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Game that most triggered the laughing reflex?


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Probably the funniest game with its off-beat humour was Monkey Island on the PC. Another game that made me laugh out loud, was Mystical Ninja on the SNES.聽

Party games with peripherals (eg. Eyetoy, Wiimote, guitar聽etc.) generally bring out the laughs by nature of its social interactions. Most laughs I鈥檝e personally had with these types of games were the original Eyetoy, Guitar Hero and Wii Sports.

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The Space Quest games are the first to come to mind. I always thought the writing was hilarious.

Also, playing GTA Vice City and later the Saints Row games with my old college buddies. We used to just screw around doing everything but the actual missions. All the wacky crap you could do in those games was just nuts.

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Fallout 3, Skyrim, State of Decay... stupid silly stuff characters would do, or messed up funny glitches, but mostly I made my own humor, damn I miss that. Also had a lot of laughs on the original playstation with Toushinden, Twisted Metal 2, Tenchu, other stuff I know I had a good time with. Wish I could think of something that was supposed to intentionally be humorous that got me laughing, maybe a little bit perhaps Banjo*Kazooie, yeah, that one I remember I had some laughs with because of the silly voices and dialogue. Hmm, yeah... oh, first time in Crash Bandicoot that Crash got on the wild hog and rode it, yeah, that got me laughing. I'm sure I could think of more but would require me to go over lists of games I played and play them through in my mind it has been so long.

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I'm not sure if this is triggering the laughing reflex as such but I always thought Misadventures of Tron Bonne was a cute/funny game especially those neat tricks you can make the adorable Servbots too...my favorite is at the farm levels where you can Beacon Bomb the truck and have them bounce on it like a trampoline!

And I still can't get over what an experience Tales of Phantasia was...just when I thought I've seen everything the SNES has to offer!聽 And I must say for a game starting what appears like adorable kids on the battle screen they and especially Arche in particular can engage in quite some M-rated talk/antics...which might explain why the game didn't make it to the US!!聽 I'd say the funniest moment is when they are at the sauna and Arche says that Mint "got the biggest tits I've ever seen!" and Mint is blushing in embarrassment and asking all defensively "they're not THAT big are they?"聽 And then Arche catches the boys listening in on them and throws a bucket of water at them!!聽 And right after Arche offers "a little favor down in the cargo hold *wink*" and the gang boards the ship, Klarth engages in some "locker room talk"聽with Clese!聽 Or "male bonding" as he calls it...




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Conker's Bad Fur Day is easily the funniest game I've ever played. While it doesn't make me laugh out loud these days since I've been through the game a dozen times or more, the first time I played the game I nearly pissed my pants several times just based on the shock humor.

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I thought of another one.聽 While playing Crash Bandicoot, the first time you ride either the boar or the baby bear, the way Crash looks at the camera and lifts his eyebrows before jumping on the animal is pretty funny.聽 Also, in Crash 2, the dance that Crash does after acquiring a gem (not a crystal) is pretty funny the first time you see it.聽聽

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