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  1. 9/10 Objectively the best game on NES I really feel like it's a 10/10 game, but it's a very specific genre and I feel it leaves very little gray area for players who can't stand boxing or Mike Tyson or fun/excellence so I took a point off. If we had decimals I'd say it's a 9.9/10 It has aged like fine wine. MTPO's gameplay, graphics, music and sfx still hold up much better than that of almost every other game in the NES library
  2. Since I made the thread, googling is not explicitely forbidden.
  3. The family package is $99,99 CAD and solo is $63,99 CAD I don't think I'd be getting good value so I'm not getting it. I believe Nintendo is counting on AC Happy Home Paradise to reel the folks in.
  4. I didn't know it existed. Can we turn it into its own thing and be the new Craigslist?
  5. They made it super easy to send offers. 2 clicks and you're done. I send offers all the time with the minimum allowed discount (5% I think). I allow counter-offers (it's the default setting), I don't think twice about it because to me it's about engaging with potential buyers. That's what boosts my chances of making a sale. More so than just lowering the price of my listing, because the watchers probably don't go through their watch list every day to see if the price moved. I know I don't. Sometimes I'll open my watch list and see stuff there I had completely forgotten.
  6. I'm a representative for a LDPE bag manufacturer. We serve mostly produce farmers. Started on March 23rd 2020 which is coincidentally when my province initially went on lock-down. Since we are in the broader food industry we didn't shut down at all and in fact demand for our bags has increased tenfold. We are completely overbooked and I don't develop new business at all. I opened 1 new account in 1,5 year and we can't deliver their bags on time lol. Sanitary regulations kept me off the road for the better part of my first year. It was months before I first met one of my clients in person. Weird times.
  7. Objectively, the best NES game is Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
  8. Flying Dragon: The Secret Scrolls! Decent little game once you get the hang of the controls. Your turn @Gloves
  9. Lifted from RF Generations because I'm tried of waiting 2 weeks between guesses. Rules are simple. The person to guess the game correctly from a screenshot has to post a screenshot for the others to guess. Let's start easy, name that game:
  10. Here're some that come to mind. Chrono Trigger. It's not the hardest thing to find a mint one, but they were made in Mexico and I'm definitely starting to see the labels go bad. Mega Man X 3. Late in the SNES life, the upper edge of the label is often all worn out. Dracula X. Same deal Other SNES games I see with crap label: Doom Troopers, Captain Commando, Frantic Flea. All made in Mexico. NES: Batman Return of the Joker. N64 games in the wild and especially in my local pawn shops often look terrible. And to boot the labels are almost impossible to clean up without damaging them. The shells are super easy to scuff, too.
  11. I wrote in another thread that I could never get into the Smash series. It really doesn't do it for me. Had some shallow fun with it on the N64 which I think was the dev's intention but that's about it. The original is not even in my top 25 N64 games. But it is definitely a fighting game. How can it not be included in the fighting genre? All there is to do is have your character fight other characters in fighting matches. Fighting. And to address the quote: I would say that all the games that borrowed from Smash are fighting games. And so is Power Stone, but that one has 3D movement, the same way Soul Calibur is a fighting game even if it's 3D and the player can move around in the stage. Wrestling games are fighting games also. Complex move sets? Not a requirement. Divekick is a fighting game. Final Fight??? Ye of bad faith! Beat 'em ups are a genre where you fight all your opponents in waves as you progress through the environment, following a story and don't really feature one-on-one matches in fixed arenas.
  12. Didn't pull the trigger muhself. But for future reference, are you in Canada?
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