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  1. Now that's something. Writing your NESDev tools to run on the NES itself. Awesome.
  2. In the early 90's as a group, my neighbors, my brother and I used to play this and Zelda II together and apart and kinda share our findings with no help from strategy guides or magazines. Come '93 (I'm around 7 at this point) we had all gotten to Death Mountain and I was the 1st to finish it. None of us actually grabbed the red ring either as we didn't veer off into the area where it was hidden. For Zelda II we all got to the 6th dungeon and got the special ability to see in the ghost town, but none of us beat it until I did in college in the mid 2ks. One fun thing I figured out was how to get the power bracelet as the first or second item (depending on if you grabbed the sword) in the game by going through the lost woods and circling all the way around. Fun times. It's kinda crazy how my finishing the game was like a big deal in my grade to the point where people didn't believe it. Like someone had me over their house to make me do this in front of them as everyone played it but nobody finished and then was like telling everyone at recess like "Dude, he did it right in front of me!"
  3. I think the burning question on everyone's mind is what IS the difference between a battleship and a pregnant woman?
  4. El queso esta viejo y podrido. Donde esta el sanitario?
  5. You should give this one a shot. The other stars and supporting cast tend to balance him out a bit.
  6. Everything up to and including raw oysters and clams is actually really good IMO. The rest I enjoy with the exception of the final 3. Those were more Andrew Zimmern type affairs for me.
  7. Liver is amazing. Love it. The gizzards though, like hard rubber. I actually prefer raw clams to oysters. Less slimy texture to em and I like the taste better, depending on the type of clam.
  8. I'm sure there's more but here's a sampling Calves Liver Chicken Liver Kidney Foie Gras Pate Escargot Raw Oyster and Clams Live Scallop Sashimi Urchin Pig's Feet Kishka Blood Sausage Raw Beef Liver Fried Chicken Gizzards (soooo tough) Shiokara Shiokara was by far the grossest. I would have been fine with just the tentacle portion, but the fermented gut paste was just so nasty. I did finish it, but never again.
  9. One of the few band from their era that were any good and one of the few major rock bands that can still draw massive crowds. They also put on a hell of a show when I saw them over the summer. Also, Rap Duo. Pete Rock & CL Smooth if possible
  10. Although it's the worst of the CD based versions, the Sega CD version of Road Rash is the only version where the licensed music will play during the race and not just in the menus. Definitely nice to hear some Soundgarden or Therapy? vs random stock music.
  11. You should at least give it a shot. It's a pretty good send up of the action thrillers of yesteryear. Arnold at his most meta.
  12. Except I feel nothing that I don't feel for a can of Coke. Oh wait, the Coke at least tastes good (not that I know how Britney tastes). So if that's art then so is a can of Coke.
  13. No it isn't. That's precisely the issue that people are having. We're talking about Britney Spears. Her and art are mutually exclusive. She's nothing more than a product to sell. Nothing wrong with people enjoying that product, but call a spade a spade.
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