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  1. 31-Day Video Game Music Challenge 4 Planning Expect Challenge #4 to happen towards the end of 2021 (aiming for October, maybe December). Days Guaranteed to Return: Introduction/Prologue/Title Screen (Day 1) Boss Battle (Halfway) Final Boss (Towards End) Credits/Ending (Towards End) Day ideas that have been mentioned previously, but didn't get picked: Unsettling/Creepy Mini/Bonus Game Strange/Weird Epic/Grand Music Farming/Simulation Games Happy/Plucky Music Defeating Music Heavy Metal Country/Western
  2. Day 31 AO98's Best of 31-Day VGMC 3 List (5 per Participant, Every Day Represented) (Not Quite Done) fox Day 5 (Forest/Jungle) - Cadillacs and Dinosaurs - The Forest Poachers Day 7 (Rock) - Alan Wake - The Poet and The Muse Day 14 (Ambient/Calming) - The Pathless - Gateway Day 23 (Chaotic/High Energy) - Them's Fightn' Herds - Highlands(Paprika) Day 26 (Opera/Classical) - Starcraft - Brood War Aria (Mix) Sumez Day 2 (Title Screen) - Yoku's Island Express - Yoku Taidua and the Village Day 10 (Underrated
  3. Thank you to all those who participated in the 31-Day Video Game Music Challenge 3. If you'd like to know where any of the assets used in the banners came from, just ask(spoiler: its either 'The Spriters Resource', some random website, or homemade).
  4. ... just this once, don't tell @ZeldaFreak to turn around. It is also time for another "please update your list(if you can)" reminder. In this case, for those who're behind 10 days or more. @Sumez @Aguy ZeldaFreak Tomorrow will be the last round of the @'s (watch out all you non-daily updaters). After that, its time for Day 31 and talk about 31-Day VGMC 4... and if there should be one.
  5. Hmmm... so the "Great Evil" decides to show itself now. I wonder what it could be? And if you're expecting these to get better: Sorry, they're only going to get worse.
  6. Not sure if we crashed to avoid the Space Bandicoot or because we hit the Space Bandicoot Crossing sign. Also, obligatory meme phrase .
  7. 7 Grand Dad - *shrug* CDi Freak - Decent(?) Rapper (Language Warning) Smol Fox - Grand Dad Mania Revisited AO98imon - Anyone here watch this show? Gunner,Siiva - YouTube Channel in Question Sans-mezy - Very Little Bubble Bobble Related Stuff RobbieMaster14 - The First Minute and That's All You Need John Piidden - Thanks Fox Maybe this should have been Internet Humor Day instead of Siivagunner Day, then something like THIS would have been usable (Instrumental version here).
  8. I'm fairly certain that one of you knows what track THIS SONG inspired. If not, I think I might be disappointed in you. I'll reveal the answer tomorrow if no one gets it. THE ANSWER: Speaking of disappointment, if you were hoping for a 4th 31-Day VGMC for this summer, I'm sorry to say that the earliest that would probably happen would be in October or November of this year... unless you don't mind leaving the banners behind (then July would be no problem). Also feel free to start tossing out new day ideas.
  9. It seems like our trip to Software Creations proved quite fruitful.
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