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  1. I'm alright with the new US Title, it's maybe a slight step up from the previous title. I think the new IC title with some red white and blue wouldve been great (they didnt need to change the IC title even though it looks decent) Orange Cassidy vs. David Starr if you can look past the #SpeakingOut stuff was pretty great OC match There were a ton of reports up to and after the show that they were strongly considering going the CGI route. Apparently it got nixed last minute (tho supposedly there is footage of CGI eye gore out there) Good matches. Some more off the top of my head; John Cena vs CM Punk - Money in the Bank 2011 Anything Kenny Omega vs Kazuchika Okada from NJPW (good matches even if they are overhyped to high heaven) Stadium Stampede Match from AEW Double or Nothing 2020 Triple H vs Shawn Micheals vs Chris Benoit - WM20 Cody vs. Darby Allin - Fyter Fest 2019 Struggling to think of anymore at this hour. This sums up the entire PPV really This entirely. Great matches until the WTF endings. Also I did not like the Swamp Match I thought Firefly Funhouse Match from WM36 was great from a story telling perspective. Now if they don't just squander/ignore it when Cena makes his inevitable return.
  2. I guess lol. But if they really wanted to nail that home they could've announced it way sooner then they did. Also they already had the victory over Cody by retroactively renewing the trademark on his damn name lol Eh, I don't think she is a bad heel, but I'm not the biggest fan. I'm more interested as @fox said the inevitable split between her and Sasha
  3. He's not the worst of the streamers or Youtubers or whatever out there, but he's done some pretty bone headed things. Also not surprised Twitch has thrown their book at the guy but allowed lots of other shit to slide. Pretty sure it Twitch has the right to ban any user at any time they want to as per their terms of service.
  4. Anyone else entertained by the fact that, for like a solid month+ before AEW was advertising their "Fyter Fest" as a over two weeks of Dynamite on TNT special event (and the fact that they announced Fighter Fest like 2 or more months ago regardless), then like days before this past wednesday WWE was like "OH YEA GUYS NEXT TWO WEEKS OF NXT ARE THE GREAT AMERICAN BASH!?" lol You'd think Vince wouldn't be so terrible at running his promotion after some 25 or so years of doing it
  5. Pepperoni, Pineapple, Jalapenos. sometimes Bacon as well. Sweet, Salty, Spicy, delicious.
  6. Wrestletalk put out two videos over the weekend that cover it pretty well. Shit is f*cked yo Then most recent video And then the 'Taker news. I'm with Fox in that I see him having at least one more match when possible in front of a live audience. Survivor Series would be a great place for that. Keep Styles as IC Champ until then and have the rematch. Make sense from "unresolved business" that they seemed to have teased with Styles in regards to MitB and that 'Taker never held the IC title. I'd be fine with match that going either way tbh.
  7. 7/10 Could arguably just about include them in any discussion about great 90s bands, though I still like most of the others better. Still dig their music a lot though Fun fact; Billy Corgan is the owner of National Wrestling Alliance, and has done some pretty great things with it. Bought it after he was essentially screwed out of getting ownership of TNA/Impact Wrestling.
  8. 5/10 idk, great voice but I for the life of me couldn't have named you any of her songs off the top of my head. Listening to them it's like "oh yea" but I've still not going to go out of my way to listen.
  9. The fact this was a thing that happened
  10. One of the greatest in ring techs of all time. Had one of the best WrestleMania main events of all time. I'll gladly watch any of his matches, if for no other reason then the other performers involved. Anyone not in the know should watch the Dark Side of the Ring episode on Benoit. Series is great but that episode in particular.
  11. Short Answer, yes. When I read this thread title I immediately thought of the fallout from YouTuber ProJared (it infact just surpassed 1 year just a couple weeks ago that the drama took place). I still appreciate a lot of his videos and Dice Camera Action was arguably the best weekly D&D Live Stream Show only behind Critical Role. I know lots of people now that absolutely reject anything the guy has done or been a part of, and no denying what he did was, at best, creepy & sleezy as heck. But I've watched his some of videos since then and theyre fine. I enjoy his presentation and humour. I'm generally of the opinion that an artist's work/content is worth considering, and encourage others to try and not have what they may have enjoyed previously tainted by what the person behind the artist did.
  12. Backlash exceeded expectations... though they were pretty low lol Idk why they bothered putting the belt on Asuka, other then the rest of the WWE Horsewomen are already occupied... but even then surprised they didnt give it to Sasha or The OmniFlair didnt become Charlotte Two Belts. Asuka deserves so much better then a plodding (and potentially dangerous) program with Nia Jax. Also just not a good match. Why is feud still going? Match of the Night was probably Sheamus vs Jeff Hardy... though wouldve been better if Jeff won. Especially if they keep this feud going. Orton vs Edge was actually pretty good, if not a bit too long. A shame Edge got legit injured during the match. Also just lol at the piped in crowd noise. like wtf. Everything else was alright. Alright to watch but not worth going out of your way for. Solid C grade
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