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  1. Some cool Atari finds in Crazy Climber (mail-in only at the time) and this Pole Position error variant, along with this cool Nintendo buyer’s guide from back in the day with game descriptions/screenshots/etc.
  2. I went on a date last night with a girl who has a bit of a retro collection herself. She told me a few years ago she bought a sealed copy of Pokémon TCG on Game Boy Color and opened it to play it. Remembering the recent episode about games that came with trading cards I told her the sealed copies are worth a lot these days. She looked at the current prices. She cringed at her past self’s actions. Thanks for the fun date night convo!
  3. Technological feats are great and all, but I still don’t think the original DKC trilogy graphics hold up today. FF7 was a monumental/technological leap over FF6 but I don’t think anyone would say today that OG-FF7 looks better. Couple the fact that they’re easier on the eyes + tighter controls and I think the Sonic games hold up better in hindsight. Don’t know why Sega got insecure and made Vectorman in response, because IMO they already had a plethora of better playing platformers. That should’ve been their angle when responding to DKC, but hey, it was Sega in the mid-90s. The Genesis wa
  4. The what? 9 out of 10 for me, but could easily be 10 depending on my mood. I have a hard time choosing any console to be my #1, same thing I said in the Genesis thread despite that console also being very well capable of being a 10 for me.
  5. Fantastic series, a 7 or 8 on a bad day. My only (personal) gripe is that I go in spurts where I’m addicted and then stop for months.
  6. I see we were talking about Donkey Kong Country above *puts on fire-proof suit* All three Sonic games are better platformers than all three DKC games Sorry but I just can’t get into those games. And they’re my sister’s favorite SNES games so believe me, I’ve had plenty of experience with them. They feel... too floaty? And the visual style, while impressive at the time, looks gross today.
  7. There’s just something about Japanese SF and N64 covers
  8. Finally got my Heavy Sixer card punched. If I want to be a REAL Atari collector, then next up is Chase the Chuckwagon, I guess? This is a console variant that was produced for a short time. If I have my history correct, this is a hybrid between a Sunnyvale model and Taiwanese model, produced in the short time between the complete transition from Heavy Sixers (made in USA) to Light Sixers (made overseas). Under the hood it is still a Heavy Sixer though.
  9. Yeah it can be a small gamble regarding which unit can play what but overall they will play most anything you throw at them. As far as Activision games I do have issue with Frostbite on mine. I forgot about Imagic games, yeah they’re a tight fit on my 7800 too.
  10. I have a harder time gauging these days what it means to overpay. Prices are all on fire at the moment and it seems sellers just throw their stuff on eBay at much higher prices than before, and with COVID-FOMO-stimmy-comic-mania going on they tend to get buyers regardless. That’s my long winded way of saying it feels like things are going up, and if you secured something you’ve wanted for awhile and it saves you the time to search for it then I’m not sure how bad it is to pay a little more.
  11. If someone could make a readily available replacement controller this would be a decent console to play, honestly. There are a few options for replacement controllers but they’re either expensive or scarce or both. I like that they’ve got conversions of Atari’s 8-bit computer games for the 5200 for sale on AtariAge. Would be fun to mess around with but again, those controllers are a hassle.
  12. I wasn’t looking to grab the Super NT this run but how tf do they manage to get cleaned out so quickly these days? I remember the Super NT and Mega SG originally being available for long after their release dates. The internet hype train finally caught up to them? Or are they taking a page from Nintendo’s book and creating the illusion of scarcity?
  13. Super Mario Maker. It’s such an embarrassment for Nintendo, you can literally see all the pieces of some would-be Mario levels just laid out. It’s like they expect you to make the game?!
  14. When it first came out, it was reported that the Retron-77 didn’t play homebrews. This may have been fixed since, but I don’t know for sure. I don’t know if playing homebrews is a factor for you or not.
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