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  1. I’ve checked his other eBay inventory - seems to be all comics. Perhaps a comic collector trying to cash in on the gaming craze, with shifty repro selling tactics?
  2. The real truth is, being a fairly longtime collector, I have my eye on too many grail pieces that are worth “a lot”. So if I was to pick one out of the many potential rare unobtainables, then I wouldn’t know where to start!
  3. The market is as you say, too volatile and too hard to pin an accurate price guess. Absolute rares can still be had relative cheap. And the absolute commons can go for 5 digits! Who really knows what the price formula is in today’s market? Your post also has got me thinking..if one of us comes in with a grail piece, he/she might in fact be the best person to evaluate the price of said piece! Because there would have been several years history of tracking the item and/or following the market for it since owning it. So technically, bringing in another so-called expert might be none the wise
  4. I don’t think it’s possible to be completely objective with rating consoles from different era. Everything is based on subjectivity no matter how you go about constructing on an objective argument. The core arguments here is based on the word “fun”, and this cannot be measured in metrics. Regarding on ranking consoles by the ratio of “good to bad games”, this is simply not possible unless you literally spend all your time playing games until completion for the consoles entire library. Even if you do that, you’d likely be stuck with 1 or 2 consoles unless you’re a gaming whiz, maybe then 3
  5. OP states “everything”, not “everything Pokemon, Mario, factory sealed first print 9.4, 9.6, 9.8”.
  6. If everything became unobtainable overnight, I think the feeing would be more relief rather than regret. Instead of regretting over something I will never end up getting, I would use that time to cuddle up with all the good stuff I currently own; touch them, sniff them and all the things collectors do with their personal collection.
  7. The premise of interactive porn with crappy primitive sprites, is just plain stupid. I mean, firstly it’s a crime to rape someone, no matter the race or gender that is tied to the cactus. Then the fact that it’s only sold to adults, and that adults would prefer this than actually watch VHS erotica or finding a real female?
  8. I think this thread is a reasonable reflection on there being a spectrum of tax avoiders/compliers. It almost seems like asking “should I get my gallstone electively removed?” on a gaming forum. Best to talk to your own doctor, would be my suggestion!
  9. I asked a similar question in another thread but pertaining to Heritage Auctions: Basically in the last post, I asked was it mandatory to report a sale of a high-end item? All this crazy price hikes is starting to annoy the hell out of me. One main reason being I never liked accounting as a subject!!
  10. “How I met your mother to help burn your house down”.
  11. He can be the go-to guy whenever a Carolina pedigree game pops up. Looking forward to the recall of how he met Dain, in a similar intro narration to “How I met your mother”.
  12. I like how the seller, in his other listing, can confirm the Mario/Duck Hunt cart is “authentic”. Then with the Hagane cart, “unsure if it’s authentic”.
  13. Are you saying you’re happy to make a loss or break even?
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