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  1. Unionization isnt really a thing outside of industrial settings or working in the city. You would have to drag me kicking and screaming to be within 10miles of a city, let alone spend any amount of time within one. And yes the new construction was a god send when it occasionally popped up. But 90% of my work was in repairs and replacement in residential. We had come alongs and the hand truck that can walk up the stairs. They only help so much, especially in the turn of the 19th century homes common here. It was good money, great even. But working 12hrs on installs and then being gi
  2. Maybe for where he is its a thing of the past, or maybe if your in a union in a big city somewhere. It's not even close to a thing of the past in my experience Edit: To clarify this a little Regulation and improvements in tech only help so much, and different trades have different levels of stress on the body. If your in HVAC (I was so this is from experience) there is no getring away from physically carrying a furnace or air handler up and down stairs and contorting your body to try to fit one up and attic access panel. Theres no getting away from being hunched over 12hrs a day, da
  3. I think you (plural) are underestimating how many people are buying this kind of thing for themselves. The reason I even posted the link because it was the third or fourth time I'd seen people recommending it on reddit where people were asking for repro boxes because they didn't want to pay real money for them.
  4. Been a little quiet in here. I just came across this https://www.gameboxgods.com/ I don't know about boxes and what to look for. But the mindset of "Repros bad, original only" is a shrinking segment of people that buy classic games. A site like this wouldn't stay afloat if the average buyer cared. Regardless of what you think this hobby is moving or may already be to the same point of the classic car hobby. Numbers matching all original stuff will always carry a premium, but the average collector will have not much issue picking up this aftermarket stuff.
  5. I started the second Battletanx game. Obviously Im a little more sporadic in playing vs you guys so it'll probably be a few days if not until the end of the week before its done
  6. 6/10 it was an okay play to bust out once a year at Christmas for the older family members to play with the younger ones. Always had an issue with the angle of the tv vs where we sat and how to get things to go straight such as throwing the frisbee or getting a straight shot in golf. Also I have and will always F'ing hate Mii's. Their design just comes off as so lazy and "clean" it comes off as some cheap wooden toy doll from FAO Schwarz you would get from some Great Grandmother. "This is what we used to play with back in the day sonny!" Yea thanks Gram
  7. Part of the problem is that it works two ways. If I want to buy something from the UK now I'm paying the VAT tax too. Which I don't think was the case before.
  8. From the comments in the thread it seemed like pretty much everything. Though I haven't tried to dive deep into it. If what it sounds like is true it would require sellers to register with the UK somehow and do a bunch of extra paperwork to sell something to them. Which means the people of the UK will have alot less options because small business will not want to go through the effort and just exclude the country all together. However it did sound like it might just move everything to ebay/amazon because they are responsible for this since they are a marketplace for all the sellers.
  9. I dont know if this was discussed here somewhere before. But I saw this thread on atariage https://atariage.com/forums/topic/317194-uk-customers-cant-be-sent-games-by-atariage-anymore-european-maybe-next/page/3/#comments and it sounds like selling/buying from Europe (specifically UK right now but all of Europe in a few months) is about to get alot more tesious and expensive. Basically sellers in the US will have to collect and submit the UK's VAT tax when selling to someone in the UK? If I'm understanding it right, I very well may not be. I don't know how the UK could possibly enforc
  10. I've really not understood the whole Nintendo "doesnt do sales thing." Maybe in past console generations as I never paid attention until the Switch. A standard game is $60, Ive regularly seen throughout the year the prices go to $45 on Best Buy or Amazon etc. Last I checked that's called a sale. If everyone's problem is that they just want to pay next to nothing because xbox/sony basically give stuff away just makes people look like entitled babies. Should I be pitching a fit because Walmart put their graphic t-shirts on clearence for $1 and Target hasn't? The whole complaint here just comes o
  11. Uh just because someone is passionate doesn't mean it gets a chance. If it's a bad idea, it's a bad idea. Mike Kennedy was passionate about the Coleco Chameleon too, so was, well everyone who backed the Ouya. Also it seems like Tommy has gone down much of the same road as these other failed or undelivered projects as in misleading information or attacking people that point out legitimate flaws instead of addressing the concerns.
  12. I go 9 out of 10. Honestly it's my favorite console and I don't know what it would take for me to give a console a 10 but I'll know it when I see it one day. I love the fact they stuck with cartridges' otherwise I would have never collected it. Everyone else can collect all those discs that might have a micro scratch that doesn't make itself apparent until the final crescendo of a game and it freezes. I'll stick with my indestructible plastic bricks. I also think the controller was just fine. If you can't figure out how to use it then you've gone past brain fart and moved into brai
  13. Weird turn this conversation went down. But just for fun, my thought is I'm glad they don't pack a game in because it would just be a stupid digital game and honestly I'd rather have no game at all then a digital version.
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