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  1. I didn't expect to complete a goal so fast into the year but the 1 manual that I was missing for the Brazilian GBA set came into my hands this week and so I've completed this set. I bought a Japanese Mega Drive game from a store and asked if they also had GBA manuals. The guy told me that had several, I asked abou the one that I wanted. He told me to wait a few days while he checked. 3 days later he sent me a picture of the manual. We agreed on the price (US$10) and the post office took 1 week to deliver it but it was worth it.
  2. 1 more Master System game and 2 Mega Drive/Genesis games: Got the Brazilian manual for this Spider-Man game. I was looking for it for a long time. This manual was the last piece that I needed to complete the Brazilian GBA set.
  3. Some PS2, GC, SFC, SNES and 3DS games: PS1, Xbox One, Saturn and Switch games: I didn't know about this Crash bundle with the green controller. When I saw, I decided to get it. I wanted a WIIU Basic Set for some time and finally found one. Also found this Brazilian Wii bundle. It's missing the Mario game but I don't think it's going to be very hard to find it. Some more CIB Master System games: Some more CIB Brazilian and Japanese Mega Drive/Genesis games: And some CIB Brazilian Game Gear games (and one CIB Japanese GG game and 2 loose one
  4. I think it may be worth a bit more than a current new Switch because it’s easier to mod to run pirated games.
  5. Just finished Magical Tetris Challenge. https://imgur.com/a/ORSbi2s
  6. Tigger’s Honey Hunt is done. What a boring game it is. https://imgur.com/a/sDA4okG
  7. I work from 8am to 6:30pm monday to friday so I don't have a lot of free time to go to the post office but I check your pms, I have an idea.
  8. I'm not looking for any US games although the first Rambo wasn't released here in Brazil. First, I'm focusing on the Tectoy games. If I manage to complete the set, then I may look abroad for some exclusives but the Brazilian games will already take a good chunk of money. If you decide to get some Brazilian exclusives, I wish you luck. Even here they are hard to find and expensive. Last week I saw a CIB copy of Street FIghter 2 going for a bit less than US$200.
  9. There's a big market for Master System games here in Brazil since its release so it's a lot easier to find games for it here. But they are jumping in price very quickly. The last Global Defense sold for US$900 and i'm pretty sure the next one will go for over US$1000. Meanwhile, a CIB US copy goes can be found for US20 or less. There's even a sealed one for US$40 on ebay. I don't know how many SMS games were released in the US but here in Brazil there are 244 retail games.
  10. What a great game it is. I played it yesterday for a bit while testing this MD lot. I couldn't beat the first level but I didn't try it many times, just once or twice.
  11. Got more Master System and Mega Drive/Genesis games: And also got this this:
  12. Just finished Donal Duck Goin’ Quackers. https://imgur.com/a/h6XIwXD
  13. After 3 months of waiting, the Brazilian post office finally delivered my copy of Hyper Fighting bought from @Boneheadimus.
  14. I have just a few goals because I feel like I don't really have a focus right now. 1) Reach 4000 games in the collection (I'm at almost 3600 right now); 2) Reach 350 3DS games (I'm at 300 games right now); 3) Complete the Brazilian GBA set (I'm missing just 1 manual but this is more a luck thing than money since I've been looking for a CIB copy of this game for more than one year and have yet to find it);
  15. Just finished Dr Mario 64 on easy mode. Was having a really hard time on Normal. https://imgur.com/a/UGfT6SJ
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