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  1. Honestly Ive had that meme in my phone for a long time and thought this is the rare case where I could use it lol. While I usually know about “new” age stuff I usually avoid it myself. Ive never played any game with voice chat, or online with people. Never been interested in it
  2. @Tanooki I don’t know if he has stock this second but he has had restocks the past couple of months. I ordered bowls late August or early September
  3. Probably depends on what your looking for and how far your willing to go. Are you looking for ready to go machines or something to work on to get up and running? I know of TNT amusements in PA for games that are ready to go. But im no expert on what to look for in this field
  4. Those Gamecube type stick replacements are unnecessary, and like Tanooki mentioned it is terrible for FPS and anything with precision movements. They’re also a completely different way of measuring movement which doesn’t help. I’m not sure why someone would choose them over just replacing the bowls and gears from Kitsch Bent. Thus only replacing the wear-able parts while retaining the proper electronics
  5. This sounds like you were getting a run around of some sort. They have always had some sort of free shipping tier since Ive been buying games for over a decade This is my experience as well
  6. @Mae247hasn’t been on in a few weeks so this might not be happening. Hope all is well
  7. This is why i gave up on this one earlier this year. Such a pain in the ass the beat in one go. Some of the “races” just suck like the cupid one
  8. Im just amazed at just how many are throwing offers out then. Is ebay bombarding sellers with some kind of deal or something to do the offers? After so many years of seeing sellers just leave stuff up and never budge on price it throws me off how much that seems to have changed
  9. Does anyone know if ebay automatically gives you offers on things you watch? With a lot of things Ive watched in the past year, i’ll get a better offer from the seller, on BIN items. It seems like it happens with almost every one of them.I’m curious if the sellers are actually doing it or if ebay is doing it on their own. By that I mean ebay generates the offer on “behalf” of the seller and ebay itself covers the discount (I know its nuts to think they would take the hit) so the seller just see’s they sold the item and got what they listed it for meanwhile ebay actually sold it to me for %10 or %15 off or whatever. Hopefully I made sense enough with that It just seems weird that all these sellers are voluntarily sending me better prices on stuff I happened to watch
  10. Well having incompetent people working the warehouse would be an issue…with their logistical infrastructure. They don’t have enough people, and more importantly enough “good people” to get their stuff out. The Gamestop reddit has explained it a lot. The company is probably the lowest paying retail company and their hemorrhaging people and can’t get anymore people because people can make twice as much at a Mcdonalds
  11. Ive tried doing Aerofighters Assault for a few weeks now and cant get past the 3rd boss. This game is rough
  12. Why would you bother to preorder something that is going to be in plentiful stock from release day to years after the Switches life span? It’s a first party game, they’re not going to be hard to come by. Like someone else said just walk i to a store on release day and buy it. Also this has been a known thing with Gamestop for years. They don’t get you your stuff on release day, hell even in store preorders don’t always arrive on release day. The logistics in that company has been a shit show for 10+ years
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