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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
zombiemicrowave zombiemicrowave 06/12/2020 Fast Payment, Thank you for buying the NES games Bonanza125 Bonanza125
Trifecta Trifecta 06/12/2020 Purchased a TMNT: Tournament Fighters SNES registration card. Easy communication and fast shipping! No problems. Homeboyks Homeboyks
m308gunner m308gunner 06/12/2020 Fast Payment, Great Communication, Thank you for buying Lolo CIB NES game Bonanza125 Bonanza125
barrels barrels 06/12/2020 Fast Payment, Great to deal with, Great Communication, Thank you for buying the NES games Bonanza125 Bonanza125
kapitank00 kapitank00 06/12/2020 Fast Payment, Great to deal with, Thank you for buying the NES games. Bonanza125 Bonanza125
Chevmatic Chevmatic 06/12/2020 Great to deal with. Thank you Bonanza125 Bonanza125
ThePhleo ThePhleo 06/12/2020 Great to deal with and nice communication. Will deal with again. Bonanza125 Bonanza125
MeganJoanne MeganJoanne 06/12/2020 Bought many items from her. She is amazing and has good skillz. Spent lots o money and look forward to spending more sometime in the near future :) Jeevan Jeevan
Tanooki Tanooki 06/12/2020 forgot he sold me another game too. Good dude, will buy again if he has the goods :) Jeevan Jeevan
Megamanfan Megamanfan 06/12/2020 bought some gameboy games, one cib and one cart only. Good dude!! trustworthy and ships fast! Jeevan Jeevan
Trifecta Trifecta 06/12/2020 Sold me two pretty awesome games for a fair price, and did it with love. Great person overall. Thanks! ThePhleo ThePhleo
Bonanza125 Bonanza125 06/12/2020 Thanks again for the manuals! They're really helpful for the project. ThePhleo ThePhleo
Homeboyks Homeboyks 06/12/2020 Sold a TMNT Registration Card to Homeboysks. He was easy to deal with. Thank you. Trifecta Trifecta
dquiros dquiros 06/12/2020 Thanks! Shipped very fast and the game arrived looking great. VegHead VegHead
Pikkon Pikkon 06/12/2020 Sold Illusion of Gaia cart for $. Excellent transaction! Smooth, fast payment and lovely chatting. I couldn't be happier this cart is going to a good home. Enjoy the game and cheers to excellent taste :D Matchbook Matchbook
ThePhleo ThePhleo 06/12/2020 Sold manuals/poster for $ to be archived. What a great transaction, great communication and friendly chatting along the whole process. Highly recommended! Would love to do business with again! Good luck my friend! :D Matchbook Matchbook
DoctorEncore DoctorEncore 06/12/2020 Purchase of several CIB NES games. Great items, all things perfect. Thanks! ninjistar ninjistar
mog mog 06/12/2020 Purchase of a number of N64 loose carts. Great seller, thanks! ninjistar ninjistar
Megamanfan Megamanfan 06/12/2020 Purchased 4 unlicensed NES carts in fantastic condition. Great seller. Would buy again! ninjistar ninjistar
Rooster Rooster 06/12/2020 This guy did me a solid to go out of his way to buy me a few N64 games! Would deal with again! :) OptOut OptOut
Vectrex28 Vectrex28 06/12/2020 I asked him to buy some N64 games for me and he went out of his way to help! Great guy! :) OptOut OptOut
spacepup spacepup 06/12/2020 Bought a couple of rarities in Tawian to send to this guy, awesome transactions, would deal again! :) OptOut OptOut
ALTQQ ALTQQ 06/12/2020 Bought some SFC stuff, PAL Samson and Majora's Mask! Made it all the way from Canada, excellent dude! :) OptOut OptOut
fcgamer fcgamer 06/12/2020 Bought and sold a bunch with this dude, excellent guy! :) OptOut OptOut
Jeevan Jeevan 06/12/2020 Bought some N64 games - December 2019 - Great guy! :) OptOut OptOut
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