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Let's be honest with each other - are you left or right??


Right or left  

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  1. 1. Are you predominantly right or left handed?

    • Right handed rules
    • Somewhat ambidextrous - but right is stronger
    • Ambidextrous
    • Somewhat ambidextrous - but left is stronger
    • Left handed liberates

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9 hours ago, Shmup said:

I went with somewhat ambidextrous with right as my main. I definitely was born right handed but have managed to train strength in my left and use it a lot, besides writing, which I barely do anymore anyway.

I used to have really bad psoriasis on my hands, which led to overall dryness and random painful cracks. My right hand was generally worse off, as I was right-handed.

I then started making an effort to do things with my left hand, to the point where now I'll even instinctively use my left hand to do tasks. For example, if I have a can of beer to the left of me, I'll grab and pour it using my left hand.

I can write okay with my left hand, though it's not at the same speed as with my right hand.

So while my right hand is stronger, I've trained myself to be mostly ambidextrous.

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I'll go with somewhat right, I can do both, just sloppy and slower with the left only because I don't keep up with writing, etc with it.  One grandpa of mine was ambidextrous, so it's probable I could be too but given our ages here schools kind of rudely discouraged it in the day.

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Right for almost everything, but passable left with a lot as well. Not writing or anything, but more macro movements.

One weird one: I shoot a bow right-handed but shoot a slingshot left-handed. I think it's because drawing a slingshot takes more strength to hold it steadily, so I learned by holding it with my right hand and drawing the string with my left. But I haven't done either of those in nearly 20 years, so who knows.

For anyone into rhythm games, try Guitar Hero or Rock Band sometime with your non-dominant hand. That's always fun. 

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