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  1. I keep my portfolio open on one of my monitors while I'm working and I just saw it crashing down faster than a doomsday clock. It actually was so bad that the exchange site I use to buy and sell went down from too many people trying to sell their assets before the crash happened. I hope everyone bought more while the market was down!
  2. It's cool he went through the trouble to trademark Litlle Samson. That's dedication to your craft.
  3. Different print runs. Some had them, some didn't.
  4. For anyone that likes money, Bitcoin Cash (not the same as Bitcoin) is blowing up and here's why. Last week it was $700, this week it's $1400 and it'll probably keep going. This Saturday they're going to do a hard fork of the code set which will remove some limitations of the technology and make it more useful. Leading up to Saturday and after Saturday, people are going to continue investing in it. I just bought some myself. I also bought Cartesi for anyone interested in my advice. It just got listed on Coinbase last week, blew up from $0.6 to $1.9 and looks pretty useful. And I bou
  5. Majesco had a seam like that? Yikes, I have not seen that before. It almost looks like the Natsume seal.
  6. Think about gold. Gold itself isn't worth anything but I buy it as an investment and then sell it to you, also an investor. You then sell it to another investor, this is exactly like cryptocurrency. The reason both have value is because there's an external market outside investors that come in to buy it because they require it for their business needs. Gold is required for industry use and also the jewelry market. Cryptocurrency is required by developers launching applications. Their value works the same. You're right that something only sold between investors will never gain value but it's th
  7. That's one horrendous reseal, hope you didn't pay too much for it. Sorry, dude.
  8. Some variants of Capcom games did, some didn't.
  9. No Mega Man sticker, bummer. Thanks but I rescind my dibs.
  10. The problem disappears when you realize how each coin is different and useful in its own way. I covered this in a previous post but do you know why Siacoin is worth less than Bitcoin? Siacoin is a technology built on Ethereum that provides external data to smart contracts, it's actually quite useful. Bitcoin's only purpose is to provide a decentralized currency, they're not the same thing. Ether will never be used as a currency to pay for things, that's not its purpose. It provides a blockchain to deploy decentralized applications and anyone that wants to deploy one of these applications
  11. Where in Canada? I'll take dibs on Little Mermaid depending on which inserts it has. Can you show me? Thanks.
  12. So that would mean I can trade my 10 loaves of bread to you for your 10 loaves of bread and have to pay tax on that. Or do I only pay tax on the gains?
  13. Nintendo World Championships I actually had an eventual plan worked out for buying one in 10 years.
  14. This is the reason decentralized finances exist, trade it for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a commodity, not a currency, just like loaves of bread. You only have to pay taxes on it when you convert it to Fiat so as long as you just trade one commodity for another commodity, you haven't actually made any money on it. I'm not an accountant and could be completely wrong.
  15. You win. I didn't notice until now she's tied to the pole or cactus.
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