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Contra - original illustration art sold


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I am pleased to be able to be able to say that about 13 years after it first originally sold (which was only a year or so before I inquired about it with the owner at the time) for $200 or so, I was able to purchase the original box illustration for Contra, I just had to add three zero 😉

Of the games that mattered to me as a kid - tyson, SMB, contra, excitebike, etc., its really the only one where a real piece of artwork exists.

The "black box" illustrations were just photographs of construction paper cut outs (south park style), tyson was a photo - and Contra, Contra was a painting.

I put out a public bounty for it about a year ago, and while the bounty wasn't insignificant it wasn't even close to being something the owner could accept (and I can't blame him).    It did, to my surprise however, result in my finding out who the owner was.

Fast forward some time and add some ability for me to make a stronger offer, and I was able to purchase what I feel is the very best artifact relating to one of my favorite games and also one of the very best pieces of nintendo memorabilia in existence, if I say so myself.

Without further ado, a pic, a close up, and a heartfelt thanks to both the seller and my agent in Sweden, David Brolin, who met the vendor in Stockholm for the hand off.

thanks everyone and I hope you enjoy the pics.

As a bit of backstory, the title was originally released as gryzor on a small console in europe.

Lastly, I never did realize it but if you look very very closely the art is in fact signed in red.   I'll have to pull my copy of contra and see if the signature is visible on the box.




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8 minutes ago, MrWunderful said:

Jesus Dan, so Nice. 

Glad to have you here too!

Thx Corey for the last bit especially. 

A little bit about the artist Bob Wakelin.  


He clearly had an awesome sense of humour if you roll thru his comments on his work .   He has passed away. 


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OMG, that is AMAZING! 😄

That has got to be one of the best possible box art paintings to get hold of for the whole NES library, well done!

I'm just wondering, what's your MOST desired NES boxart painting at this point? I know you were after this one for a long time. But if you could get your hands on just one more, either known to be out there or unknown, which would it be? Or would giving away that secret put the whole search in jeopardy?!

Anyway, just wanted to say well done, PLEASE keep sharing stories and photos of your art! 

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