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**VideoGameSage NES Weekly Contest Leaderboard & Rules 2023**


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Events Team · Posted

Welcome to the 2023 VideoGameSage NES Weekly Contests! 

Weekly Contest Moderators


Please read these rules carefully before you submit a score.  Failure to comply with the rules may result in your score being disqualified.  If you're new to the contests, please take a few minutes to read over the rules to make sure you submit your scores correctly.

Posting Scores

- In order to submit a score for the contest, take a picture of your score with your VGS user name written or typed on a piece of paper, which must be present in the picture. Your VGS user name MUST be in the picture or the score will be invalid and not accepted or considered.
- The entire TV screen, or computer monitor if you are playing on an emulator, MUST be in the picture for the score to be valid.  No partial screenshots will be considered or accepted.  No screenshots by hitting "print screen" on a computer will be allowed.  You must take a picture of your computer monitor.  There may be instances where this will be acceptable, but it will be at the discretion of the contest organizers.
- Old scores from past contests are not acceptable as submissions.  You must play the game during the week it has been selected for the contests.  Anyone suspected as passing off an old score as a new one will have their score disqualified and asked to resubmit a new one.
- When posting a new score, please begin your post by typing out your score.  Larger font (18pt) is preferred.
- If you are posting an updated score, please edit your initial post with the new photo and score. You can still create a separate new post as a bump to notify you edited your score if desired.  Editing your original post makes it much easier for the contest organizers to tally up the scores at the end of the week and also ensures that we don't make a mistake and credit you for the wrong score.
- For speed runs contests, we will be requiring video to show your progress time, baring cases were a speed run may take over 1 hour of recording time.


- NTSC systems will be the only consoles allowed for the contests.  PAL systems and games will not be allowed.  There are some PAL games that are optimized to run at the same speed and difficulty as NTSC games.  These will be allowed for use in the contests, but you MUST contact contest organizers first before using such a game so that we can investigate it.  Failure to contact us first could result in your score being disqualified.


- Emulators ARE allowed to be used in the weekly contests. However, anything that may give a player an advantage with an emulator over playing on the system is NOT allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, save states, Game Genie codes, altered ROMS, and turbo controls.  It is preferred if everyone plays on a console.
- There may be some weeks where emulator use will not be allowed.  If we choose not to use emulators for a specific week, it will be noted in the rules.  This means NO emulators can be used whatsoever and the game MUST be played on a console.  If we play a game and emulators are forbidden and someone still submits a score using an emulator, the score will be ignored..


- A PowerPak IS allowed to be used in the competition with the same regulations as with emulators. You may not use save states, Game Genies codes, altered ROMs or anything else that would give you an advantage over playing with the regular cartridge.

Points and Leaderboards

- Each week the top 8 players who submitted scores will earn points as follows:

1st - 10 points
2nd - 7 points
3rd - 6 points
4th - 4 points
5th - 2 points
Participation -  1

- Anyone who finishes below 5th place will earn 1 participation point.
- There will only be 1 regular leaderboard throughout the year, which will lead right up to the tournament.  The leaderboard style will be the same as 2022 and all points on the leaderboard will be cumulative.
- There will still be genre leaderboards for 2023. The genre for the 2023 contest will be:
     Beat 'Em Up
     Shooter/Shoot 'Em Up

- All games played in the 2023 contests will be reflective of those genres.  The genre leaderboards will use the same point system as the regular leaderboard, and whoever finishes atop each leaderboard prior to the start of the year-end tournament will win that genre and will be rewarded with a VGS Charms.
- The genre leaderboards are just for fun and will not impact anyone's standing in the tournaments.  So, if you feel you excel at Beat 'Em Ups, go for the Beat 'Em Up Charms.
- For 2023, we reduced the number of rounds from 5 to 4 to not burnout our players too much. Rules for the games will also focus more on shorter, faster to do runs.

Participation Score

- There may be instances where the rules of a game will require you to attain a minimum number of points in order to earn participation points for that week.  For example, if we play Double Dragon, you may be required to score at least 50,000 to earn participation points toward the leaderboard.  Participation scores will be noted in the rules if they will be used for a specific week.  In the event we set a participation score, any scores submitted that do not meet the minimum amount of points will be ignored.


- Turbo Controllers are NOT allowed to be used. Neither are any controllers that give you any advantage over regular controllers, such as slow motion or turbo ability.
- If anyone is suspected of using turbo functions, slow motion abilities, etc from a controller, your score will be disqualified and you will be banned from further competition.


