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  1. Its def there, its one of my fav episodes from Doom.
  2. @TDIRunnerid say its official because it was also included as free DLC for the Unity ports. But thats just me. I think Sigil is fanfreakingtastic.
  3. Absolutely, and at this point, us teachers will take what we can get. When I was a kid in 94, you'd turn on MTV and be exposed to all kinds of cool guitar music, so wanting to learn guitar made sense. Now with pop music, the guitar is so unimportant. Where are you gonna actually hear it to learn it? So many kids when I asked why they want to learn, or what songs they like just go "uh... I dunno". Almost ALWAYS the good students are exposed to guitar music from their parents. So when Rock Band was a thing, it was great exposure, for a bit at least. Now, its back to kids not even being able to name a song, band or even music they like. Its kind of scary.
  4. As a guitar teacher, even though my bands song is pretty infamous on there, I gotta say it did, at least for a short while, expose kids to actual guitar music. There was a period of time every kid wanted to learn Eye of the Tiger because of this game. So thats cool. Otherwise, I can't really vote. But I have played it a handful of times, its a fun idea.
  5. Just an FYI there is still no definitive proof if you can tell a cart has been back swapped, as far as we know, we have no idea what those numbers mean. As a side bar, the only think I know is a printed '24' on the back of the Konami carts mean it uses a Konami PCB. Thats it. Or something like a late release back on a game that wasn't printed that late. Otherwise theres no real way to tell.
  6. I'm a bit picky with condition, but not insane. Anything thats yellowed, or has a noticeable label rip or tear will bug me. But it is a case by case basis. My F2 has the smallest nick on the top label, but I also know how difficult it is to find that game in great shape, so I'm ok with it. Or ifs a really cheap game, then I don't care AS much, but should still be pretty good over all, since I could always find an upgrade anyway. Game Boy games are a bit different. I hate the yellowing of the plastic but sometimes in photos its hard to tell, and by the time you get it, it looks worse than you thought. So often I just deal with it.
  7. Thanks! I know I had some convo and opinions on but but I can't remember what thread it was because IIRC there wasn't one dedicated to just the MM6 label variant.
  8. My only issue was this quote "so there's another theory that Nintendo decided not to sell them here and dumped the all on the South American market." You're saying Nintendo didn't want the Capcom version released in America, yet got the publishing rights to actually release it themselves in the US? I agree its not a legit US release, but this doesn't make any sense, compared to Capcom not wanting to release it in America but everywhere else. Then Nintendo saving the day, releasing it themselves as Mega Man was a well known Nintendo brand. Anyway I don't wanna derail this thread any further, as if there was a better thread for it, I would take it there.
  9. Im sorry for this crazy bump thats not even needed, but as I was discussing this with a friend that showed me someone posting their MM6 variant as the 'only one known', I was trying to do research and wanted to clarify something. The 'theory' isnt Nintendo didn't want to sell them here, it was Capcom that didn't think MM6 was worth selling in the US as I'm sure it was already so late for the NES, they wanted to move onto the SNES. Where as MM6 was intended to be released elsewhere, where the NES was still strong, as those places probably didn't have good SNES sales just yet. This is where Nintendo interviened and said "Fuck that, its getting released here". Which is why its a Nintendo release. Its more than likely, Capcom did the research and showed it wouldn't be cost effective for them to print carts on their own dime for potentially low sales. Nintendo, being Nintendo, could afford it. Again, why theres more copies of MM6 than MM5.
  10. Can someone explain the difference this .2 makes?
  11. I was way late to the game after this came out but god I would love to have one of them.
  12. Never was a fan. Play Doom Eternal instead
  13. I was woken up by a phone call from my mother. It was my 1st week at college. I started Tue the 4th and also got my first real expensive guitar delivered that same day (I ended up waiting all summer to have it built using my HS graduation money). I picked up the guitar and started playing Megadeths Holy Wars. Class was canceled by that time (my English 101 class was at like 230) so I went to the pool hall to play Tekken Tag, and thats when I watched 7 come down.
  14. I was always the NES guy but after selling my games I had as a kid, I just emulated everything. My friends had NES' and I'd play it at their house. After a while I felt I played better on a real NES. I think the first game I got was Cheetahmen II Lost Levels and I didn't even have an NES console at that point. I think the first game I went out and bought was Dick Tracy. I left it a friends house who had an NES. Then I started doing research what other cool games should I pick up. Now I'm here.
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