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  1. Best 3D platformer by a mile upon its inception. Still one of the best that currently exists. Absolute classic! Incidentally, this game might be the only game I’ve completed twice on 2 separate platforms: N64 and DS.
  2. “Wrong” loosely meaning collector consensus that we mainly want matching parts. Of course, I can’t speak on behalf of those who only prefer mismatching parts.
  3. I think there are 2 separate issues here: 1. Are scalpers all bastards? Probably not. As a few have stated, scalpers exist due to there being a demand/market for scalpers to thrive in. If there is no demand, then the scalpers would quickly die out or likely revert to baseline prices or thereabouts. 2. Can scalpers be bastards? Absolutely yes. But then anyone that calls themselves “collector”, “investor”, “reseller” can all be bastards too. I think this is where the ethical debate comes in. The bigger issue here is “what constitutes ethical practices?”
  4. I just want to touch on this. I think people can be mislead on their perceptions on frankensteining. Games with obvious mismatches are frankensteining done “wrong”. When frankensteining done “right”, future buyers might just assume they are buying a legit copy, without having realised that the copy had been frankensteined. So the act of mixing contents isn’t necessarily good/bad, but is mainly dependent on the outcome of the mixing.
  5. Clayfighter Scalpers Cut. StreetFighter 2 Scalpers Edition.
  6. I’m kinda jealous, not because you get to play some hot Mario action with updated graphics. But because you’re able to play until 3am with a wife and kid!
  7. Classic stuff @DefaultGen! Kudos on the brilliant work and rhymes!!
  8. Oops my bad. Please disregard the last post..
  9. I think there’s an underlying tone of collector’s frustration rather than arrogance. The world has definitely changed, with the collecting scene going mainstream due to popularity and price increases. As long term collectors, it’s very easy to feel a loss of identity because the more collectors that are out there, the less you feel unique as a collector. Not to mention the increasing amount of competition and the more cash you have to splash out! As some good advice in the above responses, I think the key to prolong yourself as a collector is to adapt. Focus on the positives rather
  10. What about gaming historians who enjoy frankensteining?
  11. FOMO - fear of missing out ——————— CIB - Complete Idiotic Bastard (as in: a CIB selling me a CIB at a CIB price)
  12. I don’t think you’re playing this “game” right.. This is about universal shortcuts to a longer word. Repro = Bootleg, is more an explanation than an abbreviation. I do get a yucky feeling when I see Repros sold on eBay though, which is unfortunately an increasingly common phenomena. @gloves: NM - Near Mint VGC - very good condition
  13. MD - Megadrive SMS - Sega Master System NES - Nintendo Entertainment System SNES - Super "NES" MCD - Mega CD DC - Dreamcast GC - Gamecube Repro - Reproduction BNIB - Brand New In Box That's my 2 minutes of brainstorming. Here's another acronym I know privately, but would like to share with you guys: DOA (2 meanings): 1. Dead or Alive (fun fighting game with jiggling boobie physics) 2. Dead on Arrival (not fun)
  14. The point isn’t about whether there is some interest in this Mario variant print, but whether the interest is worth $84,000 USD?
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