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  1. Everything Jagex has done with RS throughout its history is good!
  2. You’re allowed to like Nintendo and still criticize aspects of Nintendo. People thinking it’s not a good value or that the service isn’t up to modern standards are valid opinions for people to hold.
  3. On the topic of people not wanting to work - a friend of mine was let go from her second job, and she needed the income (despite having a degree and a roommate, one job wasn’t enough) so she looked for a second job to replace the one she lost. Her Excel sheet is at…. 150 applications? Less than 10 callbacks. People will say it’s her, but I’m telling you genuinely it’s not and she’s more than qualified for what she’s applying for. She works hard and has no red flags. The worker shortage is artificial. On the topic of minimum wage… $15 in southern Alabama was barely enough to get by. The elites have polluted the public’s perception of the situation. People who are making more than that and living comfortably (I now fit in that category) suddenly have opinions on what people making less than them to begin with should be happy with. The phenomenon of cost of living going up while wages haven’t kept up shouldn’t be a topic of partisan contention. That’s all I’m going to say on that.
  4. People are waking up and realizing how badly they’ve been exploited in the US and they’re leaving their poor wage jobs. People can get mad about it but that’s capitalism. Your workers are leaving? You’re not being competitive with their wages and they’re going to employers that are. The market is pushing you out. So, I haven’t talked about it much on here but I recently had a career change. In between my last career and the one I have now I worked at Target to keep some cash flow going. Target starts at $15 an hour and we had applications coming out of our ears. Truckloads coming in every day and they gathered dust in the manager’s office. Know why? Because corporate told the team leads that if they under-schedule hours they would get bonuses on their paychecks. So instead of hiring enough people (despite people beating down the doors to work) they decided to stretch out a few of us. That way: they can get away with paying less in wages while still having the managers in the store whine to customers about “no one wanting to work anymore.” They get the sympathy and the wages. Sickening, but if you think it’s just Target that did this, it’s many big companies just like them too. It’s disgustingly common. The “worker shortage” is made up, or at least the optic in which they try to frame it is.
  5. I like their older stuff more than their newer stuff
  6. I post this lovingly but this is all I could think about reading this thread
  7. Where did you get that 5200 stick? Those damn broken controllers have kept me from experience that console.
  8. That opening cutscene vs. Kraid in Dread is so good. Samus walks in all defensive, sees who it is, and is like “Oh.”
  9. People think the $20 price for NSO is too low? I think it’s too high. Sure, it’s cheap relative to the other console manufacturers’ online services but it’s way too high for what you’re getting. I was happy to pay that at the beginning because I thought it meant Nintendo would improve their online service and bring it into the current decade, but it didn’t change at all. The exact same issues except now I’m paying for them. The others are right that it’s the optic that makes this whole thing look bad. $20 NSO is the base package, and then the expansion, the optional bonus, is more than double. It’s just weird. If they had made the base tier $30 and the N64+Genesis stuff $20 that would look and feel better IMO. Anyway, I already have the N64 and Genesis games listed so I don’t really see the need for me personally to spend the extra $30, as much as I want Sin and Punishment in my face.
  10. Do we take public perception into account for objectivity? Think outside of our vintage gaming bubbles/echo chambers. What is the first, or maybe even only, game that comes to the average persons’ mind when you mention “the old school Nintendo?” The original Super Mario Bros. Everyone knows that game, but I’d wager you have to go down an extra layer or two before people really know the difference between SMB and SMB3. People who aren’t movie buffs can name the big movies. People who aren’t gamers can name Super Mario Bros. - but can they name Super Mario Bros. 3? By the way, I’m not arguing for SMB here. I’m asking the question because I’m genuinely curious how - if at all - this all fits in. SMB3 improves on the foundation of SMB but in the end both are masterpieces still playable by today’s standards, so that’s why I’m curious if we’re factoring public legacy into the final score.
  11. You should buy a second copy of Nebs and send it to me.
  12. Like others here I recognize that it’s a high quality title and the pedigree of the people behind it but I haven’t spent enough time to really give it a proper go and thus I haven’t enjoyed it as much as others have. I think it’s good but I can’t call it a favorite, at least not yet.
  13. It’s import madness in my game room lately
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