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  1. Made an amazing trade with this member. Items came just as described plenty of pics and all the good items arrived safe and sound. Even after the usps office made a 2 day venture turn into what seemed like a 30 day hike he was cool the whole trip! Deal with confidence!
  2. Still got a bunch! If u don’t see something shoot me over a message.
  3. 8-bit X-mas games added in time for Christmas bought new tested and stored. Like new condition unless u bought them new yerself. Include box protector as well. Pm me if interested
  4. Removed some more sold. Let me know if u see anything u need. I’d add more but I’ve been hearing there too much to scroll through already
  5. Still got these for sale if anyone needs any?
  6. Priced everything. Hit me up if u need er with an offer if my price is too high?
  7. For sale with no price? Did I miss it. How much do u need?
  8. For sale here will be sega genesis games, pal, pirates, megadeive, homebrew, etc... prices will be listed eventually with pics of actual items Shipping will be as close to actual as possible if u have any questions or need more Pics please message me back to the future III ntsc $SOLD battle squadron ntsc $22 Cannon fodder megadrive $60 dragons revenge megadrive $65 markos magic football megadrive $15 Menacer 6 in 1 megadrive $25 risk ntsc $6 rolo megadrive case ntsc cart $10 Sonic megadrive $20 sonic 2 megadrive $20 sonic 3d megadri
  9. I posted some in the for sale threads. Not sure how to price the most of them
  10. germ squashers children’s miracle network limited release with extras $175 obo pics of actual items will be posted and asking prices listed here in alpha order if u need more pics of an item u r interested in please message me if I’m way high on something shoot me a message I’d be happy to make a fair deal. Just looking to move the remainder of my game collection to other collectors shipping is not included In prices as I try to charge as close to actual as I can If u have any questions send me a message thanks for looking over my Nes sales thread if a price
  11. I’ve got several hundred Nes games left but most r not heavy hitters ntsc does anyone here collect pal, repros, and homebrews? ive got some from Nintendoage days even such as the tin collection items like solitaire and just wondering if I should list them in the selling section? i don’t want to waste anyone’s time some sample items below
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