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  1. I will add Jedi Academy Jedi Fallen Order.
  2. Scorpions and Judas Priest fall into the fun to listen to, but too boring to play. On the reverse of that. After learning to play some Megadeth was when I really gained respect for them musically. There is quite a bit of movement in a Megadeth song, but it doesn’t always sound that way on the album.
  3. Tuborg was my go to while over there. Carlsberg has an odd flavor to it. Special and Tuborg Classic were good, nothing is as good as Christmas Brew though.
  4. Easy 9/10 almost a 10. PS2 is the system where I really got into RPGs. Kingdom Hearts, FFX, Star Ocean, Baldur’s Gate, Champions of Norrath, X-Men Legends, Ys, Shadow Hearts, ect...
  5. You forget the Carlsberg brewery where Tuborg is made.
  6. Here are a few more high in the running for favorite song/artist.
  7. Both good, but I prefer Wish You Were here. Of course there is always Dark Side Of The Moon, but my favorite overall Pink Floyd song is Echoes.
  8. If there was a better GreenDay song. I guess that race wouldn’t have been as close. Like something off of Dookie or Insomniac. Even Good Riddance, it was everybody's high school graduation song for a few years after release.
  9. It is good seeing another surge of games being finished. I have been taking a little break, as in Ogre Battle broke me. I don’t care for the mechanics and every mission has been taking 3+ hours to complete. No sir, I don’t like it. That and there are only a few other games that haven’t been completed that I could possible beat. I am terrible at sports games
  10. Song - Orion by Metallica Album - Master Of Puppets Group - Metallica
  11. 2/10. The story was alright, but the gameplay was a slog. Why give me the illusion of stealth if you are just going to have a big fight anyways. Just one of my many dislikes of the game. I have similar complaints about Uncharted.
  12. I lean more to the action side of rpg. These are pretty easy to pick up without getting slogged down with all the side mechanics. Knights of the Old Republic Mass Effect Jade Empire Dragon Age Ys Xenoblade Chronicles
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