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  1. I started in 2008 when I bought a CIB SNES with some CIB and loose games. I was in high school and didn't have much money to spend but this was when I started to grow my collection.
  2. Right now I'm working on 3 sets: - Vita: missing just Super Meat Boy; - 3DS: I'm almost at 85% of the set; - Tectoy Master System: I'm missing 5 CIB games and 1 manual;
  3. Got a CIB Playtronic Snake's Revenge and a CIB Gradiente The Jungle Book. Got the GC games from a friend that owns 2 stores and got some GC games last week.
  4. Got a few more games. The GBA games are sealed except for Hulk.
  5. @captmorgandrinkeris right. It was Daniel Pesina.
  6. Got a better looking World Cup 98 N64. And more games:
  7. Got a few more GC games: And got this Pokemon LE GBC (it's the Brazilian version):
  8. Got a few more games. Everything is sealed except for Choplifter III.
  9. I was waiting for all the Master System games to arrive but I got tired of waiting and decided to post what is here already. I'm missing 16 games for the Brazilian fullset but of those 16 I already bought 10. Some Nintendo games: Mega Drive Tectoy games, PS1 and Xbox games: A lot of GC games: And the last Vita games that I was missing to complete the US fullset. Now I have to wait for LRG to release Super Meat Boy but I have every game released in the US.
  10. It's been some time since I last posted here. There's a lot of new games that I got since. Some Gamecube games: Switch and SNES games: Mega Drive games: Vita games. The games on the top row are sealed. DS and 3DS games. Pokémon SS, FIFA 14, Heavy Fire and NBA are used. The rest is sealed. GBA games. Everything is sealed except Pokémon Ruby.
  11. I think it's worth mentioning that a lot of people have PSPs with custom firmware. It's not a hard system to play pirate games on and this may affect prices.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, the last copy that I saw for sale went for around R$ 500 (around US$ 94) but it was in a lot. It will probably fetch a bit higher when sold separately but not much more.
  13. Got some Dreamcast games from a friend: Got some other games: The color of the Final Fight Guy box looks wrong because I had to apply some filters on the photo since it looked dark. El Chavo Kart for the 360 is sealed. Cyberpunk was only US$8,50 at Amazon Brazil with free shipping and so decided to buy it.
  14. My biggest problem with it is how long it takes to install a game. It was very disappointing to wait sometimes more than a hour to install a game when it would only take a few seconds on the PS4. It made me use it way less than the PS4. At least I'm enjoying a lot more the Series X.
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