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  1. I'm glad someone was able to find this. I wanted to save it before NA got deleted but never got the chance. This was a huge benefit to me when I was putting my collection together and is a resource that any snes cib collector will find useful. Thanks again Shortstop!
  2. First time posting since the evolution from NA. I will be posting more stuff in the next few days as well. Shipping is from Canada, but prices are in USD and do not include shipping. Bundle deals available and if you would like board pics or more detailed ones just let me know! NES Super Mario Bros 3 (CIB) - $40 SNES (CIB unless noted) Vegas Stakes(Sealed) - $20 EVO - $450 Super Bomberman Party Pak - $200 Take all 3 for $600 GameCube (CIB unless noted) Zelda Collectors Edition - $60 Need for Speed Carbon - $10 Sonic Mega Collection - $10 NHL
  3. I don't post a lot these days but I'm digging the new platform we got going on here!
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