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  1. There won’t be social media to score those sweet sweet internet points so with no motivation to collect video games some will be out of the game and prices will go down
  2. This type of comment is exactly what I wanted to see in this thread lmao
  3. Android users telling me Apple/my iPhone sucks is up there with the whole vegans, atheists, crossfitters thing. I just like the operating system on iPhone more than on any Android phone I’ve used. That’s it. It’s not that deep.
  4. Gonna be a tough one to get an accurate reading on. I legitimately know people who were really into him prior to him coming out and/or MONTERO releasing who now act like they never liked him. Or they just don’t like his personality. Either way he pushes peoples’ buttons like no other. EDIT: not saying this is true of everyone who rated him low. Just that it is a factor. All of that said, it’s an acquired taste. I said 8 because I do like some of his music but I’m always too generous on these things. Old Town Road wasn’t my favorite of his, I liked a few others he put out more. Panini and MONTERO are good. So is INDUSTRY BABY.
  5. Earlier in the thread someone mentioned FFXV and while that’s certainly a contender for this list I did see some things I liked in it. I think it brought the world of Final Fantasy to life in a way we haven’t seen before. I know the car driving is particularly critiqued in this game but one cool feature was that you could have the soundtrack to every previous Final Fantasy play as you drive. And that bright countryside is exactly how I imagined the fields of older Final Fantasy games looked from the perspective of those characters. I think they portrayed classic Final Fantasy monsters very well. And the marriage of modern society (smartphones, etc.) with fantasy elements (magic, classic monsters, etc.) I think is a unique and interesting setting. There’s definitely a lot wrong with that game but I think there are some things it does do well.
  6. I’ve never attempted to collect Nintendo Power but Gold and Silver is near and dear to my heart so I had to pick this up.
  7. Historically? It’s a 10. Rating it gameplay-wise by today’s standards wouldn’t be fair though so I won’t.
  8. Not to hijack the thread but I’m curious what all you’re missing? Impressive pickup as always!
  9. I sent them my shiny Slowpoke card and was hoping for at least a “Poggers” but it was graded a “You’re not the guy, pal” which seems to indicate it was a piece of shit
  10. This comment chain goes back a bit so it’s hard to keep track, but I never claimed the criticism against Nintendo’s copyright policing was an unpopular opinion. This convo was an offshoot/side comment from someone else’s post. Isn’t that what this thread is about though, venting your unpopular opinions that might get you skewered? How did you know I’m an NHL fan?! If you want to see my hockey rants you have to go to Twitter and I know that’s not something many want to do. Fair enough.
  11. Then you’ve got your work cut out for you because it’s one of the loudest and most widespread criticisms of Nintendo. If we were only talking about emulation sites and piracy then sure, I’d be with you, but we’re not.
  12. Your initial statement was that Sega didn’t have anything worth protecting. That was my disagreement. Their ruthlessness and various overreactions when it comes to their IPs is a fair criticism of Nintendo and I’m far from the only person who gets onto them for it. Nintendo isn’t above criticism and there are plenty of Nintendo mega-fans that don’t even pretend they are.
  13. I hear you. My counterpoint is that I do think their “Genesis Does” commercial is still one of the best ad campaigns of all time, as proven by the fact that people are still mad at it today, both people that were there for it and kids who weren’t. After being crushed by the 8-bit monopoly, they came out of the gates swinging. IIRC they had businessmen recommending this sort of branding. Did Sega of Japan advertise the same way or was it just the American businessmen at SoA?
  14. Phew, I logged on to 8 notifications and thought it was going to be a whole lot worse than it was
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