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Welcome New Staff! Graphics Team Assemble!


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I see a future where we have cool banners at the top of announcements, ones I didn't whip up in 2 minutes. Really wicked awesome Baubles and Charms that actually look good. Subscription tiers with banners representing them, and site articles with nice drawings, and a front page, and a logo that isn't just some text in an 8-bit style font, and this and that and those and these...

I see a future where @BortLicensePlate and @CasualCart help us to make this place look...

Image result for totally rad


Everyone please join me in welcoming the newest members of the VGS Staff, those two inanimate objects I mentioned above! 😄

The Cart and License Plate are gonna GET animated as they help us spruce this place up with... well all the stuff I whined about in the opening paragraph, and more! Please look forward to it!


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4 minutes ago, Br81zad said:

Remember how the old site (I know, I know, it gets exhausting hearing about the old site) had Sqoon for site generated messages?

Is it possible for the old Sage to be the icon for that sort of thing?

He's the account that messages you when you get Baubles and Charms. 

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