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  1. Thanks for the update. Ill add it! I made this list a while ago so im sure more crept in without me knowing about it.
  2. Im not totally discounting your idea. Its the more probable one than anything else. So when a game goes bad, who were you to contact, Nintendo? Then they'd ship the game to the publisher/developer? Your theory can hold weight, but i'm trying to figure out where there would be a 5 screw TMNT 2 cart then? Everything inside and outside of it is 100% Nintendo 'branded', like all the other licensed Nintendo carts, as opposed to Silent Service, which was put together by Konami/Ultra.
  3. Just to update, I found this list I wrote. I need to find if I made a list of all the '24' back printed, aka custom Konami PCB games, but I'm still certain they're only for simpler, 'UNROM' games. Basically any game on this list printed before 1988. With this list, it shows 5 screws being found for games that im PRETTY sure didn't have that '24' custom Konami PCB, like Tiny Toons (MMC3), TMNT 2 and 3 (MMC3), Base Wars (MMC3), Carmen Sandiego (MMC3) and just by using the Wayback Machine for bootgod, it only shows those 5 games only having Nintendo printed PCBs. Of course bootgod isn
  4. I do have life force but it has the normal Konami board, the one where the '24' is printed on the back label, unless thats what you mean. The chip DOES say Konami, but I think its just how they printed it, as other games that dont use the NES-XX-PRG format were printed by their own developers (Like Acclaim). I want to say though that those '24' printed carts were ONLY for games that used discreet logic 74xxx mappers (Mainly UNROM), and no MMC1/MMC3 chips which some of those 5 screw 'refurbs' would have.
  5. Oh, I didn't remember seeing Konami printed on the PCB. I'll have to look into that. Actually im not even sure if I have Life Force haha
  6. Which Konami games have those? Do you mean the VRC chips? Those were only exclusive to Famicom games. Also Sunsoft Return of the Joker uses a custom MMC3 mapper chip (Forget the name, I think FMV?) It was the same chip that is used for the PAL Mr. Gimmick and the NTSC prototype
  7. Thats so strange? The link actually worked a couple of hours ago. Anyway, yeah Acclaim used their own MMC3 clone chips. If you have a Roger Clemens MVP open it up, theres a good chance its in there. When I clicked the link for other games, it showed plenty of others, like Alien 3, George Forman, Super Smash TV, Bart Meets Radioactive Man (anything released after 91). I think every copy of Rollerblade Racer has it.
  8. They did that too. Aside from the CIC chip, practically everything from those later era Acclaim games are self made. The shells (which is why they look terrible when they age, they're cheap), the labels (also cheap, which is why the glue seeps in), the PCB, and also the MMC3 clone chip Acclaim-MMC-ACC http://bootgod.dyndns.org:7777/profile.php?id=719
  9. Are we sure about this? You would also need a 5 screw front shell as well. Did they print a new label just for that? I mean I guess its possible, because the 3 screw DKJR Maths have 3 screw front shells too. Those were documented to be printed in 86 along with the rest of the DKJR Maths
  10. To add one thing in here, you can 'over erase' your chips, if they're left too long in the UV light. I had an issue with a chip like that. It'll burn and verify 100% but when you put it in, didn't work. Forgot how that works but i was pulling my hair out for like a week.
  11. Im so glad this is a Canadian free thread. Now I feel comfortable talking openly about their stupid accent, stupid maple syrup, stupid trees, stupid hockey, stupid health care, and their stupid love of plaid without repercussion . ECK!
  12. My first PPV was Survivor Series 91. Watching last nights segment was really nice. Although I wish it was a little bit better. Hoping taker left his stuff in the ring and left as 'Mark' with the piano music playing would have been nicer IMO. Still, really nice to see.
  13. Ive definitely said this in the past and IMO its a major problem. A lot of times its 'as long as the other team doesn't win'. It would be great to find a way to remove party affiliation for people running for president. But then the candidates would be so spread out, you'd have a lot of unhappy people when theres 10 people running for office and the person that wins got 15% of the total vote. If there was only a way to combine those two. To keep it between 2 people (to keep the majority happy on their elected official, instead of a third happy) but being able to strip party affiliation to
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