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FS: updating thread soon, lots of games coming!!!


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Pictures will be included.  E-mail or PM me if you don't see a picture you want to see.  Prices are before shipping, but I will charge so close to actual shipping, even taking a slight hit on my own end.  So don't worry about that.

Nintendo 3DS
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon (black label) - $15
Mario Paper Jam - $25

Nintendo Switch
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker - $24
Dragonball Fighter Z - $14
LOH Trails of Cold Steel III - $38
Sega Genesis Classics - $17
Star Wars Jedi Academy/Outcast dual pack sealed (w/holo card) - $100
Streets of Rage LRG sealed - $35
Yoshi's Crafted World - $30

Sega Genesis
Genesis Mini CIB mint w/Retrobit Wired controller new - $50
Beggar Prince - $70
Pier Solar Genesis launch SUPER MINT 074/2000 - $145

PlayStation Portable
Brave Story SEALED - $40
Ys Ark of Nepishtim - $30

Microsoft Xbox
Bioshock (xbox one) sealed - $7
Kingdom Hearts III (xbox one) sealed - $7
Resident Evil 7 gold (xbox one) sealed - $15
Shenmue II sealed (OG xbox) - $28







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On 1/7/2020 at 6:28 PM, Trifecta said:

Curious to know what other games you have for sale?

right now not much.  I mean I only have like 180 or so games, all mint complete in the box.  But I am not having much to unload right now (this post also serves as a BUMP!)  But I might add a few more switch games in the next couple of weeks.

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  • The title was changed to FS: updating thread soon, lots of games coming!!!

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