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  1. Your delivery leaves a lot to be desired but good point.
  2. Both Red Sea Crossing and Birthday Mania had retail releases by way of magazine order forms and only 1 or 2 of each game have ever been found. So my answer would be that I would expect it to be exactly the 2 or 3 or 4 copies that have been found. Air Raid had lots of cartridge copies found and was thought to be cartridge only for a long time until a box was found just a few years ago. I understand not believing it was released because you don't believe they had copies to ship out but you can't use the excuse that not many copies have been found. The exact same number of copies have been found for other released games from the same time period.
  3. Yes, I get it now. This advertisement is enough for me to classify it as released but not enough for you. That's understandable, I'm glad I understand now.
  4. That's correct, I remember following that thread as it happened. For years everyone called it Air Raid because some random person that worked in the industry said he swore he remembered it as that even though it wasn't written on the cartridge. We didn't know any different so that's what we called it. When the first box was discovered, the name was confirmed. I read about 150 pages of that thread and it was an incredible read, I would highly suggest it to anyone interested in gaming history.
  5. I've been trying to follow your thought process on this topic but I'm kind of lost with your logic. Maybe it would make more sense to me if we discussed your definition of retail released. To me, I'm looking at a clear order form for the game where any random person of the public could order the game and exchange money for it. As far as I'm concerned, that's a release because I was able to purchase it at that point in time. Do you have a different definition of released than I do? It's the same with Red Sea Crossing, it was available only by mail order and as far as we can tell in the Atari community, was only available from a single advertisement in a single magazine in a single print run. Regardless, it was still a retail release.
  6. You seem really passionate about this topic. I've read your posts about them being the same company but haven't seen any proof. It could have been a Konami / Ultra situation or it could have been a Nintendo / Bandai situation where they bought the company and rebranded the game under the new company name. You don't know and I don't know but I do have concrete proof that companies with mail order forms in magazines did send out cartridges in brown shipping boxes with no manual / box for the game.
  7. I doubt there are boxes, many of these smaller companies with mail order advertisements usually just shipped the cartridge in a box. Like this one that only has 2 known cartridges in existence and no known box / manual.
  8. USA versions are typically more valuable than CAN versions right now.
  9. If you could show me it would keep me on the positive side of value, I would consider it. Nothing is out of the question when it comes to something I need.
  10. I didn't know you guys were so interested in this advertisement, I've had a copy of it for years. I have a whole folder of NES advertisements.
  11. That's my problem, I paid $700 CAD for my boxed copy, all I'm missing is that registration card. If I pay you another $700 for this card, not only does that put me in the negative on value, it's literally the same price as the rest of the game combined. I would consider $150 shipped and insured.
  12. I came to place dibs on the Zombie Nation registration card but damn.......$500? I paid that much for my complete copy, minus the card. Has the price of this game gone to the stratosphere?
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