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Ages of VGS


Ages of VGS  

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  1. 1. How old are you? (Vote with the age range you fall in)

    • <12? O.O
    • 13 - 18
    • 19 - 24
    • 25 - 30
    • 31 - 35
    • 36 - 40
    • 41- 45
    • 46 - 50
    • 51 - 55
    • 56 - 64
    • 65+

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5 hours ago, scaryice said:

It's clear from looking at this that VGS needs more younger users if the site is to be successful in the long run.

Just due to NES games being 30+ years old and from a whole different generation, it's going to be hard to get younger people to connect with them. VGS/NA is nostalgia central for all the older folks. VGS at least needs new people to the hobby to be sustainable. Foster new conversations. Right now it's all the same users who stuck around for years at NA and migrated over.

I'm 21 now.  Was 15 when I joined NA. I'll tell you retro gaming isn't as popular in this age group. Though from working at a game store, I saw a lot of kids interested in the old games we had. They were teaching their parents about old games, just as I had. Who knows, maybe in a few years we'll start to see that group join the hobby if it stuck enough with them. But then why wouldn't they just join reddit instead??

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