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  1. I think you guys are onto something… While I generally don’t like much difficulty in games, I do enjoy the process of acclimating to the controls and enemy patterns. Using extra lives definitely hindered that “repeat-and-adapt” method of developing a more intuitive feel for the gameplay. Infinite continues would probably help me appreciate Probotector/Contra more, since that would cater to my admittedly low skill level while still forcing me to learn the game (instead of bulldozing through it with relative impunity). -CasualCart
  2. The one at my college library was similar to that, but it included the full Little Nemo series. Still cool nonetheless. -CasualCart
  3. I like chiptune music (don't we all?), but I never really listen to it outside of video games. So I'm not entirely sure if I like chiptunes as music, or just as a facet of classic gaming. Thoughts? -CasualCart
  4. I like this line of thinking. Spread the positivity, @the_wizard_666! -CasualCart
  5. Well I've already completed the "Gorf Golf" set - so there's not much left to strive for since I already won this whole "video-game collecting" thing... -CasualCart
  6. I'm with you. Unfortunately, by the time this happens (if ever) I'll probably have bought 99% of the games I want at current inflated prices. -CasualCart
  7. I actually admire the Pokemon series for continuing its traditional structure (more or less) throughout the series. Not everything needs to evolve or take risks to be fun, especially when the game's demographic constantly downshifts to the newest crop of 12-year-olds. We haven't been the target audience for Pokemon games in over a decade, so I don't blame the developers if the novelty has worn-off for the "nostalgic adult" crowd. But, admittedly, I preferred the TV series and trading cards as a kid - so take my opinion with a grain of salt. (I've never even played a post-GBA Pokemon game.) -CasualCart
  8. I cut my teeth on Guitar Hero, but I was always a bit envious of Rock Band because it seemed like a cooler series with better tracklists. Games with obnoxious peripherals are the best. -CasualCart
  9. I'd be shocked if Winsor McCay never drew a smoking gorilla at least once in the Little Nemo canon, or at least in his career as a comic-artist. So you could've seen it somewhere outside of the game, @fcgamer. @Tanooki my college library had that Little Nemo compendium - what a great find! I would love to get a copy some day, if only it weren't so massive haha. -CasualCart
  10. I only have two condition standards for my games: 1) Does it play? 2) Is it sanitary? Other than that, it can be a cosmetic abomination for all I care. Torn labels, discoloration, chunks of plastic missing, etc. I actively pursue chewed-up cartridges just to spite all of the condition-sensitivity in this hobby (no offense to the rest of you haha). -CasualCart
  11. Strategic suicide? Like ... dying on purpose? Yeah, that's definitely what I was doing. Definitely. -CasualCart
  12. Jouer aux jeux-video. Compliments of my high-school French lessons. I can't even remember if I said that right. -CasualCart
  13. Today I played through Probotector [NES] for the first time (using the Konomi Code since I'm a scrub). I was never interested in Contra, but I had to have Probotector when I learned that you play as robots for the European release. It's been on my radar for a long time, and I finally got a copy from France this summer. It's definitely a fun game and the alien bosses were sick, but I don't really understand the legendary status it holds in the run 'n' gun genre. Anyone care to enlighten me on why it's held in such high regard? -CasualCart
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