify further the false statement of “symptoms aren’t like the flu”. I’m actually a frontline health worker myself, and although thus far, have not personally witnessed an infected case. However, I have been following many articles and the general trajectory of the pandemic, and this is what I’m encouraging others to try and understand. From my understanding (and the medical updates I receive in my line of work), the majority of positive cases are of the mild-moderate symptoms, which indeed do mimic the flu (bearing in mind the flu in itself can have a spectrum of severity from a few days cough/niggle to a couple of weeks feeling like you’ve been struck by a car). It’s around 5-15% that are the more severe to critical cases (ie. needing ICU beds, prolonged hospital stays, or death), and the percentages vary from country to country. I believe you quoting knowledge of frontline workers from your social network can be misleading in itself, because they perhaps are seeing the more serious cases. Lastly, I don’t believe one bit about the doctors who lay claim to be able to tell if it’s the Covid19 by just listening over the phone. What would sound more probable is that by listening over the phone, doctors can assess the amount of duress on the breathing patterns and can estimate the likelihood of lung involvement with the infection. With the lung involvement, then hospital assessment is needed (eg. Chest X-ray, blood test) or in the least, Covid19 testing.
  7. I can perhaps help you to feel more calm. The trick is to not relate all the stories you read or hear, but judge each situation on their own merit. The fact you mentioned “she’s in good spirits” is a good sign. Also the fact she can go online and make posts mean she’s getting adequate oxygen (to her brain and likely general body). The more serious cases (eg. ICU), these people are likely to be very weak or semi-conscious to being in a coma. In other words, very hard for them to go online and type up stuff! Hopefully, your aunt will post more and more in the coming days!
  8. Your point was different to mine regarding the previous post. My point being that we shouldn’t muddy the facts due to our biases obtained from the media. It is crucial that we don’t overblow things because otherwise it can create increased public fear/hysteria. You’d want the public to be in fear so they do the right thing with hand hygiene, social distancing etc. However, you don’t want to push out false statements to cause undue stress to the public. Too much stress in some may do more harm than the Covid19 itself!
  9. I have all the Panzer Dragoon trilogy games on my Saturn. Just haven’t really committed to playing them in proper. Though this thread has got me thinking... how cool would it be to have an updated compilation pack of Panzer Dragoon 1, 2 + Saga?! Imagine a physical compilation pack with these 3 games and some bonus goodies. I’m already salivating thinking about it!
  10. I was a relatively new member on NA so its demise probably hadn’t hit me as hard as some on here. Though from a casual observation, people tend to focus only on Dain’s sudden departure and sellout, and the takeover from GoCollect. There were other coincidences around the time when NA was spiraling out of control: - the rise of WATA - issues surrounding the delays of WATA grading, creating some unhappy atmosphere on NA (from my observation) - some new comic collectors jumping on board - talks on Pedigrees in video game grading; “Carolina collection” ruffled a few feathers. ————— Personally, I don’t think it’s necessarily any one factor that caused the forum degradation, but all the factors in the above and perhaps more hidden issues. I also think this is just the evolution of the collecting scene, things will just continue to evolve, with change looking to be the only constant.
  11. Just want to clarify this post. There are actually a lot of overlap between the symptoms of the typical flu and the SARS-Cov-2. The majority of the Covid19 have the exact same symptoms as the flu - fever, aches, sore throat, cough; and both can be self-limiting in that they can settle on their own with a typical healthy body. Where it differs is the Covid19 can progress to the severe form more readily and is associated with more pneumonia cases, which is the main association of an increased mortality. Social media tends to show all the severe cases and not the mild ones and this can lead to an overall false perception that all cases are serious. Some cases of Covid19 in fact, can be mild to asymptomatic.
  12. “Rarity” to me means very low numbers, which equate to high difficulty for the average collector to obtain. Rarity alone doesn’t mean much unless you associate it with actual demand. For example, you can have a NES game with 50 known to be in existence and a modern limited-edition game with 50 known to be in existence. Due to there being likely a ridiculous amount of collectors for NES, that “rare” NES game is likely to be extremely hard to obtain for the average Joe. Conversely, for the modern limited-edition, you may have only 40 people who are interested in it. If so, then that “rarity” labelling becomes meaningless.
  13. I didn't play much on the NES, as I started from the Master System then jumped to the Megadrive and then SNES. However, I did play some Contra on the Famicom and completed Contra III (Super Probotector) on the SNES, and I remember the SNES trumps the NES version in all manners of graphics and sounds. Granted the top down levels weren't so great, but they added to the variety. So I personally think Contra SNES >>> Contra NES.
  14. Thought of a good alternative (and if I had the money). Spend 2 weeks dancing away on this dance arcade machine, like these 2 fellas: Have fun while keeping fit, and hopefully pushing away the Covid bug quicker! Plus...impress all the ladies in a future dance party with my newly-acquired dance skills!
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