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  1. My first time playing it through to the end I ended up using a guide. I didn't go back to this game to beat it properly until I was a Teenager in Middle/High School. And I went back to it after playing Link to the Past and really enjoying it. I've never done the second quest through to completion though lol
  2. Question; What are some AEW vs. WWE Dream Matches you would like to see? Obviously it is nigh completely unlikely to happen, but never say never Darby Allin vs Bray Wyatt would be pretty hype Was gonna say Keith Lee vs Jeff Cobb but that's already happened on the indies several times, though would be great on a bigger stage.
  3. Not unexpected. It's because Nyla Rose is openly transgender, so internet gonna internet. She actually is pretty darn good wrestler and I kinda agree she should've just been the inaugural champ from the get go, especially after they rather half-assed Riho's run with very intermittent & spaced out appearances, which is a shame because Riho is quite good in the ring (helps shes a 13 year vet at the age of 22)
  4. Been playing Pokemon Black 2... game is surprisingly more challenging then I thought it was going to be.
  5. I'm there with ya brother. I've done this myself (though closer to a 12:12 split, I stop eating after midnight and dont eat again til after noon, helps being on a second shift work schedule I too lost about the same. One thing that personally helped me out a lot was eating things a bit more substantial/filling when I did eat, which helped me avoid snacking. I eventually just about entirely cut snacks out of my diet. I only rarely get anything like chips or w/e anymore and then I get much smaller portions (I had the terrible habit of just eating most of a bag of chips or w/e in a sitting regardless of what else I was eating)
  6. How did I not know about this until now. I loved this game on my family's old Windows 3.1 machine
  7. Very much nostalgia. Definitely a 5. I hear their songs come up from time to time and am just like "ah yea these guys" then kinda forget about them again lol
  8. I dig your username. It also sounds familiar. Are you familiar with ScrewAttack? Also Hello and Welcome!~
  9. That's fair, but at the same time it also encourages engagement, and while people will always be dicks/trolls/shitlords it'd be a nice feature. I'd personally put it in with some caveats and/or restrictions in place (Like not including certain subforums), and make it so you can essentially shadowban users that abuse such things.
  10. Could've sworn I clicked 8 and not 10, ah well lol A great band and have some good songs that are just great to Jam out too, takes me back. Can't say I dislike any of their songs, but they definitely prefer some songs over others. Really been digging their newest stuff, Unsainted is great. Shout outs to "All Out Life" for being the theme to NXT currently (as well as a number of other songs being featured on NXT for a while now)
  11. I think I said it before, but I'll say it again; The "Wednsday Night War" bewteen AEW and NXT is great, and Wednesday night is a definite contender for the best pro wrestling anywhere. NXT TakeOver: Portland is this weekend, and like pretty much every TakeOver is looking for be phenomonal and every match spectacular, good chane it might be one of the best TakeOvers ever. I'm especially looking forward to Keith Lee vs Dominic Dijakovich as they always put on great matches and I'm all aboard the Keith Lee train. Next weekend is AEW Revolution, and that is also looking to be pretty dang great. Not sure which match I'm looking forward to the most, might give that to Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guervara. The World Title match between Jericho and Moxley should also be great, though I don't forsee them taking the title off Jericho yet... I feel like they might be waiting until All Out 2 to do that, give Jericho a nice full year long reign with it.
  12. This thread makes me think of my days playing Final Fantasy XI Online retail proper (I still play on a Classic Era recreation Private server sometimes when on a nostalgia kick) Being the tank (a Paladin) was generally the guy who was going to die first when things went south... which would usually result in a wipe, but not always. Fun story though, over the several years I player on retail, every single big mission/quest/endgame finale fight, I was always dead by the end for one reason or another. In particular the Chains of Promathia expansion We had killed the boss, and while the battle was winding down; a random last second Comet cast dropped and wiped me out as the cutscene resolved, so then I ported back outside the arena, dead. Somewhere I still have a screencap of my fellow party members dancing upon my character's dead body lol
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