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What game are you most looking forward to coming out in 2022?


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There are quite a few solid looking games coming out this year, many of which I’m very excited for. Below are some of the top ones I’m looking forward to coming out. I’m curious to hear what everyone else is looking forward to. 

1) Zelda breath of the wild 2
2) Pokémon legends Arceus 
3) Triangle Strategy
4) Digimon Survive
5) Advance Wars 1+2 Reboot camp

metal slug tactics also sound interesting, as does dragon quest treasures if that gets released this year. 

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the last few years, i've been trying to focus on past games and slowly work through my backlog. while i still like them, i get more enjoyment out of 8- and 16- bit games than current stuff.

that being said, what i'm looking forward to the most is:

Cuphead (physical Switch edition when the DLC drops?)

Zelda BOTW2 (although i'm skeptical of a 2022 release)

and hoping for a Pokemon: Let's Go Gold/Silver game.



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Editorials Team · Posted

For sure buys:
Breath of the Wild 2
Bayonetta 3
Advance Wars 1 + 2
Disco Elysium (physical)
Cuphead (physical)
All of the Trails releases
Prinny Classics Vol. 2
Mario Rabbids 2
Triangle Strategy
Sports Story

Might buy:
Death's Gambit
Vampire the Masquerade
Sea of Stars

Assuming I can actually get a PS5:
Elden Ring
Horizon 2
Dying Light 2

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Breath of the Wild 2 which probably gets booted to 2023 lol

Shredders Revenge to beat in one night and regret not making it last longer 

Hollow Knight Silksong because I need that one game that frustrates me that I won’t play it again till 2023 because I can’t remember why I stopped playing it and then the first I die oh yeah that’s right

edit: does anyone know if shredders revenge is getting a physical release? I assume at the least LRG will do it if no one has already called dibs

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It's sad but honestly, nothing much other than Pokemon Arceus, the open world Kirby game, obviously Breath of the Wild 2 and Metroid Prime 4 if they happen.

As far as maybe's go I'm aware of Chocobo GP, Advance Wars reboot, big maybe on .hack(loved the first 2 DVDs on PS2 ages ago), and I don't know...

And the PC is seeing something of Uncharted and God of War too so that's something.  Wish as fluid as the GOG/Steam market are for PC insanely good stuff ranges from taking time to showing up out of nowhere too.   And a big of course to TMNT Shredders Revenge.


I will add as it's kind of a new game not new game due to what Evercade is pushing, but there are some upcoming carts for that I want like the Renovation cart which has Valis 1+3, Sol Deace, Exile, and more on there largely from Sega Genesis/PCE stuff. and they promised more arcade collections and indie stuff too.  GIven the typical $20-25 price point it would be dumb not to jump in for some new variety.


Personally I'm glad there's not a whole lot to truly sink money into, and not that much optionally either.  I'm more or less done reselling, definitely online, so I'm only buying to play now pretty much so that'll leave more time to dig through stuff already on the shelf which is fine by me.

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Here is my current list:

- Chocobo GP

To be frank, I'd probably have a bigger list if I was successful in regards to me building a video game collection. Because I am 99.9% sure that I'd be juggling both the Switch and PS5 when it comes to digital media. As opposed to being pissed that Steam has not told owners of the pre-Pixel Remastered version of the original Final Fantasy games will get upgrades.

As for JRPGs, I will not be surprised if Koichi Sugiyama's death has delayed the musical portion of Dragon Quest XII to any degree. Just like I am waiting to hear if I have to start a Epic account to get Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin on PC, as well as if/when Dragon Quest X Offline will go state-side this year.

So while I wait for those answers, I am going simple with this game since my Switch has no racing games on it. 😅

And not because I am broke for the foreseeable future.


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My poke expectations have been low to no for ages, Ultra Sun revitalized it a lot because it decided to try something new, not another sad re-run, but then S&S went back to that bs with the GO style raids which soured me.  But Arceus being not the wash rinse repeat bs again, but unique even more than UltraSun was being like an open world of it all and the style they're going with I think it could be actually very good.  I could see it pissing off the entitled purists, but you know...stagnate too long and people get fed up.  Zelda went there sadly, but BotW was mind blowing good.

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Editorials Team · Posted
On 1/20/2022 at 3:44 AM, NostalgicMachine said:

I literally only play retro stuff exclusively. I'm not closed off to the idea of new games, just nothing catches my fancy. I still get excited about NES stuff as if it were brand new 😎.

Uploads montage of Shovel Knight, Hollow Knight, Gungeon, Nier Automata, Golf Story, Breath of the Wild, Streets of Rage 4, Horizon, Village, Dragon Quest XI, Bayonetta 3, Triangle Strategy, Elden Ring, Cuphead, Doom Eternal, and like a thousand other "new" games

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