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  1. Everything was solid, shipped perfectly.
  2. I don't ever play any of these and as I shift my collecting needs towards what I actually enjoy I feel like it's about time I get rid of this. DM me on discord (Gasry #7669) for faster comms. At one point I started collecting both wiiu and 3DS from A-Z so a lot of early titles and random titles. PM offers. Really trying to get rid of these lots in bulk but shoot me an offer anyway! Anything non bulk I'll sell individually All prices include shipping WiiU Game lot, $170 Shipped for all (would really prefer to sell in lots or as a whole lot). All filler titles. All d
  3. Transaction Seller: VGD Buyer: Wasbi Summary: Perfect Dark CIB Transaction Status: Shipped and recievee Feedback: Great communication. Shipped asap, thanks!
  4. My favorite badges were the series badges. It gave me incentive to collect an entire series and I played through them as I bought them. It was fun altogether. I'm hoping they return and are expanded upon. I was actually working on the Metroid badge before NA got axed. I want a cute metroid icon!
  5. Buying the following Titles CIB. The following prices are prices from GVN, pricecharting and ebay averaging so they may be off. Condition is important but I don't expect gem mint boxes/etc. Please no Best Seller versions. I like my 1.0 copies. All prices are variable depending on condition, these are my bounties for clean mint copies. *Due to the recent spike in retro, my prices may be off, sorry if they are* Bounties: [SNES] Donkey Kong Country 2 CIB - 65$ + Shipping [SNES] Donkey Kong Country 3 CIB - 80$ + Shipping [SNES] Super Metroid - 140$ + Shipping Bou
  6. Wasbi

    RPG Thread

    Completed it within a couple of days. Keep pressing along, that part is still really early on, the game gets better imo after threed (the zombie town)
  7. Video game OST is a huge factor for me when I'm rating games & selecting games to beat/re-beat. It has the ability to set the tone & mood in a very significant way. A lot of music in older video games also tends to hit us with waves of nostalgic feelings, and are very memorable. I'm always looking to expand my horizons on OST and sometimes the OST alone can lead me to playing through an entire game. What are some of your favorite OSTs? One of my favorite OSTs (recently) is from the Mother (Earthbound) series. Not driven by nostalgia (I barely playe
  8. The renown points have a significant use aside from the statues. Statues are good to invest into anyway.
  9. If I were to pick one it'd be Fire Emblem Sacred Stones... But it changes frequently lol
  10. Boy I wish I could post some of the stuff I've restored. I bought a local lot of consoles that probably sat in a garage for years and restored everything I needed from it. Cleaning the grime off of remotes and making things function again is a good feeling. That's some good work you've done there, looks good!
  11. Wasbi

    RPG Thread

    I recently bought myself an EB cart on NA and I instantly got hooked too. It's such a fun game, the levelling curve is super good and the story is cute and creepy. I suggest playing Mother 3 if you like EB snes a lot. The OSTs for both of those titles are amazing
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