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VGS Bingo! [Ended]


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Administrator · Posted

That's right! The time has come to put on your bifocals and mosey on over to the local community center for a game of ye olde Bingo.

Here we will set forth a series of tasks on yon board, and is is thine task to complete as many as thou mayst. Ok I'll stop.

You can view the board in the spoiler here:




Each tile on the board corresponds to the name of a task in the list below. It's pretty simple really: complete a task to fill in the corresponding tile. Complete enough tasks to earn a Charm! 

There are actually a number of Charms available, in a tiered fashion. Each tier up replaces the Charm before it:

  1. T1: Line
    1. Complete a single full line, the classic BINGO!
  2. T2: Criss-cross
    1. Complete two lines to create a Cross/"X"
    2. I would also accept a "T"
  3. T3: Box
    1. Complete all 4 outer lines
  4. T4: Blackout
    1. Complete the entire board
    2. Yes, I realize this would take a lot of effort to complete within a week, welcome to tiered event awards


To make things even MORE interesting, there are also 3 SECRET Charms you can earn! Unlike the tiered Charms above it IS possible to earn ALL 3 of the secret charms. This would be incredibly difficult to do, but don't let that keep you from trying! Complete as much of the board as you can for a chance to take home more site awards! I encourage you to talk in the thread here to try and deduce what might be required to unlock the secrets of the board!


There will be a separate submission thread where you will post what you have done. For each tile submission, make a post with the name of the tile(s) you're submitting. For instance, if a tasks is to beat a game, you must post a photo as evidence, with a paper showing your VGS username.

If a task requires video proof, you must post a link to your video.

For anything which requires that you create something, you may attach the file to your post as an attachment, or on another hosting site (google drive, dropbox, etc.).

If you are submitting a task which requires that you post in another thread on VGS, link to that post in your submission. Every post on the site has a "Share" icon, which will give you a direct link to the post:



Now without further ado...

The task list (alphabetical order):

  • (Practically) Free
    • Post "I'm in!" in the event thread (this one right here)
  • Early days
    • Beat a game from 1995 or earlier
    • Remasters and compilations are allowed, as long as they don't alter the gameplay significantly
    • Not retroactive
  • Game master
    • Max out the score on a console game
    • Not retroactive
  • Game Night
    • Play a game online with other VGS users
    • 2+ people, for 1+ hour(s)
    • At least one of you needs to take a photo of the screen with some manner of proof that at least 2 people got together to play a game. This could be, for instance, the pre-game lobby on Mario Kart.
    • Not retroactive
  • Gotta go fast
    • Post a top 10 qualifying speedrun on speedrun.com
    • You don't have to actually post it on their site, only prove with video evidence that your speedrun would qualify
    • Not retroactive
  • Homebreviewer
    • Write a review blog for a Homebrew game
    • Not retroactive
  • Hy, brid
    • Share a photo of a misprint that you own
    • Not retroactive
  • It's a-me
  • Jump, man
    • Make a platformer
    • Must be a new creation you've created yourself
    • Yes, I'm asking you to develop a very basic video game
    • Minimum requirements: 
      • 1 screen or level
      • The level must have platforms
      • Your character must be required to traverse those platforms in order to reach the end
      • I must be able to play what you make (e.g. in an emulator, in a browser, on my PC, etc.)
    • Not retroactive
  • Make your mark
    • Create an NES ROM which displays your VGS username
    • Yes, this is a simpler version of the above Jump, Man task; however you are limited to making an NES ROM specifically
    • Suggestion: Read the Nerdy Nights tutorials
    • Not retroactive
  • Merch
    • Buy an official VGS shirt
    • Retroactive: if you already have one, post a photo of you wearing it!
      • (or just of the shirt and your username on paper if you're uncomfortable sharing what you look like!)
  • Musically Inclined
    • Create a song in the chiptune style
    • Can use any software, but Famitracker is a popular one for NES dev
    • Song must be at least 10 seconds long
    • Not retroactive
  • Particip ant
    • Participate in the VGS Weekly NES Contest
    • Not retroactive: you must play Mappy for the Famicom
      • I will however also accept a post-contest submission for Caveman Games, due to Mappy being on a foreign console for the majority of users
  • Plastic prison
    • Makeshift a graded game
    • Post a photo of a game you've put into some manner of "slab" with a "grade"
    • I'd also accept an ACTUALLY graded game, I guess...
    • Not retroactive
  • Racing fan desu
    • Watch Gloves' favorite movie
    • Your submission must let me know what you thought of the movie!
    • Retroactive: If you've already seen it, just submit your thoughts!
  • Rollercoaster of emotion
  • Seriesous about collecting
    • Share a photo of your completed collection of a series of games
    • Series must have at least 3 games in it, for example, all Silent Hill games
    • Spinoffs are not required, only mainline games
    • Not retroactive
  • Show off
  • Spritely
    • Design a character sprite
    • Must have at least 3 distinct poses (e.g. standing, ducking, jumping)
    • Must be original, not a recolor of an existing character
      • Only the sprite needbe original, you are allowed to take an existing character and make a sprite version, e.g. The Sage!
    • Not retroactive
  • Supportive
    • Be a Subscriber
    • Retroactive: if you are already a subscriber consider this a free space! Finally the sub is paying off eh?
  • Taste the brew
  • The future is now, old man
    • Earn a platinum trophy on PSN or 1000 points a game on Xbox
    • Not retroactive
  • With these hands
    • Beat a handheld game
    • Not retroactive
  • X Factor
    • Submit a game to one of the "Beat every X" threads
    • Not retroactive
  • You scratch my back
    • Participate in a transaction on VGS
    • Required proof:
      • @ the person you made the deal with
      • They must "Like" your post
      • I'll be keeping an eye out for some FEEDBACK for both parties!
    • Please don't just ask someone to like your post for a free spot
      • I mean you COULD, but is that really any fun?
    • Not retroactive
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Administrator · Posted
1 minute ago, Deadeye said:

I'm in. 

To clarify, All the items can be things you have previously accomplished, as long as it meets the rules and submission requirements, except "You Scratch My Back" and "Particip ant".  Right?

Anything that is retroactive states as such.

For instance, you can't just cross off the NES Contest task for having participated in the past.

Mind you, there are plenty that are like, post a photo of a graded game. If you already own a graded game, hey easy, post a pic and you're good.

Let me know if you're curious about a specific tile.

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Homebrew Team · Posted
1 minute ago, Gloves said:

Mind you, there are plenty that are like, post a photo of a graded game. If you already own a graded game, hey easy, post a pic and you're good.

Where's that thread about graded Atari games.... I need to contact that guy.

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Administrator · Posted
Just now, Deadeye said:

Where's that thread about graded Atari games.... I need to contact that guy.

To clarify one randomly - you DO have to develop a NEW GAME for the tiles that say "Make an NES ROM" and "Make a platformer".

The idea with all the tiles is that SOME people should have no problem at all completing them. But those same people will likely also have trouble earning other tiles.

A seasoned NES dev could whip out a quick platformer level in like a day? I dunno that that guy is very interested in platinuming a PS3 game though.

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