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  1. Just started dating a woman here in my new city and we went to a game store, I bought something, and it went well. That’s always a good milestone in the dating scene these days
  2. As one of the resident Sega-likers, my collection is starting to look lopsided toward Sega despite starting my collecting hobby almost exclusively with Nintendo. There are times I feel the peer pressure to pause my Sega collecting goals and I begin diverging my collecting funds toward the Nintendo stuff that I want so I can keep a more even balance. I have a lot of cool Sega and Atari stuff, but sometimes I feel like someone will see my collection and ignore those, see that one glaring omission, and be like “You don’t have ‘x NES game’ yet?!” Though when it comes to the gold standard NES
  3. This community (and the one that came before it) have been about collecting for enjoyment since their inception. The investing types aren’t going to suddenly come in and change the scene for the rest of us.
  4. This isn’t really a complaint but I feel weird getting messages like this with an offer from the seller
  5. I’m a researcher in the general fields of agricultural science, plant science, entomology, etc. Right now I’m working in a laboratory that focuses on insect pollination, usually in an agricultural context.
  6. My niece is a toddler and she started feeding their cats by hand by picking up pieces of cat food out of the bag. So whenever one of their cats gets hungry and isn’t satisfied with what he got in his bowl, he’ll cuddle up to my niece and she’ll run to the pantry and feed him bits of cat food. He trained her. Cats are so smart, which is what makes them the best.
  7. I think every piece of furniture in my apartment, minus bookshelves for my books and games, are secondhand. Either given to me or thrifted. When I was in college I was delivering pizzas on my breaks. On a delivery I saw a tall living room lamp on the side of the road. I got out and asked the people who were throwing it out if it worked. Dude said yeah, it was in his man cave but he got a new one and just didn’t want to deal with the old one anymore. That was... 6 years ago? It’s still sitting in my living room a few feet from me as I type this. Best $0 I’ve ever spent.
  8. All were great deals so I couldn’t pass them up. SOR3 is missing the manual (anyone selling one?) but the price reflected that and then some... was still a killer deal for just the box and cart so I jumped on it.
  9. Like I said earlier in this thread, if my girlfriend can sell her bathwater or whatever I’ll gladly help her bottle it up. If my friend can get some lonely dude on Twitch to send her $800 for her tattoo I would have gladly taken it if I were her. I still haven’t watched the video in the OP and I don’t plan on it and don’t care for any type of video like that but again, I don’t blame her one bit if it’s that easy to get dudes to send her their dollars. Times are tough. On a totally unrelated note, any of y’all like mens’ feet? I take payment via Venmo or Nintender games.
  10. @fcgamerFor the Mega SG, once you’ve got the adapter set, you can play everything Sega put out from the SG-1000 to Sega CD and everything in between (okay, not Piko or 32x but I mean...) For Sega fans that are limited on space it’s a great little device.
  11. I’m really glad to hear that. There’s a farmer that lives down the road from my parents who laid a lot of concrete for people throughout the years and his body is torn the hell up from it. Glad it seems to be a thing of the past.
  12. I realize after the fact that professional athletes would have been a better comparison, but the point still stands. Both careers take a toll on your body, usually require early retirement, but have potential for lucrative return. Not trying to shit on our contractor/construction working friends. You guys rock. I just don’t understand why sex workers are the only ones getting criticized for selling their bodies even when they aren’t the only ones selling their bodies (not on here but just in society in general).
  13. Idk I mean people give women sex workers (whether it’s stripping, OnlyFans, softcore stuff like this or whatever) such a hard time about “selling their bodies” but I never see these people critiquing the construction workers/contractors who are selling their bodies. The difference between the two is that the construction workers/contractors might be damn near crippled by their late 40s and have to retire early. I hate to see a buddy of mine from high school be in his late 20s and already need back surgery. He sold his body the same as any sex worker imo and no shame toward him for it.
  14. Oh man I’m not sure I can choose. My default is Super Mario 64 but is that nostalgia?! Probably.
  15. But for real though, no shame towards any woman (or man) who can make money this way. Times are tough and they found a good hustle. More power to them.
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