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  1. 22 - Weird Ed [Maniac Mansion] Holding his poor, sad, microwaved hamster as you requested, @guitarzombie. -CasualCart
  2. Wow - I can't even imagine how long this must have taken. Bravo, dude. -CasualCart
  3. @Gloves can we get some kind of 'State of the Union Address' in here haha? -CasualCart
  4. Happy Birthday VGS!!! -CasualCart
  5. 21 - Ghini [The Legend of Zelda] Great idea for another Halloween-themed entry, @ZeldaFreak! -CasualCart
  6. 20 - Bret "The Hitman" Hart [Target Renegade] @Murray - beat-em-up sprites were a great idea! Maybe this is a drawing of the Target Renegade enemy, but maybe it's a self-portrait of me on my way to the gym in the 80s... -CasualCart
  7. Neat - perfect timing for the NES Weekly Contest! And that would explain why I haven't seen much of this sprite. Can't make it very far in Ghosts N Goblins haha. (It's a pig? I thought it was some kind of duck swimming around with a spear lol.) -CasualCart
  8. 19 - ??? [???] @Hammerfestus - this sprite looks very familiar, but I haven't got a clue what it is... -CasualCart
  9. I actually don't know any of the monsters except for a handful from Final Fantasy 1 and 3, but I just looked that one up and it definitely has the same vibes haha. -CasualCart
  10. 18 - Creep [Final Fantasy] @Gloves - every time I pick up Final Fantasy, I want to stop playing and draw the monsters haha. I have an imp drawing in a sketchbook somewhere, but this is my first attempt at the Creep. A design to fit the name, I think... -CasualCart
  11. 17 - Reaper [Kid Icarus] Those Kid Icarus sprites are great, @twiztor! I think you picked the most frustrating enemies in the game haha. I might want to add Little Nemo to my list for later in the month, too. -CasualCart
  12. I actually drew Wart a few months back when I was playing through Super Mario Bros 2! -CasualCart
  13. 16 - Armos [The Legend of Zelda] @Makar and @ZeldaFreak - you guys are the bomb! These original Zelda enemies are exactly what I was looking for! Especially because I'm not too familiar with Zelda characters, so I don't know what the modern iterations even look like... -CasualCart
  14. Haha yeah - I wouldn't mind doing some more of these every once in a while even after October ends. Although I hate to break it to you, but your Paper Mario characters won't quite make the cut. Anything 16-bit or beyond is generally too 'graphically-defined' to allow for much creative interpretation. When you see the characters in Paper Mario, you don't have to imagine how they look in the way you would for characters on the NES or Master System or Gameboy. Thanks for all the suggestions, though! The more the merrier! -CasualCart
  15. 15 - Rhino Archer [Kiwi Kraze] I think it's a rhino... maybe a hippo? Whatever... I'd like to do more renditions of "common enemies". If anyone has some good suggestions, please post! -CasualCart
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