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Games that obnoxiously insult the player for failing


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  • The title was changed to Games that obnoxiously insult the player for failing
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1 hour ago, JamesRobot said:

I always liked games that make fun of you for sucking.  SF series comes to mind.


I agree!  I've never found it particularly obnoxious.  In fact, I find it quite enjoyable and entertaining when a game makes fun of you for failing.  I don't know why, it usually makes me laugh.  I guess because it is a break from the norm.

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Bokasuka Wars on the Famicom puts up the giant text: "WOW! YOU LOSE" when you go Game Over.

For English games, The Lost Vikings on SNES gets more and more snarky with the comments if you keep failing to beat the same level; after like 50+ plus fails it basically tells you to give up and stop playing...

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On 8/2/2021 at 10:41 PM, rdrunner said:

Any iteration of You Don't Know Jack.  Even today it's still fun to get all the questions wrong just to hear the jokes.

I also like how Runbow has a snarky one-liner every time you die, like "imagine winning" or "so close".

Even if you win on YDKJ they make fun of you. I love it. 

In Wii Fit if you go away too long between check ups in the game or you gain weight they subtlety call you a fatty. 

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In the original Wave Race for Game Boy, your racer will cry if he comes in last place, and it will play the tune of "NAH, NAH NAH, NAH NAAAH NAAAAAH!!" the same way kindergartners do. It's really funny, but very extreme.

If you lose the whole tournament, your guy looks on at the podium from a distance behind the cheering crowd, and then walks away sadly looking downwards.


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