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  1. If you're switching for your health, non-alcoholic beer isn't any healthier than alcoholic beer. It's not the alcohol that's bad for you.
  2. I don't care because I don't collect SNES. I care about NES screw variants because I collect NES.
  3. I got my shipping notification for realMYST.
  4. Where is his Gauntlet II entry? I missed that one.
  5. On Nintendo Switch: Cuphead Doom: Eternal Ori And The Blind Forest Ori And The Will Of The Wisps I'm talking about physical releases for half of these.
  6. How does smoke get from your neighbour's residence into yours? That means all of your heat is escaping as well.
  7. They're $400 here in Canada. I mean that was always the price of them, since launch.
  8. I will only be a part of this if people recognize the fact that Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt did actually come with a retail box. It included a console and controllers. I'm actually serious, why is this not a box? It's cardboard. It contains a game and a manual. Just because it's larger doesn't make it not a box.
  9. Declining prices? Certain games are selling for 100 times what they were 6 months ago. The interesting moments I can remember: - I initially started collecting in 2010 thinking I would pick up every game for $2 each and that every game has the exact same rarity. - I quickly found out garage sales do not have games unless you're there at 7am. - I remember scrolling through 50 eBay auctions for Little Samson and Flintstones: Surprise At Dinosaur Peak for $400 each. I thought I would pick up some more commons before saving up all that cash for those. Oops. - Someone put up a bounty for $4000 for Stadium Events and people went ballistic how they were overpaying. - Nintendo World Championships was also selling for $4000. - Pat Contri moves to San Diego and explains how he found both the grey and gold Nintendo World Championships cartridges within a short period of time. - A few other forum members explain how they randomly messaged or called the tournament winners listed in Nintendo Power and asked if they would sell their Nintendo World Championships cartridges. Some of them succeeded. - DreamTR explains how he did the same thing back in the 1990s and had 7 gold cartridges at one time. He sold 6 of them. - JJGames comes up with the idea of reverse auctions and sets it up on his website at pricecharting.com. Sales start at a predetermined price and drop a few cents every hour until sold. He put up a Nintendo World Championships grey cartridge and I believe it sold somewhere around $7000 which was a few thousand below market value at the time. - someone pays $12,000 for a grey cartridge and people get upset at how much he overpaid. - People on Atari Age talk about the strange Air Raid cartridge and some random person comes into the thread saying he has the box for it. People tell him to stop lying and eventually he does post the box, the first ever to be found. It was a crazy read, I read the whole thread and someone actually ended up going to meet the guy to verify the box. It was auctioned off for $30,000 (about) and was the highest recorded game sale at the time. The game had no instructions. - Shortly after that someone else saw one of those "50 RAREST GAMES EVER!" advertisements and saw the Air Raid box and thought to himself, "Hey, I have that box too." He got his camera, started recording and there is a YouTube video of him going through his storage and finding the game with box, the second copy every to surface. He opened the game and out of the bottom fall the instructions, the only known copy of them. This game was auctioned off and I think it went for $33,000. I also think it went to the same person as the other copy (Jose). - Someone makes a post on Atari Age about how they found this weird bible themed Moses game and posts game play. People go ballistic that this is a new game, previously unknown to exist. It's called Red Sea Crossing and sells at auction for $10,000. Very cool read. - Stadium Events is found at a garage sale, with box. I can't remember what else I've seen happen.
  10. Wow, it is a first print, still worth some money. Send it and find out.
  11. WATA grades condition, repairing it doesn't make it any less damaged. A detached top taped to the box is still a detached top, it won't make a difference. Also I would need to see the front of the box to confirm it belongs with the 5 screw cartridge.
  12. Sold last week for just over $200.
  13. A sealed Spiderman (super common) just sold for $9000. Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong sold for a few thousand as well. You're 6 months late unfortunately.
  14. Six months ago and you would have gotten them for $5 each. Not anymore.
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