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  1. Wow - the Pac-Man Legacy cab might just be the release that suckers me into getting an Arcade 1Up machine. I told myself I wouldn't get one unless they put Pac-Man and Dig Dug in the same cabinet with good-looking side art. This one checks all the boxes AND has Mappy. If only it had Bosconian it would be the perfect Namco cab for me. I almost don't want to know how much they'll charge for these since they've got extra games and illuminated marquees. -CasualCart
  2. Solid - I definitely understand the appeal of reflex-shooters, but I just don't have the coordination to really sink my teeth into them. Blazing Star is actually right up my alley in that regard, since I can credit-feed my way through a good chunk of it for a quickfire space-shooter fix - such a fantastic game. I also like plugging-in a turbo controller and bulldozing through the first bit of Star Soldier whenever I just want to play for a few minutes (since that's about as long as I'll last haha). -CasualCart
  3. As far as my thoughts on the game, though - I'm not a huge fan, but I still enjoy playing Zanac every once in a while. I've always felt like Compile space-shooters are more reflex-oriented. Quick thinking and split-second maneuvering / firing. I prefer shooters that rely more on strategy and memorization, which seems to be common in Irem's library. Konami space-shooters tend to strike a balance between strategy and reflex - a solid middleground. -CasualCart
  4. @GPX @fox Back when I got my copy of this game, I told my mom I was buying Xanax on ebay and she freaked-out for a second haha... -CasualCart
  5. Whoa @Gloves! You finally made yourself a proper avatar image!!? Looks sick haha. -CasualCart
  6. This is really neat! I'm shocked that the copyright-screen says "Licensed by Nintendo" considering they've always shied away from releasing any religiously-affiliated software in the West. Do you think Crave Entertainment actually secured that license or was the text put there prematurely (since this is a prototype, after all)? -CasualCart
  7. Haha I wish this was some kind of automatic default whenever someone double-posts by accident. -CasualCart
  8. They definitely wouldn't qualify as having the hardest first-levels ever, but arcade-style games with unconventional controls can often seem insurmountable on the first attempt. Clu Clu Land and Q*Bert are prime offenders there. -CasualCart
  9. I couldn't agree more. I even like Golf on the Atari 2600. -CasualCart
  10. The only Master System space-shooter I've played is Astro Warrior. I had a blast with it, but I'd still rank it just below similar NES offerings like Star Soldier. I'm sure I'd love R-Type on the SMS as well, but it likely wouldn't hold a candle to similar strategy-based shooters on the NES, like Image Fight, Action in New York, or my favorite space shooter of all time Abadox. I've never played anything on the Atari 7800 or C64, but space-shooters are on the top of my list if that day ever comes. -CasualCart
  11. Tangential to this topic is things that I was never interested in, but almost got sucked into by the hype machine. The biggest offender here is FPGA consoles. When everyone gets so excited about them, I almost convince myself that I care, too. But then I always realize I'm just as happy with my Hyperkin clones as I would be with Analogue's newest, shiniest offering. That's not to say FPGA consoles aren't cool and commendable, but anything that runs games with low lag and half-decent image quality is good enough for me. -CasualCart
  12. Does anyone know if there's a reliable way to tell what stage you're on in Xevious? I highly doubt I'll be able to loop it, but I at least want to know how close I am haha... And with that being said, I think I've run out of games I can complete for this thread (since my copy of Kirby's Adventure is stuck at my parent's place in the States and I never dumped it to my laptop haha). I'll be cheering you all on from the sidelines now, hoping for the VGS full-library completion streak to continue! -CasualCart
  13. Go post this in the 'Beat Every NES Game Thread' - we still need someone to check Journey to Silius off the list! I've had a lot of fun with this game, too, but I could never come close to finishing - props on the clear, Spacepup! -CasualCart
  14. Burai Fighter is clear! The end screen for easy-mode is pretty disappointing, but I'm still happy to have finished this one. There's a lot to like about Burai Fighter, especially the multi-direction scrolling and the Bosconian-esque overhead levels. Thanks again for the ring-shot strategy @Strikezone1 - worked like a charm! -CasualCart
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