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  1. NES Rare > Gameboy Rare > TG16 Rare > Atari Rare / NEO GEO Rare.
  2. I wish we could find these people and interview them.
  3. A rare game for a regular joe? Super Cars. Else be prepared to shell out a good amount of coin locally or on ebay. EDIT: Lets throw in Motor City Patrol too
  4. Pretty much only wrestling related. Cornettes Drive Thru and Experience. Also Conrads podcasts: 82 weeks, Arn Podcast, Something to Wrestle With, Grillin Jr, What Happened When etc
  5. Interesting how @fcgamerturned this thread into about himself.
  6. Lol for someone that posts so much, I thought you would be so well versed in this stuff. Rule 1. Dont go by bootgod for every single detail. Theres a ton of minor variations within carts and prints that are virtually impossible to document.
  7. This. I had no idea this was going on till I was on twitter and saw people talking about how much of a trainwreck it is. But the dummies pay for it to shit on it. Whos the real idiot there? I still can never see the appeal of this cash in of pop culture cringe. People love making stupid people rich.
  8. For some odd reason I thought the manual to SMB had the fire flower listed as a "Lotus" flower.
  9. Doom will make you a man. Play it. I got the big $130 bundle for switch.
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