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  1. They seem like a bunch of guys who alternated between listening to Radiohead and INXS.
  2. Does the binary not work for you? If it doesn't, I'll do my best to walk you through it as it was a bit of a bitch to get going.
  3. I can totally see that. We were selling guitars as a mom and pop competing against the big boxes (GC and Sam Ash) so while we definitely needed to sell, it was a little less crazy and a bit tongue in cheek. My boss, who was also my guitar teacher years prior, wasn't a bad dude and definitely had that knack for sales that I did not (I got by purely on technical knowledge.) Just a guy who had invested in his own business starting a lesson studio that ended up ballooning into a full fledged store with a killer amp selection and then shrinking back down to a lesson studio as a GC moved into town and people started using the place to window shop for Amazon and Musician's Friend. I will say, although I really don't like sales as it just doesn't jive with my personality, I'm really thankful to have worked that job. Being forced to exit my comfort zone and strike up and carry on conversations with random people really ended up helping my personal confidence and interpersonal skills later on in life. While I'll never be captain extrovert, it's now not so daunting to have to talk to people who aren't friends or family. It also really just kills that crippling fear of rejection as you realize that some people are just gonna inevitably say no and that isn't the worst thing in the world. I really recommend that everyone work a sales job at least once in their lives, just to develop some people and conversational skills.
  4. I'd heard rumors (probably bullshit) of it possibly being an announcement of Nintendo acquiring SEGA.
  5. World was amazing. Truly an excellent game chock full of amazing features. Secrets within secrets. The first time I got to, the actual Special World (with the crazy levels like tubular and whatnot) I was blown away. Then beating it and having the main game change was another level of awesome (yes I know SMB 1 replaces many turtles with beetles upon completion). Still, despite all this, I feel like SMB 3 just has something that World didn't capture despite adding so much extra. The different worlds that just had so much style and personality compared to SMW. The mini games, the different suits, some of which we've never seen again, the different world map obstacles, the item system. The sheer amount of 1 off gameplay mechanics as well as all the great secrets just make me have to give it to SMB 3. Really 2 masterpieces of video game history that make it so hard to choose. It's like having to choose between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. Both are just ridiculous.
  6. I've literally only seen that 1 scene shown above. My boss used it as a training video (was somewhat kidding) at a store I once worked at.
  7. Not sure if this is allowed, and if it's not I'll take this post right down. The toolset for developing NES games tends to be a bit Windows-centric. Yes, you can use WINE, but native options tend to be in short supply or need to be compiled from their source code. The latter option is sometimes way easier said than done. Due to this, I wanted to make it a little easier for any fellow Mac based devs and provide binaries of a few common tools. 1. Nes Screen Tool. A cross platform fork named NESTool was developed but required building from source. This one was a bit of a pain to build NESTool Repo nestool.app.zip 2. ASM6 version 1.6. Common assembler that also needs to be built from source to run natively on a MAC. asm6 Repo. Pretty sure this is the fork I built from. asm6
  8. Highly influential but objectively weak compared to many of their contemporaries. Lucky as all hell to have had Ice Cube writing rhymes and Dre on beats or they most likely never would have made it. Once the "badass factor" wears off, you are left with a group with decent beats (Dre didn't really hit his stride until just after this period, despite having a few great ones during) and 1, maybe 2 good emcees. If you look at the hip hop of the time period, you can also see that the west coast artists kept a more dated style up until G-Funk became a thing while more east coast artists were putting out timeless material that really progressed the genre. TLDR; Style over substance with some decent highlights. 5/10.
  9. Congratulations on seeing the ending. That's the best you're gonna get out of me for your cheating ways And now the obligatory "get good!"
  10. Paid like $1.85 this morning in South Jersey
  11. Don't underestimate the power of religious influence and group think when people feel they are in a survival/death scenario. Man was it satisfying when I thought the ending was a perfect example of a pyrrhic victory.
  12. In 3rd grade (94-95) they were already $100 bucks. I saved up that amount but bought a skateboard instead. While I don't at all regret that purchase, I do wish I had bought one at the time as the prices are now insane.
  13. That is absolutely incredible. I can't believe that is like 30 min from me. Definitely going to see it when shit goes back to normal.
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