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  1. Well there's no question about that. Its by Tom Dubois and I've spoken to him about the piece before. Its airbrush on illustration board rather than canvas, but same yeah, same difference.
  2. I wish! Most of the konami pieces are lost to the wind. I have a few but that's not one of them.
  3. I have wata copies of Friday the 13th NES for sale. A 9.6 white seal (cracked outer case is how it came to me from wata... its still in the heat sealed bag). Would benefit from a $15 reholder. $750 A 9.4 black seal as well. $375. Last 9.6 black seal sold for $1080 on heritage. I can pm pics if interested. thanks, Dan
  4. I think if the rest of the game is flawless it would get 85 no problem. Now, chances are there are other small flaws, so I think the likely result is 80+ or lower I agree, but not just because of that side creasing. As for wata, probably 8.5?
  5. Still, that’s a really good analogy. At little Samson cib prices why not just have a cib little Samson.
  6. yes and part of it is that its a 50% increment on what is already a high base. 66k can and should buy a real nice game. I had this 9.2 pegged at 75k, but even a 9.6 or 9.8 I see as topping out around 100k.
  7. That’s not my interpretation at all. Sealed SEs have always traded at a very low multiple to CIB. It’s the rarest cib and rarest loose game, but there are many sealed items just as rare as a sealed SE or even rarer, so in that arena it’s not as special. Still special just not the OMFGWTFBBQ item it is to the loose and cib guys
  8. Loose SEs have sold publicly for 10-15. No chance of getting a cib one for that. Cib would be 20-40 IMO
  9. I just assume he was full of shit. No one turns that down .
  10. Well, his net worth is supposedly under a billion if you trust the internet (I don’t when it comes to this kind of private information) but I agree with your point in that if he decided he wanted it it’s not worth his time to buy each of those individually, better to just write the check as 750k is a rounding error in his life. But at the same time, it’s a bit of insight into his mind as a collector (or at least his mind in 2014).
  11. Apparently he bought the biggest collection (according to guiness) in 2014 for 750k. 11000 titles but a looooot of drek . Way overpaid IMO
  12. My guess is it won't attract with strength, but I'll be interested to watch also. I saw something (on instagram maybe?) about heritage selling a few display items and mentioned it to Deniz (who's a big collector of that material) and it was news to him.
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