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  1. I'm working on the museum. Only 4 more lifeforms for the museum! I think the museum will be my favorite thing, and my focus until I completely finish it. Working on nook miles so I can get the damn storage bin, lol.
  2. i love the sounds of the footsteps and wind, lol. Very relaxing and I just started.
  3. yeah Orange Box isn't even close. 1 game and a couple small expansions and portal. This would literally be 4 of the best 3d games ever released. It's value is times Nine THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnduhduhduhduhduhhhhhhHHHH.
  4. awesome. I'll buy them all. They will add to my switch collection. Of course I will play them all too!
  5. as to the LRG discussions. I really don't have much of a history with them so I think they are ok. Personally I'm thankful they exist in this day of less and less physical releases. It's thanks to them I can actually own great portable switch versions of games like Dragon's Lair Trilogy, Mary Skelter 2, River City Girls, and so on. If it weren't for them, I just wouldn't even play those games. Now I can play them, enjoy them, and grow my Switch collection! It's thanks to them that my Switch collection will be just as awesome as my DS collection.
  6. They'd have to completely remake saga by memory but that game would be GOD TIER.
  7. ^^ yeah I bought it to get into the easter hunt, should be fun. But I'm going to be catching every fish and theming my island like everything aquaria since I am an aquarius. Can't wait!
  8. as an only child and shut in, this doesn't effect me at all. My copy is on the way.
  9. I'm on board. I'm about to beat Langrisser II and Trials of Mana isn't out til end of April and while I do have a few unbeaten Switch games I want something new. This game will have no problem holding me over til May when some RPGs hit the market.
  10. I got the classic edition. $70, yeah I'm a nut. But I'm willing to shell out if it's a game I really dig. I don't buy many LRG. But if a really good one gets a physical version I'm down. I think I own. . (all switch) Dragon's Lair Trilogy Divinity II Original Sin Have Coming Mary Skelter II Va-11 HALL-a Panzer Dragoon Classic Edition and will def buy Sports Story (if it comes out)
  11. They do give us physical versions of games we wouldn't get otherwise, even new stuff like Mary Skelter 2. I'm up for the physical version.
  12. Just got Langrisser I+II (switch) and please with it. Going with classic art and music really does make it more nostalgic. So I'm rotating between Langrisser I+II, Two Point Hospital, and Black Flag.
  13. There actually is a pandemic in two point hospital. People with pans stuck on their head.
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