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  1. Kali is 12 already and she remains as lap needy and moustachied as ever. She is best kitty.
  2. You try to keep it low profile, play low tier to hinder results, help with a tournament here and there and still end up in an esports article by the biggest media company of the country. FFS. https://globoesporte.globo.com/esports/noticia/20-jogadoras-profissionais-que-se-destacam-nos-esports.ghtml
  3. Geral and genre scoreboard updated. @Dr. Morbis is currently leading the race, with 23 points, @0xDEAFC0DE is in second with 21 points and a tie for thrid with @arnpoly and @NESfiend with 20 points.
  4. Final standings posted. Congratulations to @NESfiend for taking the win this week, with @0xDEAFC0DE in second and a tie for third with @dvertov and @FireHazard51 a 1,201 lbs shark!
  5. Final scoreboard will be posted tonight. Thinks have been busy and messy here.
  6. I am still working on Keiseden and decide I would dabble on Wonder Boy too to get used to it. It is... not too bad. Feels a bit weird but it will be beatable, just like Adventure Island.
  7. Current scoreboard posted. I am so damn happy that bloody fishing game week is about to finish.
  8. Yes. Highest score matters more. But the highest scores will likely be from people who reached stage 21 and used the wrenches for extra score.
  9. Lasses and Lads, be READY, for a week of FAST paced racing is upon us! Our pilots will prove their mettle at the devious tracks of SUPER SPRINT! They must prove who is the fastest of them all through the following rules: Play till level 21 If you reach level 21, pause the game just as the race starts, without moving your car and take your picture If you fail to make to level 21, pause the game just as the opponent's car gets the checkered flag and take your picture Highest score wins Genre: Racing Now, hit the pedal to the metal! The co
  10. I think I will work on Kenseiden then Turma da Monica tomorrow. I fucking LOVE Kenseiden.
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