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FS: updating thread soon, lots of games coming!!!


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Pictures will be included.  E-mail or PM me if you don't see a picture you want to see.  Prices are before shipping, but I will charge so close to actual shipping, even taking a slight hit on my own end.  So don't worry about that.

Nintendo 3DS
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon (black label) - $15
Mario Paper Jam - $25

Nintendo Switch
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker - $24
Dragonball Fighter Z - $14
LOH Trails of Cold Steel III - $38
Sega Genesis Classics - $17
Star Wars Jedi Academy/Outcast dual pack sealed (w/holo card) - $100
Streets of Rage LRG sealed - $35
Yoshi's Crafted World - $30

Sega Genesis
Genesis Mini CIB mint w/Retrobit Wired controller new - $50
Beggar Prince - $70
Pier Solar Genesis launch SUPER MINT 074/2000 - $145

PlayStation Portable
Brave Story SEALED - $40
Ys Ark of Nepishtim - $30

Microsoft Xbox
Bioshock (xbox one) sealed - $7
Kingdom Hearts III (xbox one) sealed - $7
Resident Evil 7 gold (xbox one) sealed - $15
Shenmue II sealed (OG xbox) - $28







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On 1/7/2020 at 6:28 PM, Trifecta said:

Curious to know what other games you have for sale?

right now not much.  I mean I only have like 180 or so games, all mint complete in the box.  But I am not having much to unload right now (this post also serves as a BUMP!)  But I might add a few more switch games in the next couple of weeks.

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7 hours ago, a3quit4s said:

Got pics for earthbound? I don’t question the Mintyness just need more fuel to shoot you an offer

here ya go.  It's regular size just FYI.  UncleTusk only does boxes that were never made, like English tranlsations.  Or a reg size Earthbound box for example.


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