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  1. I haven't had much activity collecting-wise, so these photos are pretty much everything new of note within the last couple of months: Two more marquees to add to my arcade marquee collection. Out of all the Capcom Vs marquee artwork, I like XvSF the best. Virtua Racing is my favorite arcade racer, so I had to have that game represented. I have one empty marquee space left on my game room wall; I'm planning on adorning it with either an MK1 or MK2 marquee, assuming RetroWorldExpo continues their tradition of inviting back the Midway devs & MK digital models as guests. I'd love to get an autographed marquee. About a year and a half ago I got into LaserDisc emulation through Daphne which is when I learned about the game Thayer's Quest. Early 2000s Digital Leisure released a bunch of laserdisc games (Dragon's Lair, Mad Dog McCree) as interactive DVDs. Out of all those DVDs, Thayer's Quest is pretty damn rare and never got the plethora of modern console ports like the Dragon's Lair trilogy. I had a hard time finding good value info on the DVD; the only info I could find was that a copy sold in Great Britain for about $150 USD. I set up an eBay search for this DVD back in spring 2022 and it didn't return a hit until March 2023 when someone put this copy up for a $75 BIN. Who knows when I'd see another copy pop up, so I snapped it up immediately. Edit: Not even PriceCharting knows.
  2. This crime story was made for this thread: Deputies accuse man of using Nintendo ‘Duck Hunt’ pistol to rob a business https://www.wfsb.com/2023/05/31/deputies-accuse-man-using-nintendo-duck-hunt-pistol-rob-business/
  3. This is the first video game melody to be preserved in this way. Now that the door is open, I will be writing to my Representatives regularly until Bloody Tears is declared a US cultural icon.
  4. The video game preservation community works quick: There is now a way to unbrick memory corrupted Wii Us using a Raspberry Pi Pico:
  5. I won this big boy marquee about a week and a half ago from an eBay auction for $130 shipped. I used to play Trilogy Arcade all the time at the local theater in the 90s, so I was happy to win it. The arcade cabinet used a 40" rear-projection screen CRT, so the marquee itself is over 3 feet wide and a foot-and-a-half tall. I didn't think until after I won it if I would have enough empty wall space in the game room to mount it, hah.
  6. Maybe that's why Nintendo supposedly pushed back the Switch 2; they're positioning the launch for when all the Switch games get Thanos snapped and consumers will have to re-buy the Switch 2 remakes.
  7. I'll admit I never heard of Haraldur Thorleifsson until this whole thing blew up, but from what I read he sounds like a stand-up guy. He doesn't exactly have a dead-man switch in his contract; when his company was bought out by Twitter in 2021 he chose to take the payment in salary so he would pay more in taxes to his native Iceland as his way of giving back to the social programs he benefitted from. His contract simply states if he leaves Twitter, he'll get any remaining payment in one lump sum. It was pretty disgusting seeing the Elon sycophants yesterday go "Hurr hurr! It's just like Office Space!" like it was a joke and mock the poor guy, only to later act like Elon is somehow magnanimous for apologizing for a situation he created.
  8. The website Exputer put out an article noting that Wii U owners on forums like Reddit, Neogaf, etc are reporting that their consoles are bricking themselves out of nowhere. The commonality with these reports are the error message (denoting an error with the internal NAND memory) and that the consoles had been unplugged/in storage for a long time. NAND memory slowly discharges disconnected from power over time, so the working theory is long periods without power causes corruption to the internal system files. https://exputer.com/news/wii-u-memory-error-long-period/ Reading some of the linked forum links to that article, the Wii U uses per-console encryption, so unless you previously modded your Wii U and made a backup of the NAND storage, you're console is bricked. So FYI: Plug in your Wii U and play some NintendoLand or something at least once a year.
  9. F-16 Falcon Flight Simulator 4.0, fall of 1999.
  10. Yeah, but selling out too quickly has it's own issues. Customers won't revisit your store if they think there is nothing of interest to purchase.
  11. https://twitter.com/Boos2fer/status/1624873696568508416?s=20 Edit: I also read that Jeannie Ellis (Princess Toadstool from the SMB Super Show) voiced the woman in the ad.
  12. How was rarity calculated on the old NA database? I didn't join the forum until it had long-been well established, but was there any concrete figures or just member "feel" about the rarity?
  13. I tried using IA/Wayback awhile ago to look up the old NA NES database, however big chunks of it are missing. Even if the IA did have the whole database saved, GoCollect owns the data which I believe makes using it to build a new database legally fraught. It'd be better in the long run for a new user-contributed database to be built from scratch.
  14. They're nice to have, but I don't specifically go looking for copies with him. I'd rather settle for a nice in-case copy without one than spending extra time/money hunting down a copy with a spine card.
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