- Cheating will NOT be tolerated in any form. This contest is based on trust and honor. Anyone found cheating will be banned from further competition.
- The use of point glitches to intentionally increase (or in the case of a low score contest, decrease) your score are frowned upon and not allowed in the contests.  If a point glitch is discovered that can create an unfair advantage, the rules for the game will be altered to ban the glitch.  Anyone suspected of using point glitches will have their score disqualified.
- If there is suspicion of a participant cheating, the contest moderators will review the case and the member may be asked to present further evidence of their score.  Further evidence includes, but is not limited to, video recordings and/or extra pictures.
- If you suspect another participant of cheating, do NOT call them out in the contest threads.  Please send a PM to the contest organizers and we will review the score.  Posting accusations in the contest threads creates unnecessary drama and stress for all involved and will NOT be tolerated.

Sportsmanship and Overall Conduct

- Please be a good sport while playing in the weekly contests.  While smack talk and the occasional vent are fine, please do not get carried away with it.  This includes, but is not limited to, name calling, excessive venting/complaining/whining, excessive profanity, cocky attitudes, arguing with contest moderators, accusations of cheating, cluttering threads with nonsense posts, etc.  Participants who cannot be good sports will receive a warning from me.  If your overall conduct is still considered to be in poor taste, you will be banned from the contests.
- Disrupting of the weekly contests in any way will NOT be tolerated.  This includes, but is not limited to, trolling, name calling, unauthorized prize giveaways, unnecessary drama, etc.  Anyone who disrupts the weekly contests in any form will be reported to a site moderator.


- There will be one tournament played this year and that will be hosted in a matter of weeks after the end of the regular season. 
- The number of competitors will be based on how many people participate and will be announced prior to the start of the tournament.
- Anyone who earns a spot in the tournament will receive a PM asking for them to confirm their tournament spot prior to the start of the competition.  Those who can't or are unwilling to participate will have their spot forfeited to the next available person.


- Random prizes will be given out throughout the year whenever we have a prize to offer.  These will be announced at random with no particular dates set in stone.  More than likely, anyone who participates in a particular contest will entered into a drawing for a chance to win a prize.  These prizes will be video game related in some way.
- To make it fair for everyone who plays in the contests, you can only win one random prize for the year.
- If anyone is interested in donating prizes to the weekly contests, please contact contest organizers first so arrangements can be made.  Do not feel compelled to have to donate to the weekly contests, but if you really want to, feel free to do it.
- If anyone wants to give away a prize on their own time for a particular contest, you must contact the contest organizers first to get authorization to do so.  Any unauthorized giveaways will NOT be allowed.
- In the event you win a prize, whether it be a random drawing or a tournament prize, we will send you a PM requesting your mailing address.  When giving your mailing address, please give your full name (first and last name) and not just your first name or VGS user name.  We want to ensure you receive your prize quickly and safely. .Once your package leaves our hands and is submitted to the post office, we will be not responsible for any lost, late, misdirected, mutilated, or returned packages.  If you are afraid something may happen to your prize, please request insurance.


26/03/2023  Super Mario Bros Action
02/04/2023  Millipede Arcade
09/04/2023  Mendel Palace Puzzle
16/04/2023  Isolated Warriors Shooter
23/04/2023  Double Dragon 2 Beat'em up
30/04/2023  Ice Hockey Sports
14/05/2023  Popeye Arcade
21/05/2023  1943 Shooter
28/05/2023  Palamedes Puzzle
04/06/2023  Renegade Beat'em up
11/06/2023  Ninja Gaiden 2 Action
18/06/2023  Ski or Die Sports
02/07/2023  Solomon's Key Puzzle
09/07/2023  Battletoads Double Dragon Beat'em up
16/07/2023  Mike Tyson's Punch Out Sports
23/07/2023  Legendary Wings Shooter
30/07/2023  Pinball Arcade
06/08/2023  Tiny Toon Adventures Action
20/08/2023  Guardian Legends Shooter
27/08/2023  Rad Racer Sports
03/09/2023  Yo! Noid Action
10/09/2023  Spy Hunter Arcade
17/09/2023  Yie-Ar Kung Fu Beat'em up
24/09/2023  Dr Mario Puzzle
15/10/2023  Tournament  

NOTE: This list may be revised with or without notice.  In the event we are not playing a game for a specific week, it will be noted as such on the schedule. The genre for each game is listed after the game title.  

Games per Genre:


Super Mario Bros
Ninja Gaiden 2
Tiny Toon Adventures
Yo! Noid


Spy Hunter


Isolated Warriors
Legendary Wings
Guardian Legends

Beat'em up

Double Dragon 2
Battletoads Double Dragon
Yie-Ar Kung Fu


Mendel Palace
Solomon's Key
Dr Mario


Ice Hockey
Ski or Die
Mike Tyson's Punch Out
Rad Racer

For an example of how the rules will usually go and to allow our players to start practicing, here's the rules for our very first game, Super Mario Bros:

  • Beat World 1 in one life and take your picture at the start of World 2-1
  • You are only allowed one loop of turtle hoping. You must hop the turtle or beetle till you get the 1up then stop and not repeat it. Anyone caught doing more than one loop of turtle hoping will have their score disqualified.
  • Highest score wins.
  • In case of a score tie, highest amount of coins wins. 

