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In what condition do you collect your games?

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All CIB? All loose? Or different for each library? Mine is different depending on the library. For example:

Atari (all hardware): a combo of loose and CIB, just depending on what I find.

Colecovision: Mostly loose, but CIB if I can find it

Intellivision: CIB only

Magnavox Odyssey 2: CIB only

NES - a combo of loose and CIB, just depending on what I find

SNES/N64: Only loose for now but contemplating changing that.

Master System and Genesis: CIB only

DS/3DS: CIB only

Game Boy: loose (that price gap is rough)

All CD based games: CIB only

What about you? I thought it would be cool to see the variety in how people collect.

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It depends.  Cartridge Systems - loose.  I like to have manuals or maps if I can, but I do not want any cardboard at all.  Sega - I like to have the case as it is durable and won't disintegrate on my shelves.  Anything disc based, I like to have CIB.  I don't collect sealed.  Nothing against anyone who does, but it's just not for me.  

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CD based and hard shell box systems like the Genesis I go for CB/CIB most of the time. It's usually not much harder to get a CB/CIB copy than a loose copy. Loose disc games are also a PITA to sell when you want to part with them.

For my remaining systems, I stick to mostly loose carts. 


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Bear in mind that I am not really actively collecting games (but I still will grab peripherals such as guides and maps) now since I have most everything I want for the platforms I have.  (I will still pick up games from thrift stores on the very  very rare occasions I see anything (and it is not ridiculously overpriced)).

I assembled most of my collection back in the day when this stuff was common in the video game stores and did not command the prices they do today - I had good working relations with the managers and staff at several game stores and they would allow me to grab parts (such as manuals) as needed to fill out what I was missing.  And a lot of stuff I simply bought new and hung on to everything.

So - my standards were for almost all platforms to get the packaging, the game, the manual and any other things such as posters and maps that came with it.  

The only exception for that was for the various gameboy platforms (which I didn't seriously get into until the gameboy player came out) - those I would pick up with boxes etc if I found them - otherwise I was content to pick up the cartridges and track down a manual if I didn't get one with the cartridges.  (The aforementioned game stores also let me pick through their stacks (they all seemed to have them) of orphan gameboy manuals.)  Out of my approximately 250 gameboys (of various stripes) I have at least manuals for all except 2 copies of Amazing Tater and a copy of Tripworld.

I have also tried to pick up any guides for the games I have - so I have lots of those also.

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It mostly depends on the type of media. If it is disc-based, then it has to be CIB, I won't buy loose discs or discs with replacement artwork, like from GameStop. Carts are different, I don't mind buying loose carts, as they still look fine on display, though having CIB would be nice to have eventually. Of course, there are exceptions, very small carts like on Switch or DS, I would only buy CIB back when I collected for those systems since you can't just put a DS cart on the shelf and it look fine. 

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CIB or sealed for optical media. For carts, I keep sealed over CIB and CIB over loose, and the best label condition I can find, but I'm really most interested in the game. I don't use ebay or similar so what I have is whatever best item was found in the wild. Currently, about 3% of my collection is sealed, 40% CIB, and the rest loose or loose with manual.

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This is an easy answer for me.

Carts? = Loose or better without a hit to the expense (a minor bump is fine)

Optical/Mini Cards = Complete, nothing less.  Discs if the case/etc are nice usually the disc is too so it shows they were likely less abusing/more caring.  DS/Switch sized media is tiny and overly easily lost, so for me the case is an easy way not to lose, but also again to show the owner treated their stuff with care.

Those things just aren't as rugged as an old GBA and back game cartridge, and those you can easily tell if they had a hard life at a simple glance to know to avoid.

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