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  1. Didn't see this one when you posted. It's amazing. Let me know if you decide to sell it.
  2. This month has been really good for my collection. Yesterday I got some amazing pieces. A beautiful Master System with some accessories and games. Also got two sealed Atari 2600 games, sealed Zelda TP for GC, CIB Lunar 2, CIB Magic Knight Rayearth and Mario & Sonic 2012:
  3. I decided to finally play Paper Mario for the first time. Will try to finish it but I’ll take my time with it.
  4. My first contribution to this thread: I just beat Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Fighting Edition.
  5. Got some sealed PS3 games (just Armored Core was used). They were very cheap. The most expensive was Dead Island Riptide for US$ 4.00. Got a CIB Pokemon Stadium and WCW vs nWo to replace my loose copies. The rest was priced just right to not let it pass.
  6. I have a debug kit but I don’t have a DVT 3 or 4.
  7. Thanks! There’s a chance that I buy the Pure White from him. We’re almost agreeing on a number but the console is a bit yellowed. I’m waiting on some new pics to check and possibly buy it.
  8. After talking to @drxandy and @MiamiSlice about the Japanese version of Tony Hawk 3 and some Need for Speed games, I decided to go buy and the Japanese versions of NFS Underground, Underground 2 and Most Wanted that I'd found. They arrived on friday. I also found a cheap and sealed copy of Anarchy Reigns and won Wimbledom at an auction for US$10. I got WarioWare from a local game store. During last week I found this 3DS XL. The box is in English and even has the ESRB logo on it. i think it's the Play-Asia version sold during 2014. Also on friday, I got the consoles that I'd sent to get some mods done (RGB NES, AV Famicom) and others for maintenance (they didn't have any problems but I wanted to do some preventive maintenance on them). The guy that does those things for me was one of the biggest collectors in Brazil and had this Mountain Dew Xbox. I bought it from him maybe in January and got it now. It's in an amazing shape. Also from this same guy, I got this special edition Xbox: Skeleton. It came with everything, including the keychan.
  9. I couldn't find Tony Hawk on YA and Mercari. On YA there are a few Need for Speed copies but they're going for three times the price the seller is selling here in Brazil and he also has Underground 2 which isn't available on YA and Mercari. Talked to the seller and just bought NFS Underground, NFS Underground 2 and NFS Most Wanted for US$30 total.
  10. The seller also has some other JPN GC games, mostly Need for Speed games. They weren't expensive so I'm thinking about getting them as well.
  11. Got 5 of the Bombeman games for the Super Famicom (all complete): And some other games (all complete as well). I bought Tony Hawk 3 for less than US$10. When I looked on ebay there wasn't a single Japanese version listed. I'm curious to play Haunting. The game store gave me a discount on it since it was taking them longer to sell it.
  12. A bit less than US$4k for the US version of Metal Slug X for the AES.
  13. A few more things. Got Pokemon X and a sealed Gears of War for US$10 each. The Game & Watch was US$100 and it's complete. I'm very happy with those purchases.
  14. Managed to get some really great games for the collection. NCAA Basketball: I bought it because it's the Playtronic version and the price was good. What I didn't expect was to get the poster from back then specially in such great shape. Virtua Racing: another CIB Mega Drive game in great condition. Outrun 2006: I love the series and this one is really cool. F1 Championship: found it for cheap and decided to buy it since it's the Brazilian version and was complete. Windjammers (AES): this one I didn't expect to buy until I found it for half the price it usually goes for. It was from a collector that I bought a lot of AES games more than a year ago. This one he didn't manage to sell and so he really dropped the price. I payed around US$ 436 for it but it doesn't have the manual. Megaman IV: first of all, this is the Playtronic version so it should be even harder to find than the US version. I made an offer to the seller thinking he wouldn't accept but he took it. I'm very happy with this one.
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