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Game n watch ; zelda ?


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I'm 100% on board, buy one maybe two. 😉  I've still got a sealed up SMB on the high shelf.


The two things that puzzle me.

Links Awakening black and white...why?
And Link's Vermin? **


** I mean I get why they didn't do the G&W actual game, it's both dual screen and also fairly terrible compared to a good many of them.  BUT, considering they do have a license and ownership over it, the Nelsonic wrist watch game is stunningly good for a segmented LCD game as it plays and works much like the underworld dungeons of the original game and is a blast to play it too (I still own one that works.)  I would have put serious time on that, Vermin, basically play once or twice and forget.

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All I have to say is I feel slightly shafted with the SMB one.  We got one SMB game.  It would have been nice to have had a comparable one with SMB1, SMB3, Super Mario Land and then another old school Game and Watch title packed in.

Eh, I bet they sold more of the Marios than they expected and since the hardware was already designed, they simply had more time on this one to pull more games together.  I'm not really bitter or anything.  It would have just been nice to have had a similar setup for Mario.

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Editorials Team · Posted
47 minutes ago, Gloves said:

I don't get it man. Don't you all already own Zelda on NES? 😛

My thoughts, pretty much.  Do people actually play these things?

I guess not everyone has a Switch with NSO, or an Ambassador 3DS, or a GBA or...

Actually, that probably is a decent number of people.

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It's so cute. It'll look good on shelf next to the Mario one. 



Also I fucking hate scalpers. All the Metroid special editions: gone. Already listed at 2-3x the price on eBay, same with the amiibos. This scalper culture keeps getting worse, ugh. Same thing happened with the skyward sword amiibo, poof! 

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Odds are if they did more Metroid would be a prime candidate given Prime 4 is still coming, could roll out both in 2022 for a third G&W.  They could stuff 1 2 and 3 on that, then bastardize another G&W into the them like Link Vermin.


I miss the G&Ws I used to have, the prices on them now do ever so suck, which is why I was floored getting parachute locally the other day in a package for $25, so any chance to get a new Nintendo made G&W even if it's not segmented LCD stuff I'm grabbing it.  As it is I'm up to 3 of them from the era now, the Zelda nelsonic watch, the club Nintendo Ball, and the new SMB G&W.  I think that's pretty nice.

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13 hours ago, fcgamer said:

Honestly I'm not even sure what the point of these is.

Not saying this antagonistically but I’m genuinely curious if you felt the same way about the mini/classic systems. I know there’s quite a bit of difference between the two but the idea of having legacy titles in a cute little package is sort of the same idea here.

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