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  1. I have never heard of this and I have 50 or more Switch games. How do I do that?
  2. I had been skipping over that thread every day because I thought he was telling us about his Nintendo. That's confusing.
  3. Are you saying this is something to do with your Nintendo or is this something named My Nintendo? This is the first I've heard about this, I kept skipping over this thread because I thought it was about your Nintendo. What exactly is this?
  4. Yes but 90% of your value is in the Super Mario Bros. 3. A copy recently sold for 6 figures.
  5. Depending on which Dragon Warrior variant you have, maybe $50,000 or so.
  6. Technically I'm using their API to scrape data. It was murder to try and interpret but I have it figured out now, it works great. It's already live, I just don't want to post it yet until I get all the required data in there. I'm currently using assets I don't own so I need to work that out first.
  7. I can tell you exactly what they're doing wrong in their API. I wrote my own competitor with my own API script and compared it to both Price Charting and Game Value Now for sales of 1942 which seems to be the most commonly sold game I see. Mine caught 8 of the 9 recent listings, Price Charting caught 1 and Game Value Now caught 0. Once it goes live soon, you'll see what I mean and you'll no longer have this problem.
  8. Are the chip date codes on the 3 screw the same as this? If they're also 7J2 and 7J1 (first and second weeks of September 1987), then that would mean they were putting really old chips into 3 screw shells and sending them to retail.
  9. Interesting to know, I thought there was a standard.
  10. I have seen photos of 2 separate Stadium Events cartridges. One was found at an estate sale with the box but wasn't hangtab.
  11. Josh Hamblin found one a week ago. I'm not sure if this was originally Laketown's but I get the impression it's a new one.
  12. There's a major problem here, something's wrong with this. The date code on the chips is 2067 which would mean this chip was made in the 67th week of 2020. That isn't possible for 2 different reasons so I checked online to find out that Ricoh made this chip and that you can still buy them today: https://www.jotrin.com/product/parts/RP23256E Am I wrong about this? Here's a similar chip made in the 1st week of 1990 and 49th week of 1989.
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