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A LIMITED Event is COMING! [Start: Tomorrow @ Noon!]



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Administrator · Posted

I'm going to be running a fun and fancy free event starting TOMORROW at NOON (EST)!

The event will last ONE WEEK, you will be able to participate at any time during that week, and as much or as little as you like.

There will be GOALS! 

There will be CHARMS!

The Charms will be TIERED! Work harder to earn a higher tier charm, and show off to everyone!

The whole thing will be a surprise to everyone! Staff can participate cuz THIS IS THE FIRST THEY'RE HEARING ABOUT IT BAHAHAHAHAAAAAA.

If you can be the first to guess what the event will be you will get an extra reward - my adoration! OHOHOHOHOOOOO!


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12 minutes ago, Jicsan said:

Woo!  Good timing, I'm on vacation for a week starting tomorrow...  although I do have a "honey do's" list that at least two weeks long to work on.

The wife is on vacation this coming week so our to do list is on hold.  This is perfect timing.  GDQ and this mystery event should keep me busy.

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