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  1. Although I’m mainly into Pal collecting, I do appreciate the rarity of the PS1 long boxes. A Resident Evil sealed long box is certainly something very awesome and keen to see how much it can go up to. I don’t believe any game should be worth a million dollars but such is this crazy market in current times, nothing surprises me anymore. As for the pedigree description, it’s the most lame-ass title you can possibly have. I mean, literally every sealed collector is dreaming about the past with nostalgia in mind. Or they’re dreaming about being the next million dollar seller on an online auction.
  2. I rather shrink wrap than none at all (for those 80+ year old comics). And they had to survive the many decades compared with 2-3 decades of a game protected by a seal. I ask again your honor, which is the easier to find in 8.0 condition?
  3. When the million dollar games are sealed, the contents on the inside no longer matters. The seal of a game helps better to protect the game itself from air and small dust/debris. Comics in the early days are on their own without the seals and more exposed to the bare elements. So in conclusion, your conclusion sucks!
  4. It’s kinda shady, but this shouldn’t be an issue of a court hearing. That is really an issue of a company doing a service and the consumer can opt in or opt out. The real shadiness also isn’t about the price rise, but the rise in which it just feels so unnatural to anything before it. The fact that a game can be over 1M dollars, while pre-WATA, everything has been going for 4 to low-5 digits. Something doesn’t add up.
  5. All the reasons for a collectible’s worth would be similar across the fields - games, comics etc. Comics though have the benefit of a headstart, with collectors starting out way before game collectors, with the hobby spanning many decades. With this significantly longer time lapse, the pop reports for the comics are likely to be more absolute, as opposed to games (pop reports are likely to be adjusted for many more years). The other thing to consider is that how easy is it to preserve a comic of 60+ years to a 9.0 grade, versus a game of 20+ years to a 9.0 grade? The analogy to this would be like how easy is it for a 60 year old to run as fast as a 20 year old? The answer is likely to be “it can be done, but gonna be damn hard!”
  6. I collect CIBs near mint to mint. My main reason, other than for display purposes, is to set myself the challenge of obtaining the hardest-to-find condition games that are out there. Bearing in mind I don’t just click on all the BIN prices all at once, but usually purchases are done with a lot of patience, research and dedication on eBay auctions! For the rarer items, I generally accept 7-8/10 because truly mint versions may never exist, or too pricey for me to bother with.
  7. Hate to break the news to ya, but the more the cosmetic abomination, the less probability of sanitary status..
  8. It’s kinda the same but kinda not. In your example it’s more the popularity that is gained by the lie/hype. In my example, it’s the monetary gain and neither party might actually know for real the actual truth. It’s also not so much I’m getting all irky over one such example, but the thought of potential other lies that can propagate the collecting scene. Eg. “Only 3 graded examples exist” when there might actually be 10. “Only less than 10 graded copies known” when there could be actually 30. It’s very easy to deceive in a sales pitch, and the lack of pop reports can assist with the deception, intended or otherwise.
  9. Firstly, not all dentists are bad. My uncle was one and he helped me did a filling once. Anyway.. Secondly, the example I gave in the OP isn’t actually anyone getting burned as such. The seller made a profit (likely), and the buyer is likely to resell at some stage absolutely believing that this is the only graded country-specific version of the game. There’s every chance the resell value might go up rather than down, due to the “one-of-a-kind” apparent status.
  10. Yes, people lie and hype their items all the time on eBay. The example in the OP just irked me more than usual because anyone can easily say “only graded copy in the world” for a reasonably rare game, and without a pop report or being in the collecting scene for a few years, no one would know. Not even the seller, or the future sellers of the same game (until others surface). So there are intentional lies and there are unintended ones. A pop report could rectify most of the unintentional lies.
  11. I witnessed something in the recent weeks that I expect to see more of, but unfortunately, not in a good way. It was an eBay auction listing of a graded game, new but opened box. It was sold with the pretense of “the only new copy in the world”. Granted, this game was rare to find graded, but there are a lot of misleading points here: 1. It’s more meant to say “the only new copy, and a version specific to this country”, because there has been at least a dozen graded new copies in Pal/US form. 2. Also more specifically, it's “the only copy that has been graded so far, but I can’t be sure if there are other new copies that exist, that hasn’t yet to be graded”. 3. This game isn’t actually the only graded copy of a country-specific region! I have witnessed at least one other graded copy (in a different grade) about 6-7 years ago. —————————— The third point in the above is what I find more disturbing. Because both the seller and the bidders may be completely unaware of the fact that other copies may exist. But because nothing has shown up over the past 5 years in the public forum, you can easily assume that this may genuinely be the only country-specific version of a graded game. So assuming the seller is unknowing of another one in existence, may describe it as such. Then the bidders bid according to the presumption that this is seriously rare, one-of-a-kind. What has happened here, the TLDR version, is that market manipulation has occurred (false information) and the world is none-the-wiser, apart from maybe a handful of collectors who have witnessed 2 different graded copies existing in their lifetime. Values are going up due to false information, and this is likely to be propagated into the future until that second copy shows itself one day!
  12. I think @Tanooki was referring to the one digit, middle digit, middle finger.
  13. I don’t think people are up in arms because of the huge number of dollars at play, but a combination of these factors: - a huge spike in a very short amount of time (100+ times more than probably what it was going for pre-HA sales) - such high bids without any concrete knowledge of pop reports - too many regular news articles pointing out the rising prices, but the high end buyers are basically all new players into the scene - that isn’t a reflection of an organic price rise. I think it’s great the collecting scene has been injected with such life and so many new people coming into the scene. Though at what cost, and “what is OMG?” vs “what is BS?”, it’s worthy to evaluate on an ongoing basis. Also it’s worthy to ponder on what is “market value”? The amount a collector is willing to pay? Or the amount it might go for in an online auction, that won’t be replicated if sold anywhere else?
  14. “Sealed scrotum WATA 6.0 A++”, that’s my prediction what it might score. Fresh seal = A++ Wrinkly vasectomised balls = 6.0
  15. I think that’s a bit of an early call. But I’ll gladly donate $10 for the cause should you end up losing 2 balls.
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