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  1. Haha it's not quite the iconic "Ask Jeeves" Jeevan avatar, but whatever floats your boat, dude. -CasualCart
  2. 32,500 - Participation! I love Vice Project Doom (and most other Ninja Gaiden ripoffs), but I need to set some kind of achievable goal for myself or I know I won't stick with it this week. -CasualCart
  3. My first video game was a Namco Plug-N-Play with Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Rally X, Bosconian,, and Galaxian. Those are still some of my favorite games to this day - classic Namco stuff is the best. -CasualCart
  4. Wow - I really need to give myself more dimension outside of being "the guy that draws stuff on VGS" haha. Anyway, I agree with @DarkTone - a character from your favorite game would be cool. Especially if you customize it somehow to be more "you" if that makes any sense. -CasualCart
  5. Golf - 35 My goal was to get par on the default "easy" settings, and I believe this is actually one stroke below! As dumb as it seems, 2600 Golf is easily one of my favorite video games of all time. -CasualCart
  6. The dungeon sections in the GB Kid Icarus might be harder to navigate like you said - my memory is foggy on that, too. By "more approachable" I was referring to the presentation of mechanics and objectives. For whatever reason, I felt like the GameBoy sequel had more clarity in terms of what items do and how to progress in the game. I could be very wrong, though haha. I've replayed Kid Icarus on the NES recently, but maybe now I'll have to try the GB game again to see if my impressions still hold. -CasualCart
  7. I've never rented games, but I had a few disappointing used-game purchases as a kid. I remember picking up a used Napoleon Dynamite [Nintendo DS] cartridge from GameStop because I love the movie so much. My expectations were low going in, but even then I couldn't play for more than a few minutes. -CasualCart
  8. Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters [GB] is infinitely more approachable than Kid Icarus [NES]. I couldn't figure out how to navigate the original until after I had spent some time with the GameBoy entry. That doesn't necessarily make it better, but it's definitely a plus in my book. And there's something that just feels "correct" about the Kirby franchise on GameBoy. But maybe that's just because Kirby got its start there. -CasualCart
  9. This is heartbreaking - I hope you're hanging in there Estil! -CasualCart
  10. This might be too big of a favor to ask, but if anyone from Australia is able to help me affordably ship two cartons of VHS cases (200 cases) to Canada (or the States), I could definitely use a a hand. I'm trying to case-up my NES cartridge collection, and the only place that sells extra-wide VHS cases is in Australia. But they won't ship internationally right now. -CasualCart
  11. Cosmic Ark - 12,590 Another one of my favorite 2600 games. Also working on Frogger and Golf, but I'm still trying to improve my scores before posting those. -CasualCart
  12. Looks like you've proven yourself wrong haha. More cartoooooooons!!!!! -CasualCart
  13. Now we need some photos of your best crochet work! Does crochet strain your eyes? I've considered getting into stitching as a hobby away from computer screens or reading to give my eyes a break more frequently. -CasualCart
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