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You can own 1 arcade cabinet..


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Well not much debate, I actually do own just one, but by nature, it's a cheat as i have options. 😄 (150~ options technically.)  I've got 35~ carts for this plus the 161in1 which has around 95-99 unique titles on there with the UniBIOS4 installed so I can Pick n Mix to the game I want from a popup menu.

Wished I could afford the AES in the day as it was the rolls royce of consoles since it wasn't, just a repinned arcade board, then anytime, everytime I saw the big red cabinet at any location I'd play.  My college in its infancy in that era had a very small rec room with like a 1/2 dozen games and 2 pins, the Neo was there the entire time and cartridges swapped out now and again.  It always was my go-to.  Now I walk across the room to go to it. 😄



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A little bit about why I chose this: I was never much of an arcade guy, simply because my parents never took me to one as a kid, didn't get to go to an "arcade" til much later like late teens/early 20s, when the big games of the time were Cruis'n Exotica and Time Crisis 3 and all that. So I never got to go in arcade's heyday. However my parents took me to pizza hut every so often as a kid, and they had one single arcade machine hidden in the corner: OutRun. And every time we went I'd ask my mom or dad for quarters while we waited (it was usually a pretty long wait) and I'd play it over and over and over. I was never any good, but I loved the game and still do.

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5 hours ago, Bearcat-Doug said:

Probably an original Galaga cabinet or a Pac-Man cocktail table. I spent a thousands hours playing both of those as a kid.

Or you could get creative, Namco sold split cabs for the anniversary where it had both in one, half the cab art for each half of the two games.  It would be amazing having that as a choice on one.

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MAME, duh 🤣 

Uh... one game? Not even a Ms Pacman/Galaga combo cab? My contenders: 

Turtles in Time or X-Men 6 player
Good party games for lots of people to junp on

I have been just entranced by Defender ever since I discovered it in NES emulation. The arcade version has really unique controls inspired by actual ships.

Kung Fu Master
Similar to Defender, but easier for noobs to pick up - a classic game that is more complex than it appears, you can play simple and obvious but it  rewards deeper strategy and skill. As I think about this, that's a factor in a lot of early 80s games.

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9 hours ago, a3quit4s said:

I dunno I’ve been thinking about this for a few days and I think my favorite game to play arcade was probably any of the time crisis games or maybe even silent scope. 

Man I didn’t even think about Time Crisis. That’s another one I’d love to have.

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