May this be a grand year of competition and fun!


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Events Team · Posted


1st PII 118
2nd Gloves 115
3rd Bearcat-Doug 101
4th mbd39 87
5th Richardhead 73
6th Dr. Morbis 72
7th NESfiend 55
8th docile tapeworm 44
9th BlackVega 33
10th SuperJimtendo 26
11th G-type 23
12th RH 17
13th Red 10
14th JamesRobot 9
15th 8bitdontquit 7
15th nesmaster14 7
17th wongojack 6
17th a3quit4s 6
19th Murray 2
19th Krunch 2
21st TriHart 1
21st Abner Stomps 1
21st TWarwick07 1
21st Kguillemette 1




1st mbd39 26
2nd Gloves 24
3rd Dr. Morbis 19
3rd PII 19
5th Richardhead 9
6th Bearcat-Doug 7
7th BlackVega 6
8th NESfiend 5
8th G-type 5
10th SuperJimtendo 4
11th 8bitdontquit 2
11th RH 2
13th a3quit4s 1
13th JamesRobot 1


1st PII 31
2nd Gloves 22
3rd mbd39 14
4th BlackVega 11
5th Dr. Morbis 10
5th Richardhead 10
5th Bearcat-Doug 10
8th NESfiend 9
9th SuperJimtendo 5
10th JamesRobot 3
10th G-type 3
10th RH 3
13th docile tapeworm 2
14th nesmaster14 1
14th Krunch 1
14th TriHart 1
14th Abner Stomps 1
14th TWarwick07 1
14th Murray 1
14th a3quit4s 1


1st docile tapeworm 34
2nd Gloves 28
3rd mbd39 14
4th Dr. Morbis 13
5th Bearcat-Doug 10
6th PII 9
6th NESfiend 9
8th Richardhead 7
9th SuperJimtendo 5
10th G-type 4
11th RH 3
12th JamesRobot 2
13th a3quit4s 1


1st Bearcat-Doug 29
2nd PII 24
3rd Gloves 16
4th BlackVega 14
5th NESfiend 13
6th Richardhead 9
7th mbd39 8
8th SuperJimtendo 5
9th 8bitdontquit 4
9th G-type 4
11th Dr. Morbis 3
12th a3quit4s 1
12th Kguillemette 1
12th Murray 1
12th RH 1


1st PII 22
2nd Gloves 17
2nd Bearcat-Doug 17
4th mbd39 16
5th Richardhead 12
6th Red 10
6th Dr. Morbis 10
8th RH 7
9th nesmaster14 6
9th NESfiend 6
9th wongojack 6
12th G-type 4
12th SuperJimtendo 4
14th BlackVega 2
14th JamesRobot 2
16th docile tapeworm 1
16th 8bitdontquit 1
16th Krunch 1
16th a3quit4s 1


1st Bearcat-Doug 28
2nd Richardhead 26
3rd Dr. Morbis 17
4th NESfiend 13
4th PII 13
6th mbd39 9
7th Gloves 8
8th docile tapeworm 7
9th SuperJimtendo 3
9th G-type 3
11th a3quit4s 1
11th RH 1
11th JamesRobot 1
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I agree this is a fantastic selection, if for no other reason than I own 13 of these titles, but maybe 10% of the entire NES library.

I'm going to try and grab the others too, budget permitting.  If anyone has spares of some of these, PM me a list.  I'd rather work with you guys than feeBay.

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8 hours ago, Dr. Morbis said:

Lookin' good.  Some of those games are pretty hardcore, so I can't wait to see what the rule sets are going to be...

For most of these games I'd rather there be as few rules as possible. Let me play as far into 1943 as I can. It's my favorite NES shmup.

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10 hours ago, mbd39 said:

For most of these games I'd rather there be as few rules as possible. Let me play as far into 1943 as I can. It's my favorite NES shmup.

There are 24 stages; each run would take well over an hour.  If the rule set is to play as long as you can, I won't be the one putting in the time required to win the week, I'll tell you that...

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On 2/14/2023 at 7:07 PM, Dr. Morbis said:

There are 24 stages; each run would take well over an hour.  If the rule set is to play as long as you can, I won't be the one putting in the time required to win the week, I'll tell you that...

The way I see it, anyone who can reach the later stages without continuing shouldn't need that many tries to get a high score. Most players won't get nearly that far anyway because this game is hard as hell.



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