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  1. If you thought classic stuff was bad check out the SLIPCOVER for the Shantae games that LRG was selling for $10
  2. I still start typing in nintendoage maybe twice a month before I catch myself
  3. So then its more akin to the N64 expansion pack?
  4. I would think the VR games are treated similarly to the 32x games on the Genesis. Like there own separate category from the main console library
  5. Im sure thats pretty close. I always thought it would make more to have the leap day occur at the end of December too
  6. Why did we decide to give February just 28 days when lots of other months have 31 days? Couldn’t we just have taken a couple of 31st days from other months and added them to February?
  7. I enjoy the system. Got one in 2012ish for about $30 worth of traded stuff. Have had a near complete cart collection since about 2013, still need a few of the telegames, I should get on that. I took it as my only system to play in my one apartment for a few months. I actually really enjoyed playing Atari karts, Theme Park, and Tempest. 6/10 seems right
  8. I’ll have to check when I get home, I didn’t even notice captions. I knew point correlate to star type. I think anything over 4000pts gets you diamond stars
  9. Ive really liked it. The original was one of my favorite N64 games. I actually went and bought it on release day, which is rare for me I usually wait months to grab something. Already spent maybe 10hrs on it. I got the music player (why is it necessary to change what the items are? is there something wrong with pokeflute and apple?!) but have been playing only the first two areas trying to max out the stage levels. Im still not quite understanding what makes a picture 1 star/2/3/4. I have pictures that look pretty close to the same and one is a two star and one is a 3 star
  10. I hope it eventually comes through for you guys. But it wouldn’t surprise me if this company just disappeared into the night
  11. This is someI posted in another thread. Just copying over here, seems relevant Three arcade sticks and I think they were the only ones for the system. The Arcade Shark OP showed, Mad Catz Flight Stick and Quickshot Flight Stick. Driving Wheels. The Ultra Racer, AScii Wheel, and V3 Wheel. I think there is one or two other variations of wheels I don't have for the N64 yet. Some oddball controllers. The "Boomerang," The "Glove," and a couple of the fishing controllers. The left one has a busted rod that I always mean to try and fix but never get around to it
  12. They actually had the rom on them?! I remember hearing about these way back but people said the April Fools Cart I thought that meant there was like an April Fools Splash Screen or something if you booted the game up
  13. Im reading alot of this stuff and much is going over my head. You guys have any place to really read up or videos to learn about this stuff more?
  14. I honestly don’t think about boxes as Ive only ever collected loose games. If I did know that info, I had long since forgot. It was probably beaten out of my head from the repeat of “rental exclusive” Ive heard over the years. Like someone above said, sometimes incorrect info just takes over
  15. It might have been an elective class, MAYBE. But I can say it certainly wasn’t required learning in any of the high schools local to me at least back then. I don’t know about now, but if it isn’t it should be required.
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