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  1. Hey, lets get some of these boxes, make them CIB, reseal em, send em to WATA and grift the money marks.
  2. But thats only if the release date is accurate. I think Nintendo implied it would be out by Jan 1994 but that always isn't accurate. Knowing what the real release date of the game would help a lot.
  3. The only thing about F2 being a blockbuster 'exclusive' is that the chip dates are considerably older than they should be for their release date. I think the chip dates were VERY late 93, and the 'release date' (if accurate) is like august 94. Could possibly be it was a rental only from Feb till Aug? Really strange but the only thing I can think of why the date codes are so far off. Usually its a month or two between chip production and release.
  4. Ah yeah. Which of course still makes me believe they were made for that area. MM6 was released by Nintendo because Capcom said (For whatever reason) they were not releasing in the US but everywhere else, to with Nintendo replied OH HELL NO, knowing Mega Man is a strong IP. I suppose Capcom thought because of the SNES, they wouldn't sell a lot and wouldnt be cost effective printing copies of it if they werent gonna sell. If it was on Nintendo's dime, they could afford it. So i would guess it was released everywhere else earlier, and the US last. Which is unusual. Im not entirely sure if
  5. You mean the date code? If I remember correctly, the date codes of the G6-USA's should be earlier than the G6-USA-1s
  6. Thats REALLY interesting. I can't say personally they were ever shipped in the US. If that was the case there would be more of them. Not a significant amount, but not like the 4 or 5 that have ever been found. My gut tells me they we're printed for most of South America, since they use NTSC. Playtronics also printed some as well, which is why I asked about the back but I believed they were based out of Brazil which use NTSC-M, or PAL-M. I personally feel the "USA" really just means "NTSC" and not exclusively the US. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTSC#/media/File:PAL-NTSC-SECAM.svg
  7. * - Pigs can play video games with their snouts, scientists find. No need for any redundant (s)s.
  8. Might be hard to get because there was a limited amount made IIRC. Also the 4k one is region free but the blu rays are locked to the UK region. I just had a friend of mine ask me why that movie is always so expensive and basically you cant find it streaming anywhere and when they print copies, its always in small doses or something wacky because of the people who hold the rights to it are stringent about it (Richard Rubenstein). You CAN watch it on youtube from time to time pretty easily.
  9. Bought a 4k TV just to watch Dawn of the Dead in 4k. Thats it and all I care about owning.
  10. I figured there was some connection but maybe it was a translation thing.
  11. Well I mean, I haven't and have no interest in playing any of the others so it wouldn't be an accurate representation. Ive seen the FF7 remake and it looks pretty great. Id probably play that cuz its not turn based.
  12. I dont want to vote and spoil the polls, but I have HEAVY nostalgia for FFX as I met one of my close friends when this game came out and he played it constantly. So the music, enemies, I know really well. I ended up DLing the game and 100% it (dark aeons) and I dug it! On the other hand, I really am not a fan of turn based RPGs so this and maybe Earthbound I would play and thats about it. So I love FFX
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