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  1. 4 whole games whooooaa!! (and no, the SNES one is not actually sealed) It seems this is probably the only complete set I have with more than 3 games, despite my sizable collection overall. But I have many others that are SO CLOSE: Castlevania (only missing manual for Dracula X ) Klonoa (only missing cart for Empire of Dreams, though I had it at one point) Banjo-Kazooie (only missing box for Grunty's Revenge) Ratchet & Clank (only missing All 4 One, wasn't planning to get it but I just realized this when looking at the first post) Metroid (only missing the
  2. I thought Canadian variants were supposed to be fools gold? Also wtf at that Emerald selling so high with an obviously fake cart.
  3. Dang, I did a search for "never folded" before making this topic, didn't think to search for "unfolded" since that could just mean that act of unfolding a box lol. That topic is very helpful, thanks.
  4. Thanks for the info. Maybe Super Metroid is not the best example though as I know that is a game that has one of those "for display only" boxes. I got a few of those along with these actually and they are made of different material.
  5. Well, considering that they are the actual boxes, then... yes? Maybe? I don't think any of these are really what would be considered "mint" in the first place (though, certainly in nice shape) which is why I'd think about folding them if I happen to need them to complete a game. Was mainly curious as to what exactly they are. It sounds like some of you have come across these before.
  6. It's mainly Konami GB games (though none of the really desirable ones) and a few others. The best one is probably Contra III SNES.
  7. Acquired a number of these awhile back. They are clearly authentic Gameboy and SNES boxes but in a completely rigid, unfolded state with factory indentations for folding that were never used. I've never come across anything like this. What do you suppose they are? Factory leftovers? Rejects? The guy I got them from had a number of those SNES "for display only" boxes as well so maybe some copies of regular boxes were sent out to be used as empty store displays? Not sure whether I should just fold these or preserve them the way they are.
  8. I thought he said that was the newer warranty style? Either way, it's true there are 2 versions. I just found out the other day that 2 of my 3 SML boxes were green screens. Checked just now and one has the "for sale and use" and one doesn't. Though, if the one without it is the first then that means that $880 sale was not even the first print like it claims.
  9. For cardboard that makes sense (the discrepancy should be higher than that if anything) but surely they are not placing more importance on plastic CD cases than the discs? Those cases should be seen as more an equivalent to NES dust covers (which Wata says they don't even count in the rating) rather than boxes. Aren't they completely interchangeable (with few exceptions)? Cover sleeves are another story of course but those do almost always stay in nice condition as opposed to discs.
  10. I don't recognize that book cover but it doesn't look like "One Day at Horrorland", which you'd think it would be.
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Misadventures-of-Tron-Bonne-Sony-PlayStation-1-2000-Complete-in-box-/274705763275?_trksid=p2349526.m4383.l44720.c10&nordt=true&rt=nc&orig_cvip=true The first 4-figure PS1 game? (which was still a $300 game a month or 2 ago)
  12. Only one I can think of but it's very relevant: Somehow in my memory the California Raisins game was actually released and I had rented it at Blockbuster while staying at grandma's house. I recall it as being very different from what it really would have been and it was something like a hybrid of Lost Vikings and Donkey Kong. Very similar to the (also unreleased) South Park gameboy game. I remember not caring for it that much as I wasn't that into more puzzle-like games at the time. After finding out it was never released I always wondered if there was some other game I was thinking
  13. Compared to the ones on Wii and Xbox where they actually added a big ugly border around the cover art other greatest hits cases seem classy by comparison. Even so, I still don't want any of them for the sake of consistency. I assume that's always been the main reason collectors avoid the GH games though I feel like otherwise I wouldn't mind having them, with Wii/3DS/Xbox being the exceptions.
  14. The creases and tears on the label definitely make it seem like it was just peeled off and reattached. Considering how the gold plastic on this game was much more prone to getting cracked and broken than a normal cart for whatever reason I can certainly see why someone might just swap the label. Though never having peeled off a label myself I don't know how doable that would be.
  15. There was one rental store back in 1992 that would rent Famicom SMB2 which came with a honeybee adapter or something similar with a ribbon. Though now I understand SMB2 was a Disk System game so it must have been a pirate cart or something. Only import they had I think but it was cool getting to play it as a kid before All Stars was even announced.
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