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  1. So from reading through the whole thing I am pretty sure alot of the points have been touched on already but I might as well re-iterate. I have seen alot of people trying to start up their own company to "compete" with WATA / VGA, always just seems like a cash grab while "grading is hot" and never seem to be able to make solid arguments for the reason to do it, so: What makes you different? What do you bring to the table that VGA / WATA does not? I noticed you say that your intent was to "meet turn around times, which VGA and WATA currently do not". Thats a bold promise to make as how ca
  2. Will dig out my copy and snap a photo for you, did you want name on paper / date with that?
  3. I think the difference is in WHO is doing the sexualization. A woman choosing to use her sexuality to make money or whatever else is viewed as empowering because "Its my body its my choice, if I chose to flaunt it and have men cater thats ok" Vs "I want to be viewed as a whole person and it bothers me that people just view me for my sexuality"
  4. Ya, honestly im indifferent to this kind of thing. If there is a market for it and people are willing to pay for it . Its like being a stripper but reaching a wider audience. I can understand the frustration with youtube allowing videos like that as its pretty clearly skirting the line. They seem to have this habit of cracking down on content because "kids might come across it" but is the video even age restricted ? But in terms of someone like this flaunting their body to make money, meh. Some people are just born with natural "Talents" (not necessarily just physical). What if s
  5. I took the cost they charged to mean the cost to insure the item by the shipping company. And isnt that argument the same as saying that the post office / shipping companies shouldnt charge you "a premium for insurance because they are not licensed to sell insurance" ? I just think call them out for things they should actually be held accountable for, stuff (like this) thats more grey area ? Eh.
  6. I would completely agree with this statement. Postal service does not question you when you state a declared value for insurance. If you say its $100? Its 100, if you say its 10k? Its 10k. They only insure it up to the value you specified
  7. True enough, I suppose the argument can be made one way or the other. - They go based on what you declare the value to be and if a claim is made against them then it is only up to the value you claimed it as (like fedex isnt going to question what you consider something to be valued at, they just say "ok we will insure it up to that value). - Alternatively its a "Cover your ass" situation, someone sends something and says "oh its worth $500" but the reality is its sold for 10k+ recently, to avoid having someone come back with "well I was wrong, it was worth way more I just didnt see
  8. That being said, I do disagree with some things WATA has done I disagree with things like the "pedigree collections" I just find it silly buzz words to draw attention / make some stuff "more valuable" I find the lack of population reports to be kinda frustrating. I can understand in a sense the "well if we release a population report with a small subset of data then the data is skewed" but by now you figure they would of had enough data and they can just update it monthly. That being said I know VGA doesnt release pop reports either, which is also frustrating. I suppose there might
  9. Actually? I honestly cant say I have seen this (not saying that its not true, simply that I havent seen it) In regards to the liability I had assumed that was due to insuring the package being shipped. "FedEx, UPS, and Purolator offer similar coverage. Each domestic parcel is automatically covered for a value of up to $100 against loss or damage. As for packages with a value above $100, additional coverage is available for $2 to $5 per $100 of coverage." So its automatically covered for up to $100, and then 2% - 5% beyond that. The way I read WATAs wording then is that: 0-
  10. Anyone knowledgeable on pirate carts? I know I have seen arbian nights 1100 in 1 and that its on the rare side, but I cant think of a time I have ever seen arbian nights 250 in 1 Common? rare? Oddity? Dont know enough about pirate carts so reaching out to see if anyone knows more.
  11. I think from a collectors perspective its not "new" (as new tends to mean factory sealed). So if its not factory sealed then its automatically "used". Closest approximation would be BNIB (brand new in box) but thats kind of symantecs (as again how can you definitively prove it was never opened / used?) If its not a factory seal how can you definitively say it was never used? What if it was a return from a customer and whatever shop just re-sealed it ? Trying to argue it as "new, never used" is just asking for an issue (Never like to leave the door open / assume it will happen but bet
  12. Ya, one thing I will note. High starting bid tends to put people off so putting it at $700 / $800 starting bid it might not move past that (IE single bidder). If you're wanting to list with a higher starting bid honest answer is I would say just put a higher BIN with best offer, see what offers roll in. Just personal opinion, I know I have snagged a few items for cheap due to high starting bid / causing no bidders on it
  13. 99% sure that seal is wrong, so I wouldnt see it as any more than a CIB copy Also I sold my CIB copy like...a month ago? Sold it for $1000 CAD. Had it posted at 1300 CAD or best offer, had offer of 1K after about an hour. Sat on it a few hours to see if any other offers rolled in then accepted. Apparently it was in bargin bins here in winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) at giant tigers. So I dont know if we just got a majority of the left overs and they got tossed in the bargin bins or what but I have seen 2 copies locally (other I saw was loose). I think a part of it is just folks dont know
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