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  1. I agree! That's why I bought this version. Well, today this arrived. Now I have the Playtronic version of this trilogy.
  2. It's been awhile since i last posted here so there're a few new things to share: A CIB Playtronic NES: PS2, Xbox, 3DS, Mega Drive, Game Gear, etc: Some cheap DS games: Brazilian CIB N64 games: CIB Master System and Mega Drive games:
  3. Got more CIB Master System and Mega Drive games: Got some Switch, Vita and Xbox One games: Got a beautiful Japanese Pikachu N64: And finally, got 2 prototype PS3 controllers:
  4. More CIB Sega games: More Playtronic games and one 3DS game:
  5. Some games for the PS1, GC, PS4 and Xbone: More CIB Master System and Mega Drive games: Some Brazilian Star Wars PC games: 3DS, GB, GBA and Switch games and a CIB Gameshark for the GBC: Some Playtronic games, a Gradiente Diddy Kong Racing and 8bit Xmas 2020: This copy of Megaman 6 is the one with the purple border on the bottom:
  6. Got a few more CIB Master System games: Got more CIB Mega Drive/Genesis games: On the second pic there's 16 cardboard games. There's a total of 19 of them and I'm missing only one. Finally found a CIB Brazilian copy of Pokémon Yellow and a CIB Super Star Wars for Super Famicom. And found a very good looking SNES DKC set. It's missing the manuals for the console and for the game but it's not hard to find them. The serial number of the box matches the one on the console.
  7. Got some GB, GBC and GBA games: Some 3DS games (less than 100 missing now): PSO is sealed, South Park was a gift from the wife and the rest was cheap: More Sega games and the 8bitdo wireless controller:
  8. Around US$13. I couldn’t believe it when the seller told me the price.
  9. Got more CIB games for the SMS and Genesis/Mega Drive: Some sealed 3DS games, the Devil May Cry pack for the Switch and a used copy of Hitman: I’m REALLY happy to add those two big boxes to my N64 collection. I thought I was only buying the boxed with the paperwork but the seller also had the carts and sent it together. The only thing that is missing is the expansion pack that came with Majora’s Mask. Also finally got a CIB Brazilian copy of Super Smash Bros.
  10. Just beat the championship mode on Automobili Lamborghini.
  11. Transformers Beast Wars is done. This one gets worse each year that I play it.
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