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  1. God help us if they ever all join the same game of Werewolf lol
  2. In other news not AEW or WWE Kota Ibushi finally wins the big one! IWGP World & Intercontinental Champion! https://wrestletalk.com/news/kota-ibushi-wins-iwgp-heavyweight-intercontinental-titles-at-njpw-wrestle-kingdom-15/
  3. All this really serves to highlight for me is how unfortunate #2,020 is
  4. Always a fan of GDQ, haven't gotten to watch much of it yet but some good stuff there. Also idk if could be merged with this thread? (I bumped posted on it before I saw this new one)
  5. AGDQ 2021 going on right now, just started yesterday. Haven't had the chance to catch anything due to work, but there are some notable games on the list. In particular looking forward to the trash block lol
  6. I asked for D&D stuff, and was not disappointed! Thanks @0xDEAFC0DE (the book btw is a solid choice, as Curse of Strahd is by far one of my favorites!! Also can never have enough dice lol)
  7. 10/10 for me I love me some cowboy, western shit. This game really hit the spot for me I legit need to play through this again at some point Still need to play through Red Dead Redemption 2.... though considering that the "spiritual prequel" was Red Dead Revolver, instead of just RDR2, They should've went with like "Red Dead Reckoning" or something neat like that. Someone get Rockstar Games a dictionary/thesaurus!
  8. I gotta go pick mine up, it came "today" but really it just made it to my local post office. (Where I live if it doesn't fit i the mailbox they'll never actually deliver it lol)
  9. btw if any of y'all haven't seen AEW's Brodie Lee tribute show, it was amazing. Worth a watch.
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