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  1. More or less I just need the "heavies" still (Mega man, MTPO, star force, gotcha. I do need a few others just because I am doing both CAN and US 3 and 5 screw variations ha ha. Also, I see your secret shame in there...
  2. Yup I sold one of my copies about a year ago for around $100. Its aloooot more common than the 5-screw star force (I have seen that one pop up twice I can think of...). I think out of all the "5 screw, no back label" games this is the most common (I know we used to have a list...I think like 10 folks had copies?)
  3. Ya it seems like its more of those deals that go down behind the scenes. If your looking for one its better to just get your name out there that your looking for it. Personally I would love to get an M82 and a test station but have to wait til I have a bunch of extra funds kicking around to even start tossing my name into the pot
  4. Ya we had a few folks like that here ha ha. They would constantly post ads about buying games then turn around and list the games they just bought a day later. Also they tended to mark up about ebay +20% which was insane, especially for the market here (also whenever you ask, price is firm). They tended to sit on stuff for months, then eventually would drop to a more reasonable level. I think most of them peaced out though with the nobody buying retro stuff anymore and even the local shops giving next to nothing for trade. Also was fun to watch when two of them started posting ads back and forth bashing eachother...
  5. I used to post WTB ads on local kijiji / FB. My thought was always you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I would flat out tell folks what I would be selling for and offer around 60% of what they are worth. I would explain that gives me room to be flexible on pricing for other folks, they get an easy transaction no fuss no muss and its alot higher than most other people would offer (Alot of people tend to offer like 10-20% of what they would sell for lol) Made a decent chunk of coin that way and folks were pretty happy. Helped me grow my NES collection fast / on the cheap (this was like 3-4y ago probably). Could buy up a large collection, kept everything I wanted, sell off the rest and still end up ahead to buy more stuff. Always had the random people think they were funny by sending me photos of "I found these in my basement" and was like samson, bonks, etc. I treated them like it was real, said if they are actual copies they are fairly valuable, would need to get them checked just because there is alot of reproductions blah blah blah. Had one guy try to keep going and be like "How much do you think my NWC gold catridge is worth?" Everyone's a joker, never let it bug me though
  6. I find stuff on RetRos to go for more than it should alot of times to be honest...:\ I know there was some controversy in the past with sellers that worked out deals with certain folks to "bid up" stuff to a minimum price.
  7. Ya, I definitely dont see them as often as I did 5-6 years ago. They are still able to be found, its a matter of having money line up at the same time one shows up ha ha. Oh well, im in the for the long haul anyways. I find over time stuff has a habit of suddenly starting to come out of the woodworks
  8. This and M82 are two items I have always wanted ha ha. One day I will get them
  9. From what I know the auction keeps going until there is no further bids. There is no real "cut off time", auctioneer will just keep upping til nobody takes $150,000? Yup $160,000? Yup $170,000? Yup $180,000? Nope...going once...nope...going twice? nope...Sold
  10. So to add to this so far.. Final fantasy Dr mario Dragon warrior Super Mario bros 2 Super Mario bros 3 Tetris Tetris 2 Zelda 1 Zelda 2 Also star tropics has a red top -CAN (I have a photo, can upload later), and I believe Faxanadu does as well
  11. LOL ya I know...I was on NA as well was just trying to sneak that in there. Ehhh one day will nab an SE...kinda low on priority...been more focused on CIB set...Like 94 short of that right now
  12. Going to take a shot in the dark and say that the NES full set is including all licensed + SE? If so, one short..
  13. Ya I had noticed that there was 2 sold by same seller, at the same price. Which I found...odd... Might just toss it up this weekend then at $500 BIN and see what offers roll in I guess. Always hate to sell something unless its a double ha ha which is why ideally I just traded for cash + good copy of hang tab one. But eh, if it sold for like $300 Im sure I could buy another (hang tab, dont care about sticker) for cheap enough to be worthwhile
  14. More Photos. Should of taken photo of cart but it is 5-screw no code.
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