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  1. I actually laughed out loud. I've never ordered from Ikea, their delivery charge is $60 in the same city. I just drive over there and pick up.
  2. Now I'm actually confused. I think he should get Billy Bookcases because they will do exactly what he wants. They have doors and drawers for storage, I posted them as a suggestion. Am I misunderstanding what he wants?
  3. You could just read eBay's terms of service to find out. What I find more interesting is if they're holding funds, I believe they legally need to apply to be recognized as a bank. I know PayPal had to do this recently and it brought about a lot of changes to their terms of service with the new banking requirements because they hold funds while in transport.
  4. New collectors? I've been doing this for a decade. I'm also creating a website like Discogs to track all of this information so it can be tracked by anyone that desires it, this isn't for anything to do with which print I have. The most hilarious part of all of this is you have helped us the most in this debate because none of us have a later print box like yours so that was a huge help, thanks. Can we see photos? I just want to see the proof so I can record it as fact.
  5. So people can just buy used copies? Or are you trying to convince people to buy new copies of an existing game?
  6. I'm more curious why you didn't just save the eBay photo to your phone instead of taking a photo of a photo. It's like watching a live stream of another television, it just seems bizarre.
  7. Wow, so can we actually determine print run dates for games based on these?
  8. Is this July 9, 1993? Does this date always refer to the print run?
  9. Only one pedigree collection I'm aware of right now has a case of Super Mario Bros. I just cleaned out my Google Drive today and found a spreadsheet listing all of Atwood's games. I'm not sure where I got it but I obviously got it somewhere.
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