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  1. it would have never looked like that in the day though. That's a 2010 look on what would have been early 90s product
  2. It’s my consignment! I think it’s all been said in this thread already
  3. For my entry, I’d like to share Bride of Pinbot, which is a pinball piece.
  4. I definitely have or had one . Don’t remember
  5. that's just it, it makes no sense and they haven't moved up in price, so why on earth would anyone sell a Square copy. Maybe things will change. 2k gb tetris sales and all. We will see.
  6. The Square ones are rare but under appreciated (so far?). I have a set of the FF Square GB games so you can always shoot me an offer if you want but fair warning I see them as really undervalued.
  7. Shock factor is still here for those of us that never left! Hehe
  8. That’s really not the point I was making - I don’t really know or care what the real numbers are but I don’t see much long term demand on a players choice double pack. In other words, rarity will take it to some price level but it will bump against a glass ceiling. Stadium events gets that treatment , somewhat, and it’s an original and early NES title. This is a double reprint of best sellers with a new outer box ? It will hit a ceiling. The auction is already 4300 so maybe it’s 10k now - I dunno. But whatever it goes for I’d rather be the seller than the buyer
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