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Music Debate #146: Wu-Tang Clan

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  1. 1. Rate based on your own personal preferences, NOT HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE

    • 10/10 - One of your very favorite artists of all time.
    • 9/10 - Killer f'ing band. Or artist.
    • 8/10 - Great sound, great songs, great albums.
    • 7/10 - Very good, but not quite great.
    • 6/10 - Pretty good. More than a few songs you like. You'd entertain the thought of seeing them live if they were in the area. Or still alive.
    • 5/10 - They're okay, but maybe not something you'll go out of your way to listen to.
    • 4/10 - Meh. There may be a song or two, or an album that you dig, but you'd rather listen to other stuff.
    • 3/10 - Not very good. You will more likely than not turn the station if they come on the radio.
    • 2/10 - Pretty crappy.
    • 1/10 - Horrible in every way.
    • 0/10 - In the running for worst artist/musician of all time. You would rather take a cheese grater to your face than listen to this.

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Member · Posted

When I saw this poll I thought to myself, "Ugh, definitely not going to partake in this one." Curiosity got the best of me though and I sat through and listened to all of the tracks.

This is definitely not my sort of music, at all. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised and found some of the tracks to be quite good, especially the one with the Asian / oriental feel. I don't think I'd generally listen to something like this for the sake of listening to music, but I will admit that some of the tracks seemed as if they'd fit well as part of a soundtrack or as background music while doing something else, such as driving, exercising, or programming, where you might not want to get distracted by the wailing of guitars and stuff like that.

5/10 for me.

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