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  1. The girl in the OP's post actually has an Onlyfans account and she promotes it through her YT channel. By the looks of her she probably makes a shitload of money on OF, so it's safe to assume her YT gaming videos are actually a project of passion and not a money grab. I only went to her channel after she was featured in a MJR video.
  2. I see many comments saying that the ratio of good vs bad games in the SNES library is suboptimal. The same could be said of the Atari 2600, the PS2, the Wii, the DS/3DS and GBA before it. And let's not forget home computers while we're at it. When a console has such an important install base, shovelware comes with the territory and I really can't see why people would make that argument at all. There's just no way around it. And why do these consoles have such a huge penetration rate to begin with? Because the library contains a wide selection of some of the best games ever made. An
  3. There's a very famous game called Zaku. And a recent development called Unnamed which seems to have gained traction. Telegames have also been re-releasing their old stuff like Krazy Ace Miniature Golf and Double Dragon. There are some to be found here: http://www.gooddealgames.com/inventory/Atari Lynx.html I recommend joining one of the FB groups like Atari Lynx Sector or Atari Lynx Fans, hell there's even a Atari Lynx Homebrew group
  4. Easy 6/10. I know I gave the CD-i a 6 also and the Jaguar's library is obviously superior. But the Jag is no 7 in my book lol. It's better than bad and it's definitely worth anyone's time to try out a few games. You'll find games from that era that are on other consoles like NBA JAM T.E., Flashback, DOOM, Wolfenstein 3D, Rayman and Raiden, all of which are very playable. And a handful of exclusives like AvP and Tempest 2000, but also amongst which some are laughably bad and worth a try, especially in the fighting genre with Fight for Life and Kasumi Ninja. The Lynx blows the
  5. I really don’t know enough about the specifics of grading as you to go point-for-point but I do appreciate all the new info you have given me as per certains policies at VGA and WATA. I take it from your reply that games like this one have been graded numerous times and it’s common practice, that’s a surprise for me. For the sake of discussion I do feel like this is closer to grading a loose game or better yet a demo disc or soundtrack disc that’s bundled along a game. My trail of thoughts is, yes it is a sealed game, but also it’s one part of a set. Which probably consists of an outer bo
  6. Im not a hater. But this one struck me as odd. Now that box set will remain incomplete forever. Would someone looking for the graded trilogy set want all 3 sealed games graded and slabbed individually? Then what of the outer box? I’d rather see a boxed set graded all together. Now its just a piece of the set. Even if it’s a game, it’s still 1 out of x pieces. No different than grading the extra goodies in a big box collector’s set. I don’t think it’s a fail, but I do think it’s the top of a slope. This is a fraction of a set, and WATA already grades CIBs and loosies...the l
  7. Maybe this has been addressed but I couldn't read all the posts here to see. Robin if you're here, this is Julien St-Pierre. Not hating bro, just didn't want to derail your sales post so I came here. This is a WATA certified PS2 title that's part of the trilogy set. I get that it can be graded as such, but it's part of a set. To me this is like having a manual graded without the box and game. Thoughts?
  8. SaGa Frontier on the PS1. Love the art style, the in-game world, the music, the battle system with techs and combos that remind me of Chrono Trigger. But it's heavily cryptic to the point of getting lost for hours not knowing what to do, and the fact that the mobs' stats scale to yours but can sometimes be criminally unbalanced. I have found myself softlocked more than once because of this, there was no way to beat a certain boss or even handle encounters effectively and had to re-start. I'm hoping the Switch remake will improve on these aspects.
  9. Fair point! Super Mario Bros. 3 vs. 1 is a great example of that. (But SMB is still very playable mind you) It's just an overall sense that the improvements in graphics, sounds and game design that were enabled by the superior technology (more memory, more options for control layouts) led to smoother experiences. Especially in the fighting/beat em 'up and RPG genres.
  10. 9/10. I agree that the NES is the more interesting console, but if I'm real about it the technical advancements made SNES games that much more playable. We aren't quite at the point of graphics over gameplay here. (Something the CD-i and 3DO are extremely guilty of) In fact, the improvements in visual and audio quality made it easier to understand exactly what was happening in the game. The jump from NES to SNES is almost as big as from Atari 2600 to NES. 5 including the shoulder pads. 6 if you consider that they used the stop and play/pause buttons in some games. Notably SSFTII T
  11. It's easier to pick older games for this because as soon as you come into the PS2's generation, games like GTA offer multiple genres but still feel like one continuous experience because the different genres all blend together. You're running and punching people like a beat 'em up, but then bring up your gun and you're now playing a 3rd person shooter only to hop into a vehicle so now you're playing a driving game, but you might also be doing an actual race. And some shooting. And some escorting. And then you fly a remote helicopter or some shit. But on the NES, Golgo 13: Top Secret E
  12. The same seller has other copies of the game but with proper manuals. compare the two
  13. As I stated in the Zelda II thread, you might enjoy Rygar and Clash at Demonhead for games that are exploration action platformer with RPG elements. They both feature an overworld. You already knew about Battle of Olympus (Orpheus is almost a Link palette swap) and Faxanadu. Castlevania II has some elements akin to Zelda II. I haven't played it but Elliot Quest looks like it has a Zelda II hommage thing going on. Zelda II Randomizer is a thing if you're looking for a fresh experience with the game.
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