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  1. Geral and genre scoreboards updated. @NESfiend takes 1st place, now 2 points ahead of @Dr. Morbis. @bertsampson creeps closer thanks to his 1st place at Silk Worm.
  2. Final standings posted. Congratulations to @bertsampson for securing the 1st place this week.
  3. We allowed the Cleopatra, worth 1,000,000 points, in Star Force and for loopers to hit her as many times as they could loop, so what is a meagre one time 500K bonus compared to that? One time bonuses don't count as point pressing. I didn't have time to run through all the bosses in this game to see if there were ways to point press on them so I decided to err in the side of caution by adding that no point pressing rules. I am tailing the scores now.
  4. Welcome, welcome! We're getting ready for a brand new week of adventure and platforming on our beloved weekly contest. This time, our contestants will tackle a classic. A super easy platforming game! Vice: Project Doom! The rules are extra simple this time: 1-life only When you beat the final boss first form, your run ends immediately there, press on pause and take a picture of your score. You can't fight the final boss second form at all. Highest score wins Participation: 20,000 GENRE: Platformer The contest ends Sunday, 06/20/21 at 11 PM VGS
  5. Geral and genre scoreboards updated. @NESfiendties with @Dr. Morbis for 1st place.
  6. Final standings finally posted. Congratulations to @imabadguy1 for taking the victory this round!
  7. So sorry for your loss Estil. My condolences.
  8. Happy to hear that you guys enjoyed this rule set. I will try to get more creative with rules for our most common games from now on considering this feedback to try to freshen things up.
  9. Current standings posted. Next time, I will up the stage bonus to make it have more weight in the final score. Hope you all have had fun in this week with those rules.
  10. 1st bertsampson 1,183,500 2nd NESfiend 828,100 3rd Jeevan 635,200 4th Dr. Morbis 246,100 5th mbd39 207,100 6th dvertov 74,000 7th Ausden 70,300 8th RH 65,400 9th PII 47,700 10th JamesRobot 37,500 11th FireHazard51 26,900
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome for another week of our NES weekly contest! This week there will be MUCH shooting happening as our players tackle Silk Worm! A shooter game which is most complex to come up with working rules for... But nonetheless, here there are: 1 life only Play Heli or Jeep, your choice. If you die, pause the game at the start of your new life and take your picture. Since the game doesn't show your score and lives during the boss phase, pause and take your picture before the boss of the wave to post in case you die to the boss. Play till
  12. Geral and genre scoreboards updated. @Dr. Morbis is still leading, but his lead is now down to 2 points to @NESfiend. @bertsampson still remains in 3rd, going on with his cruise mode.
  13. Final standings posted. Those that didn't make to the leg 3 of their stages were given a time of 9:59''9 for consistence's sake. Congratulations to @PII and @Mega Tank for tying up for 1st.
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