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  1. Heck yeah Metal Stoooorm! That Famicom cover is pretty sick. -CasualCart
  2. It seems like the US and Canada are going for the full-set of COVID-19 variants... -CasualCart
  3. I love this generation of consoles, but I just can't get into the Odyssey 2. The reason why is super dumb, though: I like computers that look like home consoles (Atari XEGS), but I can't stand home consoles that look like computers (Odyssey 2). If there was some kind o sleek, modern Odyssey clone system, I'd be down. -CasualCart
  4. Haha right now we don't have a system for low print-run site T-shirts, but maybe sometime in the future. Everyone can get tees of stupid VGS in-jokes. -CasualCart
  5. Great points - although I don't really see where some of the disagreement is. As you said, everything is imperfect because we are imperfect (religion and government notwithstanding), and we should strive to make it better. I never meant to imply that we shouldn't always work to improve our systems of government/religion/etc, but rather that we shouldn't give up on them or write them off just because we haven't reached the (humanly impossible) ideal of perfection. I agree that religion should have a strong personal aspect as well. And a community (religious or not) is a way of nurturi
  6. I remember being good at video games when I was a kid... That was never the case. -CasualCart
  7. I'm a very religious guy (Roman Catholic if anyone's curious). And while I don't like to come off as imposing my beliefs on others, I have a few points that I think most people could benefit from hearing: 1 ) It's important to recognize that organized religion is imperfect because we are imperfect. We do our best to interpret God’s plan for us, but we’ll never get everything right. Organized religion is still a beautiful thing, though, because it's a way for us to come together as a community and strengthen our relationships with each other and with God. And different religions aren't
  8. #006 I'm not into dinosaurs, but I still think that adding "-o-saurus" to the end of a word can only make it better. -CasualCart
  9. #005 Sometimes I think really terrible ads are the most effective... Like with premium-versions of streaming services: Entice people to pay you for getting rid of annoying ads by pestering them with annoying ads about getting rid of annoying ads. -CasualCart
  10. #004 Life Hack: Butter your toast with toothpaste so you don't have to brush your teeth after breakfast. -CasualCart
  11. #003 I've always wondered why we don't have a common, universal language by now... Then I think of how much I'd hate to learn a new language, and I realize why we don't have a common, universal language by now. -CasualCart
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