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  1. There was a Neo Geo game that we played on the arcade cabinet in Burger King (!!) back in the day. It was a first-person perspective and you could see your arm and knife when you moved room to room. I’ve tried to figure out what game it was and if there is a port of it, but with no success.
  2. Can’t participate in the poll because the first part doesn’t have an option for not having the virus. I did get the Moderna two-shot vaccine in January. First shot brought shoulder soreness for a couple days. Second shot brought some symptoms similar to the flu for an evening and that was it.
  3. Yes, the split screen is what I am interested in. Never tried everdrive carts. Thanks for the suggestion @erac
  4. Read about this hack today. Would love to play co-op Mario 64 with my wife. I realize that you can probably get controller adaptors for a computer and send the emulator via HDMI to a TV. Just wondering if it’s available to play on a standard N64 as a cartridge somehow.
  5. In business, the idea is to make it easy for people to want to give you money, right? Finally had to address this with my seller account. Not excited. And honestly, I can’t remember when the last time I was excited about an eBay change. What a weird company.
  6. 9/10 Standard-bearer for modern games with a classic look and feel. Also the only reason I own an Amiibo.
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