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Music Debate #50: Slipknot

Reed Rothchild

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  1. 1. Rating explanations down below

    • 10 - One of your very favorite artists of all time.
    • 9 - Killer fucking band. Or artist.
    • 8 - Great sound, great songs, great albums.
    • 7 - Very good, but not quite great.
    • 6 - Pretty good. More than a few songs you like. You'd entertain the thought of seeing them live if they were in the area. Or still alive.
    • 5 - They're okay, but maybe not something you'll go out of your way to listen to.
    • 4 - Meh. There may be a song or two, or an album that you dig, but you'd rather listen to other stuff.
    • 3 - Not very good. You will more likely than not turn the station if they come on the radio.
    • 2 - Not your cup of tea at all. Some people like this, but you are not one of them.
    • 1 - Horrible in every way.
    • 0 - In the running for worst artist/musician of all time. You would rather take a cheese grater to your face than listen to this.
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3/10, not my thing. Their lyrics are pretty much the embodiment of embarrassing edgy mega-angsty teenager music. And I've got that Linkin Park nu-metal nostalgia for similar songs don't get me wrong, but it's hard to go back to listening to stuff like this as an adult.

Also you missed their most classic song.


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5.  Im a metal guy but I dont love most metal.  Stuff for me is pretty generic, but I get the appeal.  I remember hearing Wait and Bleed the first time and not liking that kind of metal cuz of the screaming.  But when Corey sang he had a good voice.  This was probably around 1998/9?  Corey Taylor and the other guitar player not Mick Thompson came into my old job when I was a guitar sales guy when they were doing Stone Sour around 2007.  Corey Taylor was really short but super friendly.  He came up to me with his hand out 'Hi im Corey', which told me he didn't have that star attitude.  He bought a Taylor 110 haha.  The other guy, oh Jim Root!  He was a bit of a jerk.  He wanted some cheap Gretsch guitar.  I remember our sales manager showing him the stores cost of it and what Jim wanted was below cost.  I dont think he bought it, cant remember.  I had that sale, where my coworker had Coreys and was smooth as silk.  I remember Jim said he was endorsed by Fender (which at the time was true, and Gretsch was owned by Fender).  So why not just get it from them? 


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Could've sworn I clicked 8 and not 10, ah well lol

A great band and have some good songs that are just great to Jam out too, takes me back.

Can't say I dislike any of their songs, but they definitely prefer some songs over others.

Really been digging their newest stuff, Unsainted is great. Shout outs to "All Out Life" for being the theme to NXT currently (as well as a number of other songs being featured on NXT for a while now)


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