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  1. 7/10. It was a good time at get togethers.
  2. Question: On ECW can I just do a Tournament or do I need to complete the story mode?
  3. Yep I heard the same rumors, might have been MK3 though.
  4. The NES-PS1 era games I play on switch or emulators. They are much easier to play with save states and whatnot. The newer stuff I play on whatever console they are on.
  5. themisfit138


    Both are good, but I lean towards Capcom. Especially for the NES Disney games, Okami, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Oracle of Seasons/Ages , and so on.
  6. Mario, DKC, Sonic, Castlevania, I am very specific on platformers. Most are just long confusing messes. Then RPGs, western is my most played, but I like the classic turn based also. I prefer playing them on the switch or emulator so I can quit out whenever I need to. Instead of waiting for hours to find a save point.
  7. I went Saturn, CD, Dreamcast. The CD may have been higher. Even getting the model 1 new, I was never able to keep it running. So I only ever bought 5 games for it, and the Power Rangers “game” was just a few episodes with button prompts added in.
  8. I enjoyed the little comments when you failed in Pilotwings.
  9. A stray that has been following me around the yard all weekend. Can’t quite pet him yet, but he did sit right beside me after I fed him.
  10. Easy 10. Star Wars is number 1 in my top ten. Yes, I know Empire is technically a better movie, but I get more enjoyment from the original. I watch Jedi more then Empire, also.
  11. 9. Fun game with an awesome soundtrack. I regularly play DKC and DKC 2.
  12. It is not because we like it. It is just the less awful choice.
  13. I was nice and gave it a 5. Seen it once, never watch it again. It is just another modern movie, needlessly dark and depressing.
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