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  1. Air Fortress is done. Some decent parts and some annoyances. Overall I'm not a big fan. At least the end of the second loop was much easier than the end of the first.
  2. I've been playing Air Fortress (a much more annoying game than Time Lord, in my opinion). Finally made it through the first half/loop. I'm using maps and it's still rough - had to clear out the escape route completely for stage 8 to be able to make it in time after several failures.
  3. There's been basically zero discussion of that game in all the years of these threads, so I can't say... It wasn't that bad looking up what to do. I'm more impressed with beating Star Soldier, honestly.
  4. Time Lord is completed! It's short, but with no continues, it's certainly not easy. My first try on the final boss, I beat it on the last hit of my last life, which felt amazing. Overall, it only took maybe 3-4 hours? I had played it a bit a few years ago, and of course I watched some speedruns to help. But not that rough for a game that's gone unbeaten four times in the past. Of course, the game itself is not great.
  5. Awesome to see another long sports game down, and we're down to the final 50! Only 21/50 games remaining were also in the final 50 last year, interestingly. In the four previous times we've finished the list (2012, 2015, 2016, 2020), the only game to be in the final 50 each time was Super Glove Ball, which is already completed for this year. Games which were there 3/4 times and are also there this year: Back to the Future II/III, Destination Earth Star, Genghis Khan, Kung Fu Heroes, and To the Earth.
  6. I beat the game a few years ago without using anything other than the manual. I remember one item in particular that I needed to look at the hint section to find, but it wasn't too bad overall. It's fun if you enjoy exploration in games - just gotta write down everything important.
  7. The realistic but boring answer is, there are probably several dozen games which only had the minimum print run (reportedly 10,000) and are tied for second (after Stadium Events).
  8. I think a lot of people enjoyed that game growing up, they just didn't beat it. Seems to be one of the most frequent titles that pops up on 'help me remember this NES game' threads. I hear it's very difficult blind, did you use a guide? Also, you officially passed Gaia and moved into second place - keep up the great work!
  9. The last level is known for being very hard compared to the rest of the game. I believe the jeep is considered to be the easier option to beat the game with, because it works better for the end. Yep, that's totally fine! The Japanese version has normal button mapping (A to jump), if you want to try that one.
  10. Looks like we've hit the usual mid-spring lull. Most of the remaining games are bad, slogs, or bad slogs. However, titles like 3D Worldrunner, Crash 'n the Boys, and Werewolf aren't too rough. I haven't being been playing anything on NES lately, but I have been continuing to spend many hours researching Famicom stuff on Yahoo. I'd like to put together a rarity guide for Famicom carts eventually (but probably not until I finish getting all the carts myself first).
  11. Beat Super Glove Ball for the second straight year. Grinded for over an hour to get 50 lives in area 2. Finished the game with around 30, so that may have been a bit much. Oh well, it's over.
  12. I like how the Slicks logo looks like it says NY Sucks.
  13. http://vgstats.blogspot.com/2021/03/fictional-americancanadian-sports-teams.html I put this together over the last few days - only teams with both a nickname and a logo were included. Let me know if I missed any!
  14. I've bought a ton of PS4 physical games and I've never owned a game like that. (Yeah, on Switch there's a lot of BS with DLing half of the game. But, almost none of that on PS4)
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