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  1. From the archives: Mar 26, 2013 at 4:43:33 AM Crabmaster2000 (59) avatar (K P) < Lolo Lord > Posts: 1860 - Joined: 10/04/2009 British Columbia Profile ¤ Send PM Originally posted by: WashYourFace OK I'm going to give Bases Loaded II a shot. Crabmaster, any tips? Especially for hitting? When batting always swing to the wide when you get the chance, but not in the top zone. For example when left handed only swing when you can connect on the bottom right or right middle areas. I'm not positive, but I feel like you have a much higher chance of getting
  2. I didn't save the pictures, but it looks like it was 24? Mar 17, 2016 at 5:41:57 PM BriGuy82 (25) avatar (Beady Eyed Man Boy) < Lolo Lord > Posts: 1544 - Joined: 10/13/2013 New Jersey Profile ¤ Send PM That 24 pounder felt good.
  3. I don't think the bundles included a physical copy of the game. A lot of PSVR players seem to buy more digital games than most, and there aren't too many people who have it to begin with. My guess is just that a lot of the VR games are printed in smaller numbers. I don't know specifically why anything changed recently, but it wouldn't be too hard for a single person to buy a few copies and manipulate the price. We've already seen Robinson the Journey go down in price, so maybe Moss will do the same eventually.
  4. With this victory, you're now first in the pain points standings! Starting to get a clear hold on second overall, too.
  5. We're actually going to fall behind 2015, it seems, because that year we got to 600 on February 24th.
  6. I count 47/100 games that were also in the final 100 last year. Kinda figured it would be more.
  7. https://gamstat.com/games/ This site is super useful, although it's not being updated any more. It also doesn't differentiate between digital/physical.
  8. There's like twice as many on the Famicom, and so most of them are just RBI Baseball clones.
  9. I think they were just cheap and easy to program.
  10. I guess I'll be the lone person to stand up for Solar Jetman. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit when I beat it a few years ago. Granted, I used maps so it wasn't a blind playthrough. But other than the final stage, I liked the unique gameplay challenges that the gravity mechanics offered.
  11. The game loops after stage 12, so according to the rules, it seems like you would have to stop there.
  12. I think you want to just stay as far away as possible using Megawatt and Buzzsaw.
  13. We passed the 50% mark for bonus points this weekend (nice). Also passed 550, three days ahead of the best ever pace in 2015. Keep it up! 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 50 2-Jan 1-Jan 1-Jan 1-Jan 1-Jan 1-Jan 1-Jan 1-Jan 1-Jan 1-Jan 100 4-Jan 1-Jan 1-Jan 1-Jan
  14. I really shouldn't have played this again, for the third time in my life, but Evert & Lendl: Top Players Tennis is completed. I did the Japanese version this time, which doesn't have the announcer the English version does. The ending is as short and disappointing as always, though! It even mentions Cosmic Epsilon too.
  15. Looks like someone will beat Chubby Cherub this week:
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