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  1. I really regret selling my sets when I did. I had the first 6 sets at one point. Base, Fossil, Rocket, Gym Something, and there was a mini 9 card set with some kinda tropical island theme. Sold it all in like 2009
  2. Release update. Yesterday was Empire of Sin and Chronos Before the Ashes
  3. isn't this exactly what Atelier Ryza is doing now? They had their initial print run and it kicked around for a while, then the "OMG RAREZ!" hype came in and they decided to do another run and make more sales. They didnt even have to advertise, they just rode the hype train to the bank
  4. heave ho! and pinkuniku went up for order at SRG and LRG yesterday
  5. I don't know if it was said anywhere yet but new physical reward https://my.nintendo.com/rewards/89bb83b1078fd954?imp=KZYqur3LiqpfEqKi4z9wl6uUJqzF5xyeBdljTGs9%3Areward_list%3A1%3A1 Nice Looking ornament. Finally gave me a reason to use my points There's also a 3 pack of xmas cards and Hyrule Warriors Memo pad
  6. What does being newer or better technology have to do with it? Kids back in the day were lucky to have a computer at all let alone something that would play games like your talking about. Also since when has the latest and greatest ever been the most favored thing? The SMS was more technologically advanced then the NES, but it sold like crap, the Atari Lynx and Game Gear way more advanced then the Gameboy, they sold like crap. People generally don't care that there are better technologies out there as long as what they do have is fun. This is just a PC master race argument, and the kinda thing
  7. Thats rough. I figured that was something they would have figured out a long time ago. But I guess thats not considered essential
  8. 3/10 probably my least favorite Nintendo console Ive ever experienced. It was the only generation we became a Playstation household over the Nintendo offering
  9. Stuff that came out on the 24th: Chicken Range Professor Rubrik's Brain Fitness Monster Truck Championship
  10. Not much going on in the release department. Fantasy Friends on was on the 19th and Hyrule Warriors on the 20th and a couple tomorrow and that looks like that's it until December
  11. That's the interesting thing about the collecting Switch physical. The percentage overall doesn't grow very rapidly. Probably due to what @MiamiSlice said, the cost to produce the carts deters cranking out shovelware because there is a higher financial risk. For every Just Dance or Paw Patrol or low effort Game Show game, theres 20 other games being released. So the percentage of shovelware to "real" games actually decreases the more games have been released. Now again what someone calls shovleware differs, and though just because something ISNT shovelware doesn't make it a good game. But over
  12. So does this mean I don't have to have paypal in order to sell on there now?
  13. I check into that when I get out of work. Thanks for catching that. I don't really see the shovelware that your alluding to@DoctorEncore. I mean yea this game would be, and I can only really think of a dozen or two shovelware games off the top if my head. The wii seemed like anything not first party was shovelware. Now everyone's definition is different for what constitutes shovelware, but from what Ive seen (and catalogued) it doesnt even come close to those systems. Now Im just talking physical in this country. If your also including eshop then yea all bets are off then
  14. I wish I could help more but anything newer then N64 that wasn't a Nintendo exclusive I wouldn't know if it was a brand new release from hole in the ground most of the time. What I can help with is this is the list of currently released physical NA region games in case you didn't have it. I'm sure you (or someone) could pick out games that fit your criteria quicker by scanning through it. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18UCeKB0rLMvko4ZJjxm665hbqjpoD-7bxjX0i7OkKyU/edit?usp=sharing Edit: Actually thinking about it this is probably even more useful if your looking for world
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