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  1. Even scrub and terrible at videogames me beat it in 2016 when we last played this. There is no excuses.
  2. Since this is progress first, you can still end up among the five top players if only 4 more players beat the game.
  3. This is the tournament. There will be no kindness or leeway from my part, only PURE EVIL!! If one can beat the game, one can also figure a way to have exactly 1,200,000 points after beating the last boss. Or... if they aren't confident enough, they will have to keep their scores below 1,200,000 points and admit they aren't as good as they thought they were! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  4. Their scores will be disqualified. 1,200,000 is the most they can have upon beating the game. If they can't math to make exactly 1,200,000 to happen... well, too bad. Edit: Clarified the rules about breaking 1,200,000 before beating the game and getting past 1,200,000 for beating the game.
  5. Rules amended to make it progress + highest score, plus a tie breaker determined by the player shooter genre position through the VGS Weekly Contest of 2020.
  6. Max set point would be interesting, but it could allow for 6 or more people to tie for 1st, so tiebreak would have to be total points they have earned through the season in the shmup category. Then it would work beautifully.
  7. Would you guys prefer this to be low score with progress or progress with a set a max score like we did before, since point pressing can be a bit of a problem?
  8. Hello and welcome to our second round of TOURNAMENT ACTION, ladies and gentlemen! Out of our 15 players, 10 heroes survived the first round. Here they are: @Gaia Gensouki @Richardhead @bertsampson @Tablew/chairs@NESfiend@0xDEAFC0DE@8bitdontquit@mbd39@Jeevan@ninjistar Out of those 10, only 5 will make through a BRUTAL ROUND OF GYRUSS! Here's the rules they have to abide to during this week: Choose whichever controls you want Progress + highest score will determine the winner The highest score is capped at 1,200,000 points at the end of the first loop. If you reac
  9. And it is reveal time. The game for this week will be Gyruss! One loop and highest score. The official thread will be up tomorrow, after we have defined the 10 players that qualified!
  10. Sure you can, but that port is SO arcade inaccurate.
  11. It is because they know that if they even joke about playing the SMS port or any other, I will haunt their dreams forever.
  12. 1st Gaia Gensouki 1,108,500 2nd Richardhead 981,800 3rd bertsampson 800,900 4th NESfiend 586,000 5th 0xDEAFC0DE 545,700 6th mbd39 441,700 7th 8bitdontquit 381,700 8th SuperJimtendo 320,900 9th JamesRobot 263,900